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The car took a full 27 days to get a bid and get here to Texas from California. The first transporter couldn't start the car nor could he jump start it, even though it had a new battery. Then he slammed the hood shut and damaged the hood latch, left the keys in the ignition, left the window down so it got rained in. Left the car in a public place. The owner couldn't be present at the time of pick-up but made arrangements with the transporter. Finally, after complaining they found another transporter that cost $200 more. AmeriFreight said "sorry". No discount, no nothing. Of course they charged my CC ASAP....[More]
By mitch roberts on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Feb 20 2015 4:36AM
When I contacted Ameri Freight about bringing my car from California to Tennessee I spent a lot of time explaining to the Ameri Freight representative, Lecia, the exact circumstances surrounding this car. I told her it must be in an enclosed carrier and that it was a very expensive show car. She told me she would put it on the board for the price we agreed on which was not cheap to say the least. She called me back and said they had a carrier that would do an excellent job and had a 100 out of 100 rating. Maybe it is my fault for making the assumption that she knew this delivery company and had first hand experience with them. I feel certain that she had no knowledge at all about the company or the driver that delivered my car. If she did and these people have a 100 out of 100 rating then the car delivery business is in a pretty sad state. I have listed below all of my complaints. I was led to believe that when the car was picked up I would be notified by the driver. I never heard anything from the driver. The seller in California did call me saying the car had been picked up and even sent me pictures showing it being loaded. I wasn't in a big hurry for the car to arrive so I didn't worry when I still had not heard anything five days later. I had the drivers phone number from where he called me before he ever picked the car up saying he couldn't get hold of the person in California to arrange the pick up. It was because he was calling the wrong phone number. I don't know how this happened because the phone number written on the e-mailed copied I received from Ameri Freight was correct. Any way I decided to shoot the driver a text on the evening of day six which was a Friday. He said he was in Memphis Tennessee and it looked like it would be Monday or Tuesday for the delivery. I told him that would be fine and to just let me know for sure when he knew for sure. When I had not heard any thing back from him late on Tuesday I sent a text asking if he had any updates on the delivery time. His response was "In Memphis now will plan on seeing you either late Wednesday or early Thursday". I don't know what happened to the delivery on Monday or Tuesday or even ask him why he was still in Memphis several days after he said he was leaving Memphis. I wasn't in a hurry so I still wasn't worried about anything. The text I got was on Wednesday at 7:17 p.m. said was "See you tomorrow at 1 is that ok". My exact response was "Yes, I will have to leave work to meet you so as you get closer let me know. I will plan to meet you at 1:00 unless I hear any different". His response was "No problem everybody loves the car by the way. This comment sent a red flag to me. I wondered who was "everybody" and how could they see a car in an enclosed trailer. I sent back this question. Has the car been on the truck the entire time or have you had to load and unload it as you made your way across the country. His response "Hasn't moved since California". The next time I heard from the driver was at 12:07 p.m. on Thursday and he was confirming the address he was suppossed to drop the car off at. I confirmed that the address was correct and since it was 45 minutes before we were supposed to meet I assumed that by him asking this he was close. His reply text was "passing Lebanon Tennessee now so 2.5 hours away. I replied with "I thought we were meeting at 1:00" His reply was "Yes sir moving as fast as we can". This is fine but I wonder when he was going to let me know that the time had been changed from 1:00 to 3:30. The answer is that he wasn't going to. I would have left work and went to the meeting place only to find out then that he was going to be 2 1/2 hours late. The next text I got was at 2:34 saying he was in a traffic jam and would be later than previously stated. The next time I heard from him was at 3:40 and his question was "If you don't mind me asking how much did this car cost?" I asked why and he said "I figured it was very expensive build probably one of the sharpest restorations I have seen in all my years of moving these cars" I told him that yes it was a very high quality build. He said I was very impressed with the quality of the finish. Remember this comment for later when I tell you how he handled this quality of finish that he was so impressed