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Review made Live: 6/3/2019 8:12:00 PM
ATL to AUS in 30 days. (1000 miles) I challenge anyone else to come up with a worse experience than this. The reason, the truck broke down and the owner/driver got his truck and trailer towed to a truck dealer in Alabama. I opted to go and pick up my car from the trailer. But the driver says that the trailer cannot be operated without his truck. Apparently, it is not a self contained trailer. So very few trucks can operate that trailer. Not even the dealer who deals with fixing/selling this kind of trucks had one that he could hook up. For all practical purposes, I was CARJACKED. The owner/driver went back home to ATL within hours after dropping off the trailer at the truck dealer. My car was stuck in Alabama. 600 miles from me while the owner/driver was shopping for a new truck. No compensation for losing a whole month of use for me from either the broker or driver. The miles don't matter here. Even if his truck had broke down in front my house, it cannot be unloaded from the trailer. Lesson for prospective shippers, check whether your car is getting loaded into self contained trailer or not. The broker called me only once during the 30 days. (All other times I was calling him). And then he responds with the usual story. He is checking on other shippers but he could not find one. Apparently some trailers can be operated only when attached to special truck. Only my owner/driver had this unique truck that broke down. The story is the shippers truck broke down and was towed to a truck dealership. Neither the shipper nor the dealership can find another truck to unload the trailer and get my car out of the trailer. I offered to drive to the dealership to pick up my car myself. He kept saying the car is stuck in a trailer and they cannot get the car out. They refused to give me firm date. When he is trying to be nice Hight kept saying he is polishing his crystal ball and when he finds out he will let me know. The trailer was at a truck dealership. Can believe how close the cars were in the trailer. Not sure if were more 2 inches between them or not. And the dealership cannot attach another truck to operate the trailer.