Poor Business Practice and Service

Eric Submitted this review about Angels Moving Autos
Review made Live: 1/4/2019 2:14:00 AM
My experience with Angels Moving Autos has left an impression on me on how poor their service and professionalism was. It all started when I contacted them for a quote and spoke to the owner, Dina, directly. At the same time, I was gathering quotes from another company listed here on Transport Reviews. Dina called me back the next day to follow up and when I told her about the quote I received from the other company, she tangentially went on a tirade to demean them, stating false claims like how truckers will never pick up their offer and that the only way I would get my car shipped in a timely fashion was to go with her and Angels Moving Autos. She promised that her quote was the lowest realistic price that would actually be taken and that no one would accept the offer from the competing company. I already had a deposit down with the other company since their quote was significantly lower, but decided, in spite of my judgment, to trust Dina's claims and accept her quote. I then paid her a deposit and not even 15 minutes later, just as I was about to call the other company to cancel my quote and deposit, they actually called me and confirmed that a trucker had accepted the job. This directly contradicted both claims Dina falsely stated. When I informed Dina of the case, she ended up ignoring me for over a week. Further attempts to request for a refund of my deposit were met with OBVIOUS runarounds and excuses. I ended up spending over 2 weeks trying to find an armistice with Dina, only with her concluding that she would no longer be in communication with me and the decision was final. Dina LIED about the scenario in order to strong-arm me to take her much higher quote. When the exact OPPOSITE of her false claims manifested in reality, she ended up TAKING MY MONEY and ignoring me. I've never encountered such poor service and lack of unethics before with a business. Stay FAR AWAY from Angels Moving Autos. There are cheaper brokers available who will do a great job and won't lie to your face and steal your money.

Company Response
Dina from Angels Moving Autos Submitted this response.
Response Date: 1/11/2019 11:46:00 PM
To Consumers: This review is completely false. Eric is upset because I refused to refund his scheduling fee, that we charged, AFTER HIS CARRIER WAS SCHEDULED. Mr. Mr. Xue placed his order with two companies, and he did not tell us he was "Double Brokering" his order. The Facts: 1) He wanted the fastest service he could find, so he booked with two companies and was going to use the one that got it done the fastest, which was our office. 2) We scheduled his carrier and conducted a 3 way call with the carrier on the line, Go 2 Transportation & Logistics. Tommy at Go 2 answered all Mr. Xue's questions in regards to how the car would be strapped down, and what kind of equipment he was using. 3) Mr. Xue gave his credit card for the reservation fee at that time, and we charged it because it is due once we assign the truck. 4) Mr. Xue received the certificate of insurance from our office, showing him that his car was fully insured with the transport as he requested. 5) Mr. Xue commended me on my service and how happy he was that he was getting his new Lotus so quickly. 6) A few hours later, Mr. Xue called our office to cancel and stated that other broker he booked with found him a carrier and they were charging him less so he wanted to use them. 6) We told him the fee was non-refundable after a carrier is assigned, the insurance certificate was generated, and the truck was scheduled to pickup in less then 24 hours. 7) Mr. Xue called and threatened me with this review if I did not refund the money, and I simply refused. The service we get paid to do was provided, and it was excellent customer service. I refused to take any more of his calls after he got upset and threatened me with the review. AFTER 16 YEARS OF TRANSPORTING CARS AND OFFERING EXCELLENT SERVICE FOR CUSTOMERS, I REFUSE TO ALLOW PEOPLE LIKE THIS TO USE ME AND ABUSE ME BECAUSE THEY ARE SHOPPING AROUND FOR THE FASTEST AND THE CHEAPEST. I STOOD MY GROUND WITH ERIC, AND HIS REVIEW THREAT DID NOT SCARE ME OR MAKE ME CHANGE MY MIND, IT IS ABOUT INTEGRITY, AND HE WAS THE ONE LACKING IN IT IN THIS SCENARIO. IN THE PAST, I HAVE REFUNDED MY FEE IN THIS SORT OF SCENARIO, IT HAPPENS AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS, AND NOW, I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN..... I AM TIRED OF THESE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT RESPECT US AND THE EXCELLENCE WE PROVIDE