with. He finally got close to the meeting place and sent me a text that said "It's a red and black Peterbilt". Now I was really concerned because the carrier it left California was a white trailer. I didn't say anything I just figured I would find out was was up when we met for the drop off. He gets to the drop off and this guy can't speak one word of English. Through his hand gestures and pointing I finally figured out that he didn't want to drop the car off here but wanted to go to the Home Depot parking lot about a mile down the street. I tried to talk to him but it was a waste of my time so I just got in my car and drove to the Home Depot. Please understand that I have no idea why he didn't want to drop the car off at my storage facility. This place has trailers with cars coming and going everyday so it has plenty of room. As if all this hadn't been enough it was at this time I realized the car wasn't enclosed. It was in a trailer that had canvas sides and a top with no back on it and my car had the last five feet hanging out the back of it. I was pissed off at a level that I have never known before and the only guy I have to ask questions doesn't speak the language of this country. The car was on an entirely different trailer than what it left California in and I knew at this point I had been lied to about every detail of this trip from the time it began. The finish that he thought was so great didn't keep him from sliding his rivet laced blue jeans all up and down the drivers side door and quarter panel as he climbed into the car to drive it off the trailer. The piece of crap wrecked car, that appeared to have been a totaled car, he was hauling on the rack above my car had leaked oil onto the roof and my car had what appeared to be bird shit all over it. On top of all this the key had been left on and both batteries were drained which caused plenty of havoc on the computer and air ride system. I don't really know how much of this fiasco is to be blamed on Ameri Freight and the company that actually did the delivering but I feel like they are both equally to be blamed. I will never use either company again for anything. By the way the name of the actual company that did the delivery was Gorban Transportation out of Chesterfield MO....[More]
By Steve on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Feb 16 2015 8:40PM
We were quoted a price of $1,050 and lead to believe that we would have our car picked up by th 18th. We were leaving on vacation so the dates were important. On the 18th we still did not have a carrier, we up the price by $200 with still no luck. Finally on the 24th we were offered a contract for $1,500. The car was picked up on New Years eve at 7:30 PM with several additional days of delay and lots of heart burn on our side finding someone to organize the pick up for us as we had left on vacation. Once the car was picked up the rest went smooth, the car was delivered on the day, however it was delivered at 10:30 at night. The car was delivered without any damage or issues. Josh from AmeriFreight is not the easiest person to get in touch with, although he did return phone calls after a time, he would not respond to emails...[More]
By MIke on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jan 9 2015 7:59AM
We were quoted a price of $1,050 and lead to believe that we would have our car picked up by th 18th. We were leaving on vacation so the dates were important. On the 18th we still did not have a carrier, we up the price by $200 with still no luck. Finally on the 24th we were offered a contract for $1,500. The car was picked up on New Years eve at 7:30 PM with several additional days of delay and lots of heart burn on our side finding someone to organize the pick up for us as we had left on vacation. Once the car was picked up the rest went smooth, the car was delivered on the day, however it was delivered at 10:30 at night. The car was delivered without any damage or issues. Josh from AmeriFreight is not the easiest person to get in touch with, although he did return phone calls after a time, he would not respond to emails, I am not sure they were actually routed to him and not a company mailbox. the car made it in tack, it was frustrating to be lead to believe one price was going to work and then have to increase it by 50% to get it shipped....[More]
By MIke on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jan 9 2015 7:55AM
Car was picked up on time from Portland, Oregon and was delivered in Florida on time slightly ahead of the schedule. The total price for transportation including commission is $2200.00. This slightly higher tan anticipated. Both the Amerifreight contact person and car transportation company were helpful and made the transfer seamless. The car was free from and visible damage. Overall experience is positive. ...[More]
By Drew on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 19 2014 10:20AM
