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Katrina Submitted this review about Estes Express
Review made Live: 9/15/2020 11:56:00 AM
While on hold with customer service, the advertisement that runs on repeat says something along the lines of "Estes delivers reliable services"..."offers guaranteed pickup and deliver"..."seemless shipping all over the United States". Their own add is a bunch of lies. I had shipment that said it would be delivered BY a certain date. This was NOT an estimated date. Sure enough, I call a few days before the delivery date and they said it wouldn't even be unloaded by that date or maybe even later. OR I could go to the terminal myself and pick up a 500+lb shipment. So, i don't understand how I could go and pick it up tomorrow if it wasn't even going to be unloaded. The customer agent fumbled and didn't have a good answer. They were running 72+hours behind and working like crazy, and these times are different... said the customer service agent. Sure, I get it. But all I ask is that I get a reliable delivery date from a LOGISTICS company that is supposed to specialize and BE GOOD at logistics and timing. If they had any clue what they were doing, they could provide better and more realistic dates. Many other shipping companies have this capability. I'm not asking for them to work miracles to get to an unrealistic date; they just need to assess what they have, how and when they can do it, and provide reliable data to the customers like a LOGISTICS company should. I don't have an option on what company is used for my shipment, but terrible service deserves to be known.