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Mindy Submitted this review about Capitol Auto Transport
Review made Live: 10/1/2010 7:16:00 PM
When it was first suggested to me to use a company to transport my car across the country instead of making the long drive myself, I thought that sounded like a great idea. I proceeded to go onto the internet to look up companies that offered these services and was pleased to find that there were so many. That is, until I started contacting them and found out they wanted my credit card immediately. I am very hesitant to give anyone my credit card number, especially if I don't know who they are or even have an actual quote for the service for which I am paying!

It was getting very frustrating not being able to get actual answers from the companies I was calling and I was starting to think that I would have to drive myself when I happened upon the "Transport Reviews" website. On that site, I read many reviews and based my choice on a top rated company with excellent reviews. That company was Capitol Auto Transport.

From the moment I called I knew I was in good hands! Dakota explained the whole process to me and told me NOT to pay until he had an actual quote from a carrier. Within a few days he had an exact quote, the name of the carrier, MKC Enterprises, and a pick up date. That day the driver, Phillip, contacted me and we set up a time that he would come to my house. The moment I met him I knew I was in good hands. He loaded my car, gave me his cell phone number and was on his way. I felt completely at ease with Phillip, Dakota and the whole process.

I can't recommend them highly enough! Thanks Dakota and Phillip!