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How it Really Works

Hilton Submitted this review about Bears Transport
Review made Live: 2/17/2012 5:26:00 PM
This was my first experience in hiring an auto carrier. The following is what I learned and my perception of "How it Really Works":

When choosing a transport company, you are not choosing the actual auto carrier that will pick-up and deliver your vehicle. You are essentially choosing a broker with access to a message board utilized within the auto transport industry. The broker will post the specifics of your transport, which includes the locations of pickup and delivery, as well as the amount of money deemed attractive enough for an actual auto carrier to find profitable. The broker charges a fixed fee for posting the listing and choosing the carrier responding to the message board posting. That fee is the amount charged to your credit card. The actual auto carrier is paid the remainder of your total agreed upon price in the form of cash upon delivery.

It seems to me one would naturally wonder: Why does the auto transport industry work within a veil of misperception by advertising in a manner which leads the customer to believe he/she is choosing the auto carrier that will personally transport his/her vehicle? Why not simply spell out the customer is choosing a broker with knowledge of the industry enabling the choosing of an auto transporter that is the most reliable for the best price?

Although the broker is clearly a middle-man taking a piece of the pie, in the overall protection of the customer, it is not necessarily a bad thing. The broker provides a valuable service with their knowledge of the actual carriers doing the transport. They not only know if a carrier is reputable (which the customer could not), they also have a pulse on the appropriate fees the carriers are willing to work for. This makes the overall industry more competitive in pricing.

So in the end, I chose Bears Transport because they had excellent ratings on this Transport Review website. As a result, it gave me comfort I was not going to lose my money, or trust the care of my automobile to an unscrupulous independent carrier. The communication skills of the customer service representative was truly outstanding. She (asked me not to use her name) was incredibly down-to-earth, while maintaining a knowledgable and professional posture.