Overall, our agent was kind and worked with us but a couple comments that really rubbed me the wrong way: 1. Communication was extremely poor. When trying to communicate with the agent, we would receive calls in the middle of the workday which of course are difficult to jump out of meetings for. When we would return the call, the agent would NEVER pick up the phone and we'd have to leave a message. Was a constant phone tag battle. 2. Price - we were quoted at $900 to get the car from Massachusetts to California and ended up paying $1,300 which is an almost 50% increase in price. It's almost laughable how unprofessional this is. Maybe i misunderstood this process but typically in a business transaction, an initial quote is within a small range of what the final price is. If the agent is experienced enough to know that a $900 price is way to unreasonable, then say it from the beginning. We were baited into contracting with this agent and were locked in for $250 fee that we would lose. 3. Lack of effort - after we were initally asked to take prices around $1,450 which we refused, the communication stopped. It wasn't until we re-connected with the agent regarding the status of our order did he find us a carrier. AND to top it off, we all of a suddent received an email saying that our order had been processed. It just seemed like we weren't the agent's number 1 priority through the whole process. Lastly, the carrier they put us in contact with received awful reviews. CAA transport. But the service we received was fine. My car was dirty but one $10 car wash and it was as good as new. The driver of the truck didn't speak very good english but he was nice overall. This was my first time ever shipping a car but i think i would try an alternative method before using Amerifreight again. ...[More]
By Pete on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 8 2014 12:24PM
The process for myself was a bit muddled. This was the first time I had my vehicles transported, so i had many questions. First off, you get a quote for your vehicles that will cover the cost of the transportation. You supply a window of when you would like your vehicles picked up and wait for the company to place your vehicles. This process will take a bit because availability of transports come available as you get closer to your date(s). What is not told to you is that you may have to pay more then the cost you were quoted. Why? To get a carrrier to take your vehicles at the posted rate. If the rate is too low, a carrier will not take them. The rate is then increased until it is accepted by a carrier. I ended up having to pay an additional $250 per vehicle for a total of $500. This was a shock to me because I didn't read everything. Read everything. I paid $1600 cash (carrier only takes cash/cashiers check) and $500 to Amerifreight for placing my vehicles. Positive note: The vehicles were delivered free of damage and that was the most important thing. A bit dirty but free of damage. Summary: read read read, read everything. ...[More]
By BMF on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 8 2014 12:18PM
By paul pellerin on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 24 2014 3:24PM
I am just an individual trying to get a car to a family member whose car was disabled. So I shipped a car out to Kansas and had the disabled car shipped back to me. It was one order yet I got charged for two cars. Since it was two cars Amerifreight charged me a broker fee for each car. Like I said I am an individual, not a car dealer. I was surprised that I got charged double of the broker fee. Yes, they did give me a discount on the second car but the broker fee from Amerifreight was only $35 less than the shipping of one car....[More]
By Carol on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 23 2014 7:48PM
I wrote an honest and straightforward review two days ago of my shipping experience highlighting my frustration with the delivery practices of the carrier and PRIMARILY my dissatisfaction with the customer service I received from LECIA at AMERIFREIGHT when I called to voice my concerns about the drop-off and was treated rudely by her. No customer service rep should EVER dismiss a customer's concerns as insignificant and then HANG UP IN THEIR FACE. Well, to my surprise, I checked the site again yesterday only to find that my negative review had been DELETED! Very classy AmeriFreight. I guess that's one way to ensure that you continue to get great ratings. Delete all of the negative posts that you want, but I will not stop until a proper apology is given in regards to your terrible customer service and telephone practices. You can try to deflect the blame onto the carrier and insinuate that I was upset with them (which I haven't mentioned by name because they are not the problem), but as you can CLEARLY see, my frustration is with your company and your rep, Lecia. Do the right thing, be the professionals that you claim to be, and apologize for your terrible customer service. AND STOP DELETING REVIEWS! C'mon now....[More]
By Burt on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 22 2014 9:52AM
