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Dishonest company that doesn't follow the law

Mattew Submitted this review about F&S Auto Carriers
Review made Live: 8/17/2013 4:40:00 PM
I DO NOT recommend this company to anyone. The driver will tell you that he will take good care of your car when in reality he doesn't. When my car was delivered in Texas it was damaged. There were scratches everywhere - the roof, the doors, the spoiler, etc. The driver at first told me "I didn't do that." Then he changed his answer after I stood there for 10 seconds in silence and he said "Well, there were trees on that one road...I don't have any control over that...it isn't my fault." Actually it is his fault as stated in the disclaimer on the bill of lading. He then told me to go to Auto Zone to buy this solution that will buff everything out. First of all, that isn't my job. Second he needed to be upfront about it instead of trying to just brush it off.
So wait it gets better. After I signed everything I went and took pictures right away and then called the transportation office. They were extremely rude and told me to just send in the pictures and they will take a look. A few weeks later after I sent them the bill of lading and the pictures showing the damage to the car the same day that it was dropped off, I decided to call them because I hadn't received a follow up email. So I called and when they asked me for my name, they just hung up. This went on for a few more weeks. Two months went by and I was still driving around in my scratched up car. I eventually went through my insurance company and got it fixed and now they are going after the company to get their money back. This process was very stressful and gave me a huge headache. Please do yourself a favor and don't choose this company so they can eventually go bankrupt.

Also, I would like to mention that by law, as stated in the DOT for interstate commerce on their website, if a vehicle/goods are damaged in transit, the company is 100% liable and needs to follow certain procedures. The first thing they need to do is to respond directly to the claim (an email with the BOL and photos attached) in WRITING with an official claim number within 30 days of receiving the claim by the customer. They did not do this.