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Complete Scam!

Jeff Satucno Submitted this review about AA All Star Discount Auto Transport Inc.
Review made Live: 12/14/2017 12:25:00 AM
Like many others I did NOT do my research prior to paying the $299 deposit. Steve called me and quoted me $699 which was a lot lower than other companies. He is a very pushy and rude guy. They completely pulled a bait and switch! Quoted me $699 which was $299 now, and then $400 COD to the driver. They called twice saying they had a driver for much more, the first one was $700 COD then the next was $900 COD. Both double that the original $400 I had been quoted and agreed to. I had very clear dates to have my car shipped, and Steve and Lisa initially said my dates were very doable and all this was no problem only to find out they don't really have companies they work with for the prices they quote. This company is a complete scam. I was able to have my bank refund the $299 they stole from me. Please do not get scammed by this company, I do hope others will report them to the California Attorney General's office. They should be shut down.