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HaulMatch has wasted my time and money.

Wojtek Submitted this review about HaulMatch.com LLC
Review made Live: 1/31/2019 8:26:00 AM
After my unpleasant experience with HaulMatch, I never plan to use HaulMatch, to transport anything. HaulMatch wasted my time and money which I additionally had to pay for storing my car at the auction. After 5 days of accrued fees for the storage of my car at the auction and without any specific assurance of any date of collection on the part of HaulMatch. I started searching for a new transport for my car. I found a company that guaranteed pick up of the car within 48 hours. I took this risk and I canceled my order with HaulMatch. To my surprise, a new transport company within 2 hours of submitting my order, Shiplux sent me information about picking up the car from the auction. In addition, I received the phone number of the driver who picked up my car. Shiplux is more expensive but you can trust them, they solved my problem within 2 hours. Do not waste time and money with HaulMatch. Cancellation and refund process was the only good part of my experience with HaulMatch.