Car Delivery

Tom Submitted this review about Direct Connect Auto Transport
Review made Live: 5/18/2023 1:50:00 PM
Wow! Where to begin. First, the communication by this company is next level horrible. I was told that my car was to be picked up on Tuesday and the truck did not show up until Friday, 4 days late. If it weren't for me reaching out to them for any information, they would have never told me anything . Second, I was told the car would be delivered on a Wednesday and the driver showed up a week late, a full 7 days after their delivery date. Again, if it weren't for me reaching out to them for information. there is no way they would have called me. At one point, one of my kids asked if we got scammed and if the car had simply been stolen. I absolutely DO NOT recommend this company for shipping anything anywhere. The lack of communication made things a thousand times worse. Being late delivering a car across the country, reasonable delays are expected. but a company lacking the respect for their customers by over communicating these delays is completely unforgiveable.