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Wow, in not in a good way!

Sean Johnson Submitted this review about Magic Carpet Auto Transport
Review made Live: 5/1/2013 10:35:00 AM
I'm not sure where to start with this mess, so I'll start at the beginning. Casey was very nice with the initial pickup and payment information over the phone. Casey cut me a break in payment, so I thought. Day one of pickup I had scheduled to meet the driver in an empty retail lot, but then received a call telling me it would be easier to drive out of my way (which the the retail lot already was) and meet the truck in some neighborhood. Once I found the truck, I waited for at least 15min and 2 missed calls to the driver Ari, we finally met. He looked over the vehicle took an bunch of photos and then wrote a bunch of scribble on his car condition paper which made no sense. He seemed in a hurry even though I was on time and had to wait for him. 3 days go by and I receive a call from Ari the driver that my car is near my dropoff point. Driving across the country my family and I were nowhere near the pickup location. We were 2 days away, and it was a Saturday. We had no way of getting a cashiers check to the driver that day. I needed the car by Tuesday, but not 2 days early. I was never notified until my car was "at my house" that it was gong to be early, or I would have had someone pick it up for me. After many calls back and forth between him and I, I finally called his boss, who told me to call the broker. Josalin from the brokerage company who was very very helpful and nice. She tried to help us the best that she could. After 30min of playing phone tag with her and the the drivers boss everyone came to a conclusion, my car was dropped off on Monday afternoon at the house. My car was dirty as heck, which got me a little upset, but it went through the desert etc.. so it was ok. Ari unloaded my car and I noticed 2 small marks on my car which I hadn't seen before. Prior to having my car picked up I took photos of my vehicle. I went back and referenced the photos and there were no marks prior to the trip. I showed Ari who said those were on there already, showing me the paper work we scribbled on detailing the cars condition, what a joke. Luckily that was dirt which came off right away but Ari said they were there before, and I had the photos to prove they weren't C'mon!. So my car was of the trick and payment was due, the total was not correct. Casey told he would pay $25 to help me out since the initial price went up. The total price was $850, $25 more than what Casey and I agreed. I called the broker to resolve the issue with no luck. I bit my tongue and paid the $850. Ari was getting upset because he was going to be late for his next vehicle deliveries, Wow! Then Ari says "Anything for me!" I thought are you serious! You were rude, never let me know you might be earlier thanexcpected and rarely answered your phone, and now you want a tip for doing your job. Unbelievable. This whole experience was way over the top bad. Next time I will drive across the country.

Company Response
Terry Williams from Magic Carpet Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/1/2013 2:38:00 PM
Dear Mr. Johnson, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with the transport of your vehicle.I sincerely apologize for the problems you had with the driver. The carriers we used we have used many times in the past, are highly rated and have never had any difficulties with them previously. We appreciate any feedback that we receive so we can learn from it and improve in the future. Thank you, Magic Carpet Customer Service Department