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Sub-Contract Cut-Rate Criminals!

Severly Disappointed Submitted this review about High End Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 10/9/2010 4:17:00 PM
These peope contract out to foreign criminals with an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. My car was obviously messed with at the holding lot. There was blue grease smeared into the upholstery and mud mixed with grease in the carpet. The car, which was picked up immaculate was the most valuable of the vehicles on the hauler when it arrived, but was on the very back, completely devastated with grime and mud. The delivery driver didn't speak English and did not drop the car at a pre-agreed upon location. After trying to get him to meet me at a large retail store parking lot, right off of the freeway or my house, he refused, and instead opted to drop my car off on a two lane highway that is heavily travelled in the morning. He had the car dumped on the soft shoulder, halfway blocking oncoming traffic and the entrance to a subdivision, and we had the police called on us. Several passing motorists took the time to yell insults at my wife and I as we tried to do the paperwork. The driver refused to let me fill out the bill of lading at the delivery with the remarks about the damage to the interior. It was impossible to properly inspect the vehicle without getting run over. Not only this, but he told me they could accept a credit card and the people at High End said it had to be cash. I was going to get a cashiers check the evening before, but the contracted company said there was no need because they could take credit card. The following day, the driver decides to tell me on the side of the road where my car is dumped that it will cost an additional fee to use the credit card!!! The delivery ended with him throwing my car key at me and him tearing off down the road. Meanwhile, I'm standing there explaining to a cop how I didn't arrange for my vehicle to be dropped in such a horrible place. When I called High End Transport, they offered to pay to get the upholstery cleaned, but I never received an apology, nor did they ever respond to my calls about scheduling a time and place to get the upholstery fixed. Over time, I have managed to clean most of the stains out completely, so I just let it go instead of getting lawyers involved. I will never use this company again. They should take the time to do research before hiring idiots that are black listed by the Better Business Bureau, and at least have the common decency to make it right by their customers if there is an incident.

Company Response
Melissa Carbonell from High End Transport Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 10/12/2010 2:11:00 PM
This transport was done in 2009. Ernie who has so many fantastic reviews on this site almost fell out of his chair when he read this, he was truly devastated. He had no idea this transport had gone so poorly. We have not done any business with this carrier since 2009 and they went out of business in the beginning of 2010. You requested not to put the balance on a credit card with High End Transport and Ernie explained that you would be responsible for paying cash to the driver and making sure there was no damage. We rarely have COD's and we always explain the risk you are taking when asking to pay this way. I noticed alot of your anger was directed at the driver and I hope you have posted complaints to their site and not just ours. As to the "foreign criminal" remarks, these carriers must speak english to have Commercial drivers licenses and Federal Motor Carrier numbers. The carrier is not a criminal because he got your seat dirty. Every citizen of this country has the right to have a job and be able to support their family. Drivers and Carriers are monitored and rated in our system and removed if necessary but we will not discriminate based on a persons accent. We can always help with any communication issues when those rare instances arise.