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Forest Riggs Submitted this review about Allied Auto Shippers
Review made Live: 2/11/2019 7:44:00 PM
For weeks I looked for an auto shipper.. even before I found the auto in Chicago. I visited the sites of about 10 different transport companies as well the Better Busi- ness Bureau site. I read hundreds of complaints and positive comments as well. I tried to see what company had the least negative complaints in the closest dates. LIke many, I had not idea how the auto transport works. It is very interesting. basically you get a zillion calls after post for a quote. so many companies contacted me, it was overwhelming. emails, texts..etc.. no two quoted the same price and some berated other companies. It was crazy. I was frustrated.. just wanted my long sought dream car brought from Chicago to Galveston Island, TX. as I had not booked yet... they just kept calling. After reviewing the companies and making notes on the complaints, the positives and even just their web page. I chose Allied. I read so many horrible reviews from so many companies, and to be honest, even a few for Allied. I noticed the nature of most complaints, no matter what company were the same. "added charges, didn't ship, increased price, rude, no follow-up, when a problem occurred it became impossible to speak to a representative. I finally surmised that most were just angry, impatient people who like to complain about everythihng! I realized that most of the complaints involved time and people needing something set in stone and, no room for change or human error. Carl was a winner from the first phone conversation. I was nervous to book with ANYONE after all I read (Allied, based on complaints vs. service.. was best). Susan took over and communicated with me almost daily about my transport. Everything was great.. but Mother Nature was in control! The temps in Chicago were in the -30 range, with ice and snow. once I learned that drives actually read and screen and bid or take the transport... so it could be any driver and probably he or she transports for multiple companies. That is the game. Some "parent companies" are good, honest and just wanting to help, while others are absolutely ruthless and dishonest. How do you choose? read and ask questions. I was in no rush and the car was not a primary auto that I needed fast. Allied quoted me a great price, so great, I thought it must be wrong... the weather improved and Susan let me know a driver would be picking up my 1952 Plymouth and deliver it Galveston in 2 days. The driver contacted me and let me know he was on his way. There was no hitch, no problem, no price change, no charging my card before the transit began, etc.. every fear I had, from reading so many company's reviews, disappeared. Susan and Carl went above and beyond. I want to write and say that if you have doubts, fears, etc.. about a transit company. GO WITH ALLIED! I could not be more pleased with the entire process and should another "dream car" come along, I will definitely use Allied again. In a business filled with less than favorable sorts.. these people renewed my faith. I am a happy camper with my 1952 Plymouth. Thank you