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Jim & Jen Submitted this review about Lightning Auto Carriers
Review made Live: 9/11/2019 9:45:00 PM
We contracted with Lightning Auto (LA) Carriers to transport a car from CA to CT. When it hadn't arrived on the estimated arrival day, we called Brad and were told that the carrier (KS Auto Express) had broken down en route two days earlier. We were told to expect updates and when they didn't come, Brad reported that he was unable to reach the carrier's dispatcher (All Auto Express) and that we should try to contact them ourselves (but provided an incorrect number). We eventually reached the dispatcher, and over the course of the next 10 days were given incomplete or inaccurate information about location of the car and revised delivery schedule. While of course we understand that mechanical failures happen, communication doesn't have to break down as well. By the time our car arrived in CT 12 days later than originally planned, neither Brad nor the dispatcher had taken the initiative to reach out to us and provide information at any time. On occasion we received a return call or email back, but not once was information offered, and rarely was reliable information provided in response to our questions. We had to initiate every contact. The dispatcher told us that we should stop calling him each day to ask about the car's location/delivery (already a week overdue at that point), and that he would let us know by text when the carrier was repaired and en route again. He didn't do this, even though we waited several days without "bothering him." In fact, we didn't receive our car or any helpful information until we told Brad in writing that we were ready to file an insurance claim and report the car as stolen. Two hours before the car was delivered (and with no prior notice other than a vague two-day delivery window given two days earlier), we were told that the car would be delivered to a Walmart parking lot 28 miles from the contracted delivery address. All paperwork, plates, and our mechanic were waiting at the original location. The car's delivery was delayed so long that we'll need to get a second set of temporary plates. When the car did arrive in CT, one window was unable to close and the driver told us it happened as it was loaded onto his carrier. [Perhaps this is why we have never received the pink copy of the bill of lading that's supposed to show the car's condition at pick-up.] Cardboard inadequately covered the open window space and the car was very damp inside. When we called the dispatcher about this, he said us that he never told us about it because each time we spoke, we asked where our car was (even though we had expressed concern that it was damaged in some way and therefore not being delivered). He also told us that it didn't count as damage because it was something that happens "naturally." He then hung up on us and on his driver. In summary: 1. Neither Brad nor the carrier's dispatcher provided reliable information. 2. The dispatcher lied about the content of previous conversations and promises he'd made (such as to provide simple information by text), told us to stop bothering him about where our car was, and hung up on us. 3. Our vehicle was damaged while in the custody of the carrier and we weren't notified (we will be seeking reimbursement for the cost of the repairs). 4. The car didn't arrive where we contracted it to go. It wasn't even taken to the nearest large parking lot. 5. We've lost more than a half day of work, with more to come when we have to wait in line at the DMV for more temporary plates (and pay for them) because there wasn't time to get the car to emissions under the current plates. 6. Brad was polite...and absolutely never did a thing he said he would do other than take our money and find someone to move our car from point A to point B (almost). We can only imagine how long it would have taken to get our vehicle if we hadn't gone along with Brad's pre-pickup suggestion that we pay $50 more than our agreed-upon price to get the car picked up "sooner" - and if we hadn't mentioned that we felt compelled to report it stolen. This was by far one of the most atrocious customer 'service' experience we've had with any business in any industry. We imagine that LA Carriers and All Auto Express need neither repeat customers nor favorable word-of-mouth reputations; you won't get either from us. We've preserved records of each email, text, and phone call (with notes) about this entire process, in case they should be useful.