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C Harris Submitted this review about Freedom Auto Transport
Review made Live: 2/17/2016 4:47:00 PM
Looked at reviews decided on Freedom to transport my car from NC to CO. I was told over the phone a price and how the whole transportation process takes place. Was told the car once placed inside the enclosed trailer would not move until at my front door. In retrospect I felt I was lied to and baited just to get the sale. Once I waited for over a week to get the car picked up, I got a call that a driver was in the area and ready to pick up BUT he wanted more money. Was quoted 1500 and I asked 3x prior if that quote would change and the answer was always a resounding no. Of course after waiting you want your car so the way they seem to handle it is "we dont know when another driver will be in the area" leaving you wondering if itll ever get picked up so pressured to take the mark up is how it felt to me. I of course wanted my car and told them no, I would not pay the 100 extra but would do 50 because I did want it sooner than later. They kind of balked at that and got back to me a few hours later saying ok, we will take that. Once the car got here it was not even close to being in the same place as it was loaded. I was left wondering if they were doing burn outs at trading yards and witnessed another car rubbing bumpers with another rubbing the paint off it. I cant say with certainty that my car was damaged but have suspicion since I watched how they handled others. I did have rub marks on the side of the bumper and chipped door on drivers side but bought the car out of state and did not have photos of it prior. The way the door was opened and banged into the side of the trailer by the driver told me all I need to know. I will never use Freedom Auto Transport and would not recommend them to anyone else either. Seemed like all they cared about was making and maximizing money and could care less about the consumer. I talked with a sales person to get me signed up then the dispatcher to give me the bad new of the pay hike. Ill also never know if they did a Ferris Buellers Day Off ride or not but it wasnt how they said it was going to be. Car also took longer to transport than stated on the phone but then again whats another sales pitch..