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This page contains information about advertising your auto transport related company with Moving Sites, LLC. on

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Steps to Advertise
  1. Decide on Your Monthly Budget - Advertising campaigns are required to budget $250 or more. Ads cost $25 per 1,000 times your ad is shown. 1,000 ad impressions is referred to as a CPM. So the rates are $25 CPM. All ads are run of site ads.
  2. Place Your Order - Call us at 877-499-9432 ext 1 to verify availability for your campaign. Many times we advertising space is on a waiting list. So we may not be able to place your ads immediatly.
  3. Submit Artwork - Once your order has been placed you can submit artwork.
    • Top Banner - Size 728x90. No animation allowed. File types of jpg, png and gif accepted.
    • Right Banner - Size 160x600. Animation allowed. You can shown unlimitted screens rotating no more frequent than 6 seconds (See example at right) - OR - you may show six seconds of full animation every minute. File types of jpg, png and gif accepted. Currently no Flash.
  4. All artwork is subject to approval and denial at anytime, even after the start of a campaign.
Advertising Contact Number
Advertise Your Company Today

The above number is only to sign up to advertise or support the site. If you need assistance with anything else please use the Contact Us page

Advertising Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a good rating to advertise?
No, the advertisements are independent from and we will not take rating, ranks or number of reviews into consideration. We do however reserve the right to refuse business to any company.

Do I have to be an auto transporter to advertise?
No. All advertisers are considered.

How do you decide what ads show on the pages?
The ads are rotated on Transport Reviews using Google's DoubleClick for Publishers ad management system. The system rotates the ads in a way to try to show all purchased ad spaces spread out over the amount of time, typically a month, that the ad is running.

Can we advertise more than one site? Yes. You can advertise more than one site or company. In some cases you can even have multiple ads for the same company.
What is the cancellation policy? Once an order has been placed and a credit card has been processed no refund will be made. To discontinue future transactions you can use the contact us form to let us know you are canceling or call 877-499-9432 to cancel.

Have another question? Call us at 877-499-9432