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Bruce Submitted this review about 1 All Aboard Auto Transport
Review made Live: 12/20/2019 3:20:00 PM
I bought a used (barely) 2019 Corvette Grand Sport on ebay in November to replace my 2017 which had met an early death. I then needed to have it transported from Mass. to Arizona. I had arranged with a major carrier for enclosed transport. Two days after I had flown to Mass. and paid by check, the transporter had an unexpected availability but the check had not yet cleared and the seller wouldn't release the car. Then it snowed and the car sat waiting for pickup which didn't come. The carrier said 2 or 3 weeks, maybe - no guarantee. They referred me to TransportReviews.com if I wanted to find someone else to transport my new-to-me Corvette. So I did. I looked at reviews for several companies and based on those reviews I decided to call Fletcher at All Aboard Auto Transport on 12/04. I was immediately impressed by Fletcher's knowledge and helpfulness. He knew without asking that I would want an experienced careful driver with an enclosed carrier for my 2019 Corvette Grand Sport. He also understood that I was tired of waiting and wanted my car as soon as possible He quoted $1900 for the move with a hard-side carrier with elevator. That was almost $700 less than I had been expecting to spend so I told him to proceed. About 2 hours later Fletcher called back to tell me that he had a driver with a soft-side enclosed trailer located in Mass. who could be there in a day or two for a hundred dollars less. The soft-sided trailer does not have an elevator. Instead it has long ramps (about 20' long) to reduce the angle for low slung vehicles like the Corvette so that they don't scrape or hang up entering or exiting the carrier. With some quick internet research on soft-side carriers and Fletcher's assurance I agreed to the soft-sided carrier for $1800. The deal was $400 deposit, $1400 C.O.D. On 12/06 the driver, Max, picked up my Corvette from the seller's home in spite of some snow cover. The owner had planned on moving the car to his business (about 7 miles from his home) for easier pickup but had decided against it due to the snow (the Corvette Grand Sport has summer-only maximum performance tires which are worthless in cold weather). On 12/12 I was delighted to get a message in the morning saying that my car would be at my residence around noon. YESSS! Sure enough, at 12:45PM local time I received a call from Max saying that he was here. After unwrapping my car (it was in a huge plastic bag for protection) he backed the car down the long ramps like he has done it a thousand times. It was here in perfect condition. I paid Max the $1400, we shook hands, and the ramps went back in their receptacles. It all looked so easy. What a delight! I can't recommended Fletcher and All Aboard Auto Transport too highly. He and his team worked to perfection and I'm so glad I discovered him.