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Rebecca Lorenzana Submitted this review about Auto Transport On Demand (FL)
Review made Live: 9/16/2020 9:30:00 PM
I never write reviews, but was so wronged by this company, I feel it is my duty to warn others!!!The only reason I used this company was because of the reviews they had...big mistake! They probably wrote those reviews themselves or paid people to write them. Here is my story...I contacted this company because I needed to ship my vehicle to PA from California. My daughter was relocating for college and there was a specific move in date she could only move on, per the college, which was on August 15th or the 16th. Our date fell on the 15th, so rather than driving there from CA to PA (I regret not doing so) I opted to have the vehicle shipped. We loaded the vehicle with all of her needed possessions to avoid traveling with everything and only had our carry-ons. I contacted several companies and eventually went with Auto Transport on Demand. I wanted plenty of time for the vehicle to arrive because I was afraid of being stranded in a different state, where we knew no one. I spoke with the alleged dispatch/sales manager Antonio Moreno who seemed very eager to get my business. I explained my concerns to Antonio and he reassured me he could get my vehicle to the desired location. He personally called or so he says, the driver that would actually be transporting the vehicle to ensure he could get the vehicle to me in PA the day I needed it for the move in, which was the 15th of August. Antonio said in order to guarantee the vehicle being there, I would need to pay an additional $600, bringing the grand total to $1825. Because of my desperation, and the very convincing spiel by Antonio, I agreed to it. I paid Antonio (the middleman) his fee and we were set to go! Antonio said I would hear from him throughout the process and reassured me my vehicle would get to where I needed it. Never heard from him. On August 14th, my daughter and I arrive in New Kensington, PA about 1140pm. We Uber to our hotel and arrive about 1am and go to bed because we had a very busy day of moving in a few hours! Fast forward and Its about 8am and we Uber to the dorm for our assigned move in date. On the way, I call Antonio to let him know we were on our way and to see where the vehicle was. There was no answer after numerous calls so I left a voicemail. I called again and opted to speak to someone else and was routed to a male who identified himself as the owner, I explained to the owner that I could not get a hold of Antonio and that I needed my vehicle. The owner told me he'd look into it and that everything would be ok. He said he'd call me right back...Never did. We get to the dorm, get the keys and go thru a walk thru of the apartment. By now, I still had not heard from Antonio or the owner. Luckily I took a photo of the paperwork from the transport company the day they picked up my car so I called them. A man named Omar answered the phone and I asked him where my vehicle was. He said the vehicle was in his yard awaiting the owner pickup. I told him I had paid for and was guaranteed door to door service. Omar informed me he was only in the office by chance, as they were closed saturdays and sundays. Omar said if I could get there to pick up my car, he would release it to me. I was very unhappy because that was not what I paid for but I needed my car so I agreed until I realized he was 4 HOURS AWAY!! I told him I had no way of getting there and he responded there was no one to take the vehicle to me because the contract provided by Antonio did not have the address I provided him and they didn't work weekends, Omar seemed very understanding and said he would reach out to Antonio or anyone else at Auto Transport on Demand and call me back. I tried calling Antonio multipletimes again with no answer. Omar was also unsuccessful. So there we were stranded...way too late for me to rent a car or Uber to Omar, so we headed to the hotel by Uber again. The next morning, I call Auto Transport on Demand and the owner answers the phone. I tell him who I am and ask why he never called me or followed up as promised. HE COMPLETELY DENIED SPEAKING WITH ME THE DAY PRIOR AND HUNG UP ON ME. I was livid. I called back and left a voicemail threatening to call the police and reporting my car stolen. Still never heard back from his sorry ass. Pathetic. I call Omar and ask him if he would meet me to release my car if I was able to get there. He said he would. I Uber to the rental car company, get a car, drive the 4 1/2 hours one way and meet with Omar and get my car. I had to pay him cash for my car(already knew that) and said I owed him $1260. I said I thought it was $1625 as quoted by Antonio? He said no, $1260 was his price. So I paid him and left for another 4 1/2 hour drive back to the hotel. I called Antonio numerous times to request a refund for the fees, the rental car, tolls, unnecessary Uber rides, gas and my wasted time but never heard from him. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY. BUNCH OF SCAMMERS! He was even trying to pocket more money than it actually costed. Luckily the actual transporter was honest Antonio you and your prick boss could go fuck your mothers!