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Worst Experience in 10 years of Car Shipping

Fahad Khan Submitted this review about 1Flat-Rate LLC
Review made Live: 10/9/2017 7:52:00 PM
Broker (1 Flat rate)
1. The broker (1 Flat rate) change the price on me by $250 compared to what was quoted on Transport reviews. I now understand why they did that, their system is messed up, when the quote is given it is the actual price that is paid to the trucker / delivery company. They add their commission on top of it - $250 commission for connecting to a trucker is a bit insane.

2. They also lied about what I can ship within the vehicle and wanted $300 more at the time of pickup.

The delivery (RUS-AL INC.)
1. They indicated initially they will deliver on a Tuesday but on Sunday night at 10PM, I get a call that they will deliver on a Monday.
2. The trucker came to my location and left, apparently claiming that I could not be contacted. I called them back within 20 minutes and also had spoken to the driver just a few minutes earlier when I texted with him to confirm the delivery location.
3. An agreement was made with the driver that I will just pickup the cars from wherever he stays for the night but then I get the most rude call from his manager saying they will put my car in the storage if I dont collect it at the immediate next stop. I had to take off from work, spend $50 in uber and waste 2 hours to collect the cars and then drive them back.

The manager keep claiming he had been trying to contact me, sure he did, but if you call from an unrecognized number, I am not going to pickup at work. Plus I had already spoken with the driver and agreed on the plan

The delivery manager created an unnecessary emergency for me.

I highly recommend that you think twice before you ship your car with RUS-AL INC.