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Sarah Submitted this review about Advance Car Carrier
Review made Live: 9/28/2010 11:29:00 AM
THE WORST EXPERIENCE..I reserved this carrier for PRIORITY shipping 3 weeks in advance They scheduled me for Friday, no pickup, no call..then I called them Saturday, no pickup, no call..Saturday turned into Monday night, when ALEX called me and said he would be here at 11 pm. I waited, no show, no call...I called and canceled my reservation, however ALEX still showed up to my house Tuesday morning. He was VERY rude, ARROGANT, and UNPROFESSIONAL. He was CLEARLY under the influence of some type of Amphetamine, as indicated by his disposition..he was laughing profusely and stated that he was really busy this weekend, but no worries. He then looked at my virtually damage-less vehicle, and said " I have no time to write down the scratches you have , so I'm marking it as a complete total loss and you can sign here waiving any damage liability" I said no, that I wanted my pre-existing damages documented, which was only the front bumper paint had been chipped away and dented. The car had absolutely no other damages. ALEX said he would take my car for me now, if I would just sign the agreement that my car was a total damage and they would be responsible for no future damages. I told him to BEAT IT, and that I'm not signing anything unless it is a legitimate document reflecting actual damages. ALEX left, and my car still sits, waiting to be transported by a LEGITIMATE carrier. THESE PEOPLE ARE PRACTICING UNDER ILLEGAL AND FALSE PRETENSES, PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR VEHICLE.