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Friendly and On Time

Eric Knight Submitted this review about Crestline Auto Transport
Review made Live: 5/1/2013 8:58:00 AM
This vehicle was a 2007 Honda Accord, company vehicle that was in an auto accident in a town 3 hours from our home office. We decided to have it transported home for repairs. Alan was great in explaining the transport business from Brokering the load to the carrier performing the service. Once the order was paced, Alan did a great job keeping me informed of dates and times for the pickup and everything occurred as scheduled.

Additionally, once Alan quoted the price, that was the price and at no time was it suggested that more money may be necessary to get a carried interest in transporting the load. I felt the price was fair for all parties. I got my car transported, Crestline received a fair percentage to compensate them for finding a professional carrier to perform the service and the carrier received a good and fair compensation to cover his expenses and keep a profit to be available to future transportation needs.

If I have an auto transport need, I will call Crestline first.