Do not trust this company!

James Brown Submitted this review about Elite Auto Shipping Inc.
Review made Live: 11/25/2021 9:29:00 PM
I am a RN and work at the VA. I am transferring from St. Petersburg, FL to Gilbert, Arizona. I have never shipped a car before. I was contacted by Jonathan from Elite and given a price of $870 to transport my son's car. Initially I did not have a date, it takes some time for paperwork to process with the government. I kept in contact with Jonathan while everything was processing. He seemed to be very up front about everything, cooperative, friendly. However BEWARE!!! When I finally had a date, he was the first contact I made. I wanted to make sure that there would be a smooth transition. I told him I planned on leaving on November 29th. He told me he woukd set the ship date for the 28th, for the car to be picked up. This was about a month before I was leaving. I signed a contract, paid a $200 deposit at that time. As the time came closer, I kept in contact with him and was assured that all was well. A little over a week before I am supposed to leave, he called and said that he had a truck that could pick up on the 24th. That would put the car there ahead of me. I did not have anyone there to accept the car, and the balance needed to be paid when the car was delivered in cash, per the contract. I finally got someone at the apartment community to accept the car, however it was on the 23rd, a bit late. Later the same day he said he had a truck that could pick up on the 29th in the am. That would be fine. I was called within an hour by the truck driver, who spoke no English, had to have someone interperate, and was told he did not have a full load and could not do it. I asked why they were calling me? He thought he was calling the broker, Elite. I messaged Jonathan and told him. Tried to call, but he did not answer. He called back and informed me that indeed it was canceled. He had no back up. This was the night before Thanksgiving. I received a text, not intended for me, that he had a car that needed to go from Florida to Arizona ASAP. I asked why I got this text and was informed it was a mass text and I was accidentally included. Still no shipper. I was asked if I could leave the car with a friend to be picked up after I left. This is what I was trying to avoid. He kept assuring me he would find someone, it was just a holiday. I will say... I was not in the best of mood over this. I was told I was being condescending. Meanwhile, I was also being told that thus was not like Ebay or something like that. It was just what happens. In the meantime I contacted Montway auto shipping, it was close to 9pm at night, they started working on it. In less than 24 hours they had a secured shipper picking up in 2 days. It wound up costing me more because it was last minute, but they made it happen and were very professional. I even asked Jonathan if they could do it for the same price, they could not. I was told by Elite that if they couldn't do it, no one could. They are a scam!! They will send you-tube videos and tell you a bunch of lies. Avoid them at all cost!! If I would have went with Montway in the first place, would have cost $50 more, but it would have been done. Now I am paying $400 more and Elite will not give back deposit. At least I feel secure that my car will be shipped by a credible company with integrity. Elite and Jonathan at Elite have no integrity. They will tell you anything to get your money, but will fail you. Avoid them! Spread the word! Horrible company, horrible customer service, horrible employees. Rating is negative 0.