Wayne Dennis Submitted this review about AutoVocity Transport
Review made Live: 12/28/2020 9:41:00 PM
Unfortunately I did not read the other reviews on this Company. as one can plainly see they SCAM there clients into taking their deposits then promise to give it back when their Driver left my car with the client in front of their home to supposely turn around to pick up the non running car. I spoke to the Customer service Personel muliple times to make sure they undstood the car was a 1966 oldsmobile Toronado with 4 flat tires not running. I told them the car would have to be winced up to the transport Truck. ( have bought and sold many cars non running before. never a problem in the past usually some companies would increase the price for nonrunning cars because they require a special truck. all of this was explained to the company who assured me the right truck and Driver would arrive to do the work. ( Car going from Port Richie Florida to Titusville Florida. Driver arrived, cursed at the seller of my car stated the car had no wheels and tires which is not true it did but they were deflated as I explained to them. they asked me if i would take responsiblity for possible damage if they dragged it onto the truck. I stated I would and would confirm it in writing if needed. the car was to be restored anyway. Driver arrived with a pickup truck and trailer then promptly left after looking at the car. he never called me to report the problem or his own company to tell them that he did not pick up the car. only after calling the seller did I find out that he left the seller with the car in front of his house with the car of course the seller was extremely upset. so was I.. the company said that I now need to send them pictures of the car with wheels and they were putting the account on hold. they did not try to find any other transport Driver and so the car sat for 1 week. after several calls they told me they would send back my deposit because it was not my fault they could not find a driver. 2 other customer service agents said the same thing from reading previous notes. I sent several letters then like the reviews before this they stopped communicating with me. they stole my deposit and they figure since its a low amount to them 345.00 that eventually I would get over it. I have since had to call another company to move the car. and they have, no problems what so ever! as a matter of fact because I suffered because of AUTOVOCITY they gave me a discount on future transportation needs... AUTOVOCITY counts on customers to go away and then they do it to others, also I imagine that if a SCAMMED customer complains to them that they will get a lawyer they assume its too much for the customer to retain a attorney for such a low sum of money. that is how they are able to do this to other clients. I plan on sending this complaint in Small Claims court and invite them to visit the warm sunny beachs of Florida. I will also contact my state attorneys office to file with them for companies doing business in Florida, I suggest anyone Scammed by this company do the same. I also plan to contact the BBB( better business Bureau ) nationally and in every state that I can.. and lastly I plan to include the Principals of this company in my court lawsuit so that they are personnally held responsible for scamming me. and I hope to seek Damages, Pain and suffering. .and other liabilites related to my client and his time and losses in getting the car to the meeting place. in the state of Florida for those who have read to this point when you file in Small claims court they send it to the offending Company in the state they are in to invite them to court to plead there side. I hope they make it to my case. and I would advice anyone else who feels the same to do the same... this company is a true Scam! do not use!

Company Response
Customer Support from AutoVocity Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 1/13/2021 9:36:00 PM
Hello, were sorry you were not pleased with our service. But we did in fact meet our agreement. There is no way to transport a vehicle if tires are flat and in your case your vehicle was missing a tire. Our driver showed up and was ready to load. When you placed your order you were informed that an inoperable vehicle must be able to brake, roll and steer. That information is also clearly listed on our website. All our calls are monitored and you were clearly informed and you accepted our terms. In no way are we responsible if you misrepresented vehicle. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you and Happy New Year!