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Arun Bulchandani Submitted this review about AAA Anytime Inc.
Review made Live: 2/8/2013 7:57:00 PM
I had a interesting experience with AAA Anytime. I decided to go with the company because they just seemed more professional than any other company i spoke with or received a quote from. One thing I really liked is that they could actually give me set dates of pick up and delivery and most other companies couldn't. AAA Anytime did well. However, I had sort of a bipolar experience with them. Initially I was impressed with the customer service it but in the end I was yelled out and hung up on. Upon delivery of my vehicle I noticed my license plate was ripped off. Initially, when I saw this I was scared. I wondered if the rest of my car was tampered with. In the end I found out that it wasn't. Thankfully it was just the license plate and nothing more. However, when I saw it I refused to pay the driver until I had a chance to talk to AAA and the boss of the trucking company AAA brokered with to deliver my car. This process was terrible and I was so disappointed. I was accused of being a crook, of tampering with my own car for gain, and yelled at by both the driver and a AAA anytime employee. When I told the driver to call his boss and find out what happened and that I wouldn't pay him until he did he grabbed my keys and told me I wouldn't get them back. AAA Anytime said that they never had this happen and that they couldn't help me. They told me it was between me and the driver. When I got ahold of the Individual who picked up my car from California I felt comforted because at least I knew him and could ask him about it. I was concerned because the one who delivered my car didn't seem to me to have any association with who picked it up nor was he polite. The boss (M&M Motors) assured me that everything was ok and that the person delivering it was apart of the same company. In the end I received a $50 discount. I probably would never go with AAA Anytime again.