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First Car Transport Experience

Chris Submitted this review about Andrew Auto Transport
Review made Live: 12/13/2017 3:57:00 PM
This was the first time I've transported a car. After getting a bunch of quotes, I decided to use Andrew Auto Transport for two reasons: First, my customer rep stated I could load up to 100lbs in the car. Second, was the price. There were transport services that gave me lower quotes, but the combination of the two things above helped me reach my decision.

So about 5-6 weeks out I confirmed with Andrews, the pick up address and the date I was going to have my car picked up. The drop off location was confirmed a little bit later, but the general area was roughly the same from what I first told them to the actual delivery address. The price I was quoted included the deposit and the pick up date(after reading their contract, make sure you do this) was $943 and Nov 30, respectively. As the pick up date approached, my representative assured me they would find a carrier. This was very important to me because I was leaving December 3rd and wanted my car as quickly as possible to avoid incurring extra costs due to having a rental car. The agreed upon pickup date came and went. I wasn't too worried at first because Andrew's contract stated that pick up might occur a few days before or after the date agreed upon. This is why my pickup date was Nov 30 and not Dec 2nd or Dec 3rd. However, I received an email and call on Dec. 1st indicating a truck would be by to pick up my vehicle on Dec 4th, after I left for California. Andrews told me they were having difficulty finding carriers and that carriers were typically not available on the weekends. I thought this was strange because when we first discussed the pickup date, Andrews said that December 2nd, a Saturday, would not pose any problems for picking up my car. In order to get my car shipped, Andrews suggested I hide the key (no way) or give it to my management office to holding until the driver came. Luckily, my management office was willing to do this. Further, the quoted price of $943 became $1,075 once the carrier was found. This was still cheaper than most places however, Andrews will not tell you this upfront. The pick up date came and went because the driver arrived at 8pm on the pickup date. Since the management office was closed, no pickup could occur. So the pick up did not happen on the range of dates I requested, or on the date Andrews told me, but the day after. My car was picked up on Tuesday, December 5th. That same day, I received a call from the transport company and they told me that since I had things in the car, they were going to charge me extra. This was not indicated by Andrews, who told me I could put up to 100lbs in the car with no mention of a change in price. Fortunately, after telling the transport company what was in my vehicle, they decided not to charge me. My car was delivered on Dec. 12th, with no apparent damage. However, when I turned the vents on, it smelled like cigarette smoke.

One more thing to note, Andrews Auto Transport connects you with a transport company to ship your car. Any issues, damage, etc. that occurs has to be dealt with between you and the transport company. Andrews will put their hands up once a carrier is found.

Yes my car was shipped without any issues to the car or its contents but it was a pain in every way possible except for delivery. That is probably because Andrews was not involved. They get one star only because of the fact my car was delivered. The timing, cost, and logistics associated with Andrews is significant. If I could go back, I would spend a few more dollars knowing my car was getting to California when I wanted it to without any hassle.