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Vehicle Damaged, Took No Responsibility

Doering Leasing Submitted this review about Knute's Trucking LLC
Review made Live: 5/6/2013 2:53:00 PM
Knute's Trucking damaged a pristine 2009 Porsche 911 Convertible in transit. Their business practices were deceptive – they marked the vehicle at the origin as having an immense amount of damage at the pickup location because no one was available to sign for it. On delivery, none of the damage existed except for the front skirt which was damaged in transit. This was a tactic used IN CASE they damaged the car. The condition report completed at the Manheim auction noted it was in perfect condition with only a 1/2 scratch on one door and a few rock chips on the hood. Because the cost fell under their deductible, this vendor's insurance did not cover it and Knutes Trucking outright refused to issue a payment, denying all responsibility. Their truck is not ideal for vehicle transport as the incline into and out of the vehicle is steep and damages vehicles if they do not take proper care of them (which they apparently are unable to do). It is an Allied Moving truck and is much too high off the ground to transport low exotic/luxury cars. Beware.

Company Response
Judy & Budd Johnson from Knute's Trucking LLC Submitted this response.
Response Date: 7/16/2013 11:21:00 AM
We delivered this vehicle to Mr. Berger’s home vs. his business at his request, which is on a very steep incline and on a curve. We drove past his home to a flatter/level area at the top of the hill make offloading safer. I drove the car down the hill to his driveway, which is also a steep incline. He physically looked at my BOL/Inspection document as he walked around the vehicle, looked and felt under the front spoiler, signed off on it, paid us and we drove off. This should have been the end of our business transaction. Had he refused to sign or comment that we damaged the front we would have dropped our ramps and loaded/unloaded his vehicle again, right there and then in front of him. Why would he wait until the next day? Scammer?? The next day, and several more, we get a very intimidating and threatening email that he’s talked to an attorney and we are to pay him $500 for the spoiler replacement or he will give us negative feedback wherever he can. This smells like scamming and slander to me, BEWARE. As we pay Lloyds of London a healthy premium, I immediately forwarded his email to our insurance and replied to Mr. Berger that our insurance will be in contact with him, I cannot answer to their lack of expedient in resolving this matter. Mr. Berger has now filed a complaint against the insurance company. If we had damaged the vehicle we would have taken care of this $500 fix vs. getting our insurance agent involved. I resent this slander and 100% disagree with Doering Leasing/Adam Berger’s false and negative review here and will appreciate it’s removal. This vehicle was indeed nice and as a 2009 only had 4846 miles on it, however, as any vehicle that is driven it had “normal driving wear” which also included the “scrapes” under the front spoiler from “curb rash”. This vehicle was covered in dirt/dust, parked in the open lot, not inside the garage, at Manheim, Pensacola, FL. Our BOL/Inspection report was marked as that as well as “minor body & underneath front lower spoiler area (consistent with curb scraping) PC-Paint chips, S-scratches, G-gouge on rims”. Manheim employees do not sign any inspection report so as I always do I leave a copy of my BOL at the guard gate. The manheim report is a “walk around looking for major issues, they do not specify minor driving wear and they do not put the car up on a lift to look underneath the vehicle. If you look at our facebook photos on knutes-trucking-llc you will see many cars much lower to the ground and more expensive than this 911. All loaded/unloaded without damage. If Mr. Berger had his facts correct our trailer is not an old Allied moving van. We are just the one truck, husband/wife drivers, enclosed true hardside low profile trailer and take pride in our services. Our airbags lower our trailer 6” and our 20’ ramps make our loading approximately 12% grade, much lower than some of the house driveways I see. We haul many exotics including Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford GT, Maserati, Audi R8, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, Lotus, hot rods, race cars, etc. NEVER ANY PROBLEMS. In addition, please see below the comment from central dispatch (load board) where he also did a negative review. I think Transporter Review should take heed and follow a review of false claims before allowing negative posts. I wonder how many other carriers “just paid” Doering Leasing / Adam Berger just so they would not have to deal with this scam. As a dealer, rental, leasing company I find this to be very unethical business practice on his part. Escalated Rating has been closed by CentralDispatch Dear Knute's Trucking LLC, We have reviewed the documentation regarding the negative rating given by Doering Leasing Co. (Milwaukee, WI) . We have determined that the documentation submitted by Doering Leasing Co. (Milwaukee, WI) does not support the rating they gave you. We have deleted the pending rating. However, Doering Leasing Co. (Milwaukee, WI) may resubmit in the future if they have documentation that supports the rating. Thank you in advance for working to resolve disputes and for always providing constructive and honest ratings. Regards, The CentralDispatch Support Team