Total Negligence on Francisgo Auto Transport Part

James Sheasley Submitted this review about Francisgo Auto Transports LLC
Review made Live: 8/14/2020 1:40:00 PM
I had a 1989 GMC Sonoma 4 wheel drive transported by them. It was to go from Vero Beach, Florida to Pennsylvania. I was not at the trucks location when it was picked up for delivery. I found out a half hour later after it was towed with front axle on the ground without the driveshaft removed. It was towed by a rollback truck on the rear stinger. I have video pictures of it leaving Vero Beach towed improperly. The person who videoed the truck on the stinger had the drivers phone number. I called the driver and told him he cannot tow my vehicle with any axles turning on the ground being the 4 wheel drive transfer case is unable to be put in neutral to stop the transfer case and or the automatic transmission to be damaged. (The Owners Manual In The Trucks Glove Box States Not To Tow This Vehicle With Any Axles On The Ground Surface) The driver said he had an all wheel drive vehicle on the bed of the truck and therefore he could not put my truck on the flat as it should have been. He towed it from Vero Beach Florida to New Port Richey which is a 2 1/2 hour drive. At New Port Richey is where the truck was then loaded on a 10 car, and never semi truck car carrier. I have had numerous vehicles hauled back to Pennsylvania and all were picked up by the a car transporter and never picked up by a rollback car hauler. There was never before any need to worry about a 4 wheel drive vehicle being moved with any axle on the ground when they are put directly on a semi truck transporter. The driver was told by me to stop towing my vehicle with the front axle on the ground. I told him he had to disconnect the front driveshaft or haul it on the bed of his or get someone to haul it on a flatbed or it will be damaged. He told me he was taking just the way it is to New Port Richey. I then Called Francisgo Auto Transport to tell them my vehicle was being towed improperly and it will case damage to it. What was said to the diver only God knows, but I know that my truck was taken the whole distance to New Port Richey with the front axle on the ground surface. After getting delivery of the said truck, I drove it on the highway. Transfer case is noisy and the automatic transmission, after going into 3 gear instantly slips out of all gears. I immediatley called Francisgo Auto Transport, Affordable Auto Transportation and the driver of the car hauler to tell them the transfer case is noisy and the transmission slips out of 3 gear. I fought with them all for over a month tooth and nail to have their carrier insurance to cover the repair expense on the said truck. They will not cover the repairs. I am out $1800.00 in repairing the truck myself now. Be very careful. Any damages done by them or their contracted carriers will not be paid by them or their carriers insurance. I would suggest go with another transport company and not have to go though what I have been put through.