In spite of agreeing to go for a higher cost shipping option, they asked me to hold on to the lower options, probably because they would need to pay me if the truckers were not available. They finally ditched me at the last moment and I was left high and dry and had to scramble to find another mover. I dealt with both Ali Miller and Brett and for all emails and calls the only response received was, you will get calls from our trucks closer to your availability date...[More]
By Aparajith Soundararajan on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 7 2014 1:19PM
TES Transportation and Amerifreight are garbage. DO NOT USE. TES cannot even be found on the BBB site. The driver side rear quarter panel was scraped and dented. The driver side door had many new dings to the door panel, and the edge of the door had many new chips on it. The driver must have dinged this door on at least three different occasions from the looks of it. The damage that was done seems deliberate, not accidental. As I had many constraints that I was dealing with, I could not afford to get the two estimates. I was totally reliant on TES to deliver the vehicle in exactly the condition that I left it with them. Both Amerifreight and TES will give you a good story about how they transport Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Maseratis, but it is all lies. If you need to transport an old beater of a vehicle, about 10 years old or older, with about 120,000 miles on it, and it has chips and dents and a broken windshield, then by all means use Amerifreight and TES Transportation. ...[More]
By Tony Accardo on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 2 2014 9:04PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Nov 4 2014 8:55AM
It is regrettable that our customer had a bad experience with the carrier we assigned to ship his vehicle. AmeriFreight only selects carriers who have...[More]
Lecia at Amerifreight assured us that their drivers have ratings of 95 or above. Who creates those ratings? Do they refer to the driver or the car carrier? We have experience with other companies transporting our cars. Those car carriers were solid and newer. They are similar to the types of carriers that car dealers use to transport new vehicles. With the assigned carrier out of Pennsylvania, the car carrier was from 2006 (8 years old) and extremely rusty with mismatched tires and inferior straps to hold down the car. We were reluctant to release our car to this appalling vehicle though the driver of the rusty carrier seemed alert and competent. The pick-up was delayed because this old rusty carrier was being welded back together at the shop. It is shocking that the carrier was able to drive across the country at all. The positive points were that Lecia and the driver responded to my calls and questions about the process. The driver phoned me when the car arrived in Los Angeles which I appreciated. It was a scary experience and we are so relieved that our car finally arrived at its destination (with a higher cost than the original quote) and in one piece after an 11 day journey....[More]
By Lawson on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 22 2014 9:01PM
Upon calling this company I went with them because they gave me the lowest quote to begin with, then when you confirm you want to use their services they ask if they can bump your quote to $200 more I agreed well I was originally quoted $1145 I figured $200 more isn't bad well it ended comin out to $1645 and then with a $250 charge that they require themselves which I asked if there was a fee that they charged and he said no, so that took me by suprise but at this point I had no choice. I constantly had to call or email to get updates never once did they call me until they found a carrier. So was disappointed, but they did find a carrier and the man who did pick my vehicle was very nice and he delivered in great time. I don't think I will ever use amerifreight just wish they would have updated me a little more and would have told me there is a $250 fee on top of the carrier charge ...[More]
By Ernesto on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 20 2014 2:55AM
I recommend avoiding this company. This negative review is because of Graham Turner, not Ali Miller. I contracted Amerifreight to ship a car from WA to SC. Amerifreight subsequently hired AAA Family Trucking as the actual carrier. AAA Family Trucking agreed to deliver the vehicle on a specific date after signing the job with Amerifreight. The vehicle was delivered a day early, however. As a result, the vehicle had to be stored at a location approximately 10 min away from the delivery location. Before I would transfer money to the carrier to retrieve my vehicle, I needed to inspect it. The trip to the storage location, the trip to the bank to deposit money to the carrier, and the second trip to retrieve my vehicle took a considerable amount of my time. AAA Family Trucking agreed to reduce the fee by $20 for my gas and time. I felt this was considerably insufficient, given the time required and the fact that the contract