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Truck Was Detroyed

John Gibbons Submitted this review about A1A Express Auto Shipping LLC
Review made Live: 11/7/2013 3:38:00 PM
I researched extensively before making my decision to contract with Joe at A1A. I read horror story after horror story ( the reviews without the green dots ) and was very uncomfortable making my decision. I expressed my concerns and the negative reviews I had read with Joe at A1A - he said John as you know a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

Joe - you couldn't have spoken truer words.

Let me start by saying the only telephone calls made to me originating from A1A were made before the sale was closed.

My truck was scheduled to be loaded on Sept 15, 2013 and delivered to my new home in California on the 19th of September. The driver arrived on the morning of the 18th to load my truck on the hauler. During the 2 1/2 days my truck had not been picked up, I am calling Joe who is promising me over the phone that he will look in to the situation and escalate to a supervisor.

I called Rome, the dispatcher at Prestige Carriers at Joe's behest on the 21st of Sept (Sat morning) to find out when I might expect my truck. I was told by a female who answered the telephone my truck would arrive on Monday the 23rd and to have $900 in cash money order etc ready to give to the driver.

My truck was demolished along with the other vehicles on the hauler on September 19, 2013 on I-8 mm133 near Gila Bend, AZ.

Monday afternoon - no word on when my truck will arrive. I call Joe. I'll escalate this to my supervisor. So I call Rome again and he says 'yeah John - we're really sorry about your truck. Go rent yourself a car'. I asked Rome what he was talking about. Rome said 'has the broker not called you yet?'. No - they have not. I called Joe who apologized that 'your vehicle has been totaled'. This was Monday morning Sept 23, 2013

Today is October 7 now. I have still ever yet to hear from A1A or Prestige Carriers or from their insurance carriers.

The details of the accident I know only because I called the AZ DPS twho found the accident info to send me including the tow lot in Buckeye, AZ. Neither A1A nor Prestige Carriers with whom A1A trusts as one of their best vendor partners have ever called me proactively.

I cannot recommend this company but can recommend you go look for someone else.

The odds are heavily in favor of a vehicle being delivered without incident - vehicles are transported everyday without incident. Good reviews are awesome.Especially when they have little green dots beside them.

What I think really matters is how a company handles adversity when it does happen.