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Do NOT do business with this company!

Doe Submitted this review about Atlas Car Transport
Review made Live: 12/21/2010 11:14:00 PM
This is by far the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. My husband and I had drove to California to purchase my dream car, a VW Bus from some guy on Craigs List. It didn't run but we were planning on fixing up it. I made arrangements with Nickolous from Atlas Car Transport. The price was gonna be just slightly more than what it would have cost if I were to rent a tow from U-Haul and do it myself about $850. When the man arrived he was drunk and barely spoke any English. However, to my delight, he told me he couldn't ship my vehicle because it was a non running vehicle. Well, Nickolous never asked so I assumed that it didn't matter. When I called Nickolous back he yelled at me and blamed me for not telling him. I told him that these are questions that his company should ask. A big reason for someone to ship a car would be because their car didn't run. He said he could get someone out there in 2 days but it would be 200 dollars more. I told him that I would be okay with it if he could get someone out by today because I had to be returning to Texas today and since the first guy was a dirty drunk I wanted to make sure that the next guy was at least sober and I wanted to be there to see that the car was hooked up properly. He said that I was overreacting and that, "it not like I have a Bentley." I know my car is not a "Bentley" but it is my dream car. Who is he to judge? He later puts me on hold and I can hear him talking to his boss, who happens to be a bigger douche than he is. I hear tell talking shit about me, and his boss saying to tell the "dumb bitch that she's not getting any money back." So when Nickolous gets back on the phone I ask to talk to his supervisor. He gets on and I ask for his name and he gives me some cartoon fake name like Tazmania. He goes on to talk to me in a totally condescending tone and goes on to says that Nickolous hasn't had his medication today but regardless he can't give me my deposit back because they are loosing money since they already sent one guy out and since I didn't tell them it was a non opt car it was my fault. The supervisor and I get into it and I tell him that I do not want or allow anything charged to my account. He accuses me of overreacting and hangs up on me. I hang up and can't help but to cry. I'm literally in tears and I hate that I let these guys get the best of me but I've never had to deal with so much professionalism. The next day the supervisor called me back and said that he had to charge at least 50 dollars on my account. I told him that I still do not allow the transaction. When I got the bill in the mail they had charged my credit card $225.00.
I am not the type of person to give bad reviews or to slander a company but if I could save one person from going through what I went through or save your car from being transported by a drunk then it will be worth it. Don't use this company. Pay a little more and have the assurance that your property will be in safe hands.