clearly stated the required delivery date. Ali Miller was my direct contact at Amerifreight. She provided excellent customer support and was honest about her company's mistake. She did all she could do to fix the problem. The review is not a negative reflection for her. This review is negative because of her supervisor, Graham Turner. His business and customer service skills were the worst I have seen in recent memory. Specifically, he did nothing to attempt to fix the problem. He hid behind the excuse that the specific contract between Amerifreight and AAA Family Trucking did not hold either party responsible if the agreed upon delivery date was not adhered to. This contract is not readily apparent to the customer when the order is made. Mr. Turner could have assuaged my concerns with a simple monetary compensation for my time and effort. Instead, he did nothing and blamed the carrier. He has subsequently made an angry customer, who is now leaving a poor review, potentially preventing future business. Apparently the mantra of the customer always being right doesn't apply to his business. The order number was 940058632-SU....[More]
By Duncan F on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 18 2014 5:36PM
Just find yourself a Reliable Carrier. There's no need to go with a Broker. After you pay your deposit and your shipment is handed off to a Carrier, there's no longer anything the Broker, Amerifeight can do for you. Unless you experienced any damge perhaps, which luckily was not my case. I had one broker, David, to begin with, but I guess he quite or got fired so then I dealt with Brett. They bothed seemed really professional for the most part. It would've been nice if they could've stuck it to the Carrier, 3to Auto Express, to be more on time, or AT LEAST, offer me a discount for further unanticipated waiting and incurred costs. I had to cancel a dentist appointment within less than 24 hours, $75, and I had to rent a car on short notice again for $75. So at least a $150 discount, if not a $200-250 discount, to account for the carrier's supreme lack of communication. I always had to call 3to Auto Express in order to receive any information. Heaven forbid they call me and let me know their truck broke down well before it even got on its way. Simply knowing would've prevented canceled dentist appointments and last minute car rentals! I thought Amerifeight would hook me up with a respectable carrier. That, they did not do. The poor delivery driver's accent was barely even distinguishable as he was an immagrant from Cuba. Hopefully not illegal! Again, just find a Reliable Carrier and don't bother with a Broker!...[More]
By About Time! on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 16 2014 8:11PM
Overall my experience with amerifreight was mixed. Brett did not seem very interested in helping me and actually seemed annoyed when I needed to call after the carrier didn't show up or contact us on the first few scheduled attempts. He did end up getting everything squared away, just didn't seem very excited. Overall, my experience was fair....[More]
By Jake L on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 14 2014 4:04PM
I would never, never do business with these people again. I was sent a quote saying that they could pick up my vehicle at the pickup location and deliver it to my new address for less than 900.00. I called the company and spoke with David and he stated that this wouldn't be a problem so I gave him my credit card information and was told that my car would be picked up within the next 15 days. David stated that he would get a driver for me within the next "couple of days". Not hearing from David for a few days I called him 3 or so days after our conversation and asked what the status was. He said he would be calling me later that day or the day after. I decided to let him do his job and leave him alone. 14 days from the day of original contact pass and, after using my boyfriends mother's car for 2 weeks which wasn't making either of us happy, I contacted David again. The first thing he says to me is "Oh, yeah ... we were going to call you. Where is ________?" I sat there for a moment in total shock. Two weeks after I'd given this company my payment information they were asking me WHERE in the state of Minnesota was the pickup city that I'd given them. After I explained to him that NO my city was NOT in Canada, and was indeed a city in Minnesota, he promises he will call me back. A few hours later I get a call from him stating that he found a shipper but the cost would now not be just under 900. It would be 1450.00 and I would have to drive my car the 4 hours south to Minneapolis.... and it would have to be in Minneapolis by the next day. A bit shocked, but without any other options and needing my vehicle, I scramble to find someone to drive my car the 8 hour round trip to drop it off in the shippers car lot. In the end I found out that my car DIDN'T need to be there that weekend, in fact it sat in that car lot for almost exactly one week, in a less than desirable location. Honestly, I'm so exhausted by this whole situation that I can't even continue to tell you all of the rest of the mess that this company made. The only reason I'm even writing this review is that if I don't they will charge my credit card for ANOTHER 50.00 per the contract that I signed. Summary: Quote: <900.00 Paid: 1350.00 Promised: Door to Door delivery Given: Not even close Customer Service Pros: They will answer their phones IF you call them repeatedly and leave messages telling them that you'll continue to call until you get an answer. Customer Service Cons: They will lie to you and blame it on everyone else. The only other good thing I can say about this whole situation is that they are paid, and I am finally done with them after this review. Save yourself the headache - pay a better price from the beginning for a real company with honest people....[More]
By Amanda Rice on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 10 2014 1:27AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Oct 10 2014 8:18AM
We are truly sorry for this unfortunate turn out on this customer's shipment. First off, our Customer Service Agent did not do due diligence in follow...[More]
This was my first time using Amerifreight but 2nd time getting my car shipped. Amerifreight offered the best rate compared to other carriers and I was really impressed with the reviews they received which is why I went ahead and used them. The agent whom I dealt with was David. When I first spoke to him, he was very straight forward with his answers, which is great. It took about a week for them to find a carrier. I received 3 emails, one email saying that they found a carrier and that I needed to contact the Freight Agent to confirm the details, otherwise, they will pass on the carrier. 2nd email saying the charged me the deposit of $250 and attached a copy of my receipt. Lastly, 3rd email, regarding that they have dispatched the vehicle providing me the carrier name, the phone number and 3 names to track the vehicle. Also, the estimated dates for pick up and drop off. The email, said to please call soon to open the line of communication. I called David right away because I didn't want them to pass the carrier, left a message. He called me the next day and left a message back. I called him back 1 hr later and left a message. He never called me back. So I was getting worried that maybe this was fraud because they already charged me but yet never returned my call. It was not until the day of the estimated date that it was supposed to be picked up, I decided that I needed to talk to some other agent, who was more helpful and told me that I should have received the ph. # to contact the driver. He gave me the number and from there everything was smooth sailing. The carrier that they got me was excellent. The driver was probably the most professional just because he was more informative and responsive. He was on spot with times and dates and car arrived in excellent condition. If you need more proof of David's email, let me know, then you will understand why I was getting worried. ...[More]
By Julie on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 16 2014 5:45PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 17 2014 2:14PM
We are disappointed with the level of dissatisfaction this customer experienced from the lack of timely responses from her shipping agent, but we are ...[More]
My experience with AmeriFreight started off well. I explained my situation: my car broke down mid-road trip to grad school and needed to be shipped from the garage in a two-day window (Th/F), just over a week later. I was quoted a price, and I spoke with Ali when I called back to confirm later that day. She said she'd honor the quote, and explained the process: when they found a driver, they would contact me for confirmation, then charge a $300 deductible. I felt like I was in good hands and relieved that my car situation was finally being resolved. But then things went downhill. I hadn't heard anything, and called back a few days before the intended pick up date to see if any progress had been made; no bids on the job, but I was assured this was normal and it would be more likely to be picked up when the job status was "active." Then I woke up to a receipt for a $345 charge. I gave AmeriFreight a call, but the employee I spoke with said he couldn't help and asked me to call Ali when she got into the office. I called back just after her shift began, and after introducing myself and explaining my confusion, Ali asked who was the agent handling my case. Frustrated, I said I thought she was. To her credit, she refunded the extra $45, but when I asked about pick up dates, she said it was for the Monday following the Thurs/Fri when I needed the car picked up, outside of my clearly communicated deadline. (Apparently it had been written up as a 1-5 day pick up window, and I didn't catch their mistake when I confirmed.) At that point, it was too late to arrange pick up with another company. Ali did call to confirm that I received my car, which was nice. Bottom line, yes, my car arrived in one piece. The driver was very responsive and responsible. But Ali and I seemed to have some communication problems that made my experience extremely frustrating. I will not be using them again and suggest you save yourself the headache. Disclosure: I received a $50 discount to write a review. ...[More]
By FMA on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 16 2014 12:36AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 17 2014 12:29PM
It is regrettable that this customer experienced several frustrations during their shipping process. We strive to provide regular communication to eac...[More]
Amerhifreight was recommended by a friend who had good luck with them. They put me in contact with Aztrans, my carrier, and the whole experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Problems: (1) AmeriFreight first tried to tell me that the cost of my shipment would be $100 more than the quote that I received online; (2) I was asked to PAY for a cab to go pickup my car 15 miles away from my destination; (3) the delivery was one week late and the driver was keeping my car and keys at his house; (4) I had additional out of pocket expenses during that week without a car (which they will not reimburse me for); (5) the gas flap is now broken and the insurance I paid for is worthless. Overall, a bad experience. I would not do it again. Unprofessional all around. Try your luck elsewhere....[More]
By Brian on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 9 2014 1:14PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 9 2014 1:52PM
AmeriFreight prides itself on its customer service and work hard to make each auto transport experience as worry free as possible. However we do not s...[More]
I was like you, first picked-up this 5-star vehicle transporter and get a $1495 quote. This quote tells me pick-up within 7 days and 7 to 10 days for the delivery. I was also told that I can put personal items in the vehicle as long as driver can see through the mirror. Then in reality, as time goes during a peak season, I was told I need pay $1795 for the same service. Of cause, the pick-up date was still within 7 days but start to count from when I accepted the new price. Then I was told that I need to pay $2045 including an up-front deposit of $345 to him if I wanted the vehicle be picked-up at the last day of that 7-day period. As I needed the vehicle, I accepted. When the vehicle was delivered, the driver asked an extra $180 for the personal items in the vehicle! If I would not receive an email this morning telling me to write a review for this business, I would just tell myself that the vehicle is arrived and I would never choose him again. But as I receive this email, I decide to write a review in order to tell people: “Don’t believe any of the 5 stars”. To understand the reason, please read the quoted text: “You received an upfront discount because you promised to leave me at least 2 reviews. … Be sure to leave a creative subject line and informative content in your review for a good chance to get $100 cash back on your order. ” As I tell the truth, I do not expect any incentive....[More]
By WJ on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 4 2014 11:17AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 5 2014 3:24AM
Auto transporters by law are not supposed to have personal items shipped in a vehicle. They are licensed and insured to transport vehicles. Home mover...[More]
I will start by saying that my experience makes me NEVER want to ship a vehicle again. The entire transaction can be categorized as dishonest and misleading. I was moving from Vermont to Oregon and needed my car transported. I found AmeriFreight and chose to use their services because they received positive reviews. I made sure to set up for a pickup several months in advance to help ensure that I would get a carrier. I was flying to Oregon on August 6th and needed my car picked up sometime between Aug. 2nd and Aug. 6th. Brett ensured that I would have my car picked up during the time (I was aware that there was no unconditional guarantee, however). I paid the deposit and time passed. August rolled around and I hadn’t heard anything. I called Brett and he again ensured that I would have a carrier. August 4th – Nothing. Finally, I called Brett again and it appeared that he realized the deadline I had and began to work to find a carrier. Long story short, he found a carrier that picked my car up on August 13th for a price that was $700 MORE THAN THE QUOTED PRICE. So not only was I forced to spend a considerable amount of extra money, but I also had to burden my neighbor with keeping my car until the carrier arrived, 7 days past my latest time for pickup. I was told by a separate AmeriFreight Broker that very few carriers travel to and from Vermont, which is why it was difficult to find a carrier. Brett explained that the carrier he found “had to travel out of his way to get my car in Vermont, which is why the price increