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DE- Maui, HI, arrived 1 day early and no dings, scratches or dents!!!

Deana Rivera Submitted this review about Bluestar Auto Movers
Review made Live: 7/20/2010 11:50:00 PM
end result was amazing! the car was in pristine condition, no dings, scratches or alignment issues!!! I have an 08 Honda Civic and am very protective of my car but had to quickly transport my vehicle across the country and to hawaii. the car was only dirty with salt water upon arrival, i was so pleasanty suprised after hearing a few horror stories!!

the customer service was okay. blue star auto movers were good, but didn't give exact times for pick up dates, and did not contact the auto hauler asap, which i had needed. However, the driver was able to pick up my car within 4 days of the initial call, on a friday, and delivered it to california by tuesday! fast.

the money situation and driver was my only real issue. blue star auto movers used pioneer auto express, and you have to deal with the drivers themselves-who may have preferences when it comes to payment. this driver told us specifically 'cash only' as he needed it for gas. it was after bank hours when he told us so luckily we were able to scrounge up 700 dollars cash! to give to him at 7am. be prepared with cash for these drivers, and GET A RECEIPT! other than that, they want to haul back to the west coast asap as that is usally where they are based. in the end the driver was awesome and did a great job of TIMELINESS, and PRECAUTION and delivered my car in EXCELLENT CONDITION! i would most definetly recommend bluestar auto movers and pioneer auto express.

just have cash, a clean car and know your time frame. also helps to meet the driver near the highway- -they respect that.