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BAIT and SWITCH unethical business practices

David Submitted this review about Allied Auto Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 6/13/2018 9:11:00 AM
I heavily regret using this company and believing their promises. While shopping for this service, I received quotes from 7 companies, this had the lowest quote so I went with them. I wanted a one day pickup date as I was driving across country and no reliable place to leave my car, but Carl told me that the quote he gave me was only good if I agreed to a 1-2 day pickup. Reluctantly, I agreed (said it would be $100 more for a one day range). Carl told me I could just leave my car in a public area and hide the keys as the car would be picked up with 1-2 days. I didn't feel comfortable with this so I called in some favors and heavily inconvenienced someone by leaving my car at their place under the promise that it would be for no more than 2-days, which they don't have the space for me to leave it longer. After I left San Diego, where my car is to be picked up, I received a call saying they found a driver to pick it up for $150 more than I was quoted. I was upset and surprised as possibility of increase in price was never discussed. Dispatch Susan went on to tell me that they don't have control over the price and quote was an estimate, which was never discussed with me before. She also stated that all the other car moving companies use the same contract dispatch site and that I would be having a pickup issue if I had gone through another company. HOWEVER, what no one can answer is why was Allied Auto Transport car moving estimate much lower than the others if they all use the same dispatch company and when it clearly proved to be the case that this company CANNOT deliver on its promised price?? It appeared clear that they did an unrealistic price quote to under quote their competitors to just increase the rate later, there is no other answer to this. I refused the $150 increase as it was the first day of a 2 day window for pickup but asked if it would be long before I got another offer as I can't leave my car in its current location for more than the 2-days I was told it would take. I was told this wouldn't be an issue. It has now been 8 DAYS!!! I have received no other offers for car pickup despite calling dispatch almost daily. I keep telling them that I have to move my car and this is NOT what they promised me and they keep saying they are trying, but they still can't get me the service they promised 8-days after it was scheduled for pickup, then it is clear that this company is using ILLEGAL BAIT and SWITCH practices as it was clearly not a good faith estimate. This company has done nothing to try and make it up to me. One would think that if they promised me a price and a driver they were going to contract wanted more, they would make up the difference and take less profit out of their proceeds as increases were never disused as a possibility or I NEVER would have used this company. I arrived in Maryland 3-days ago (delivery location for my car) when I left same day as day 1 of a 2 day delivery pickup, but my car is still in San Diego in a location where it has to be moved but this company is so far out of what it promised and is punishing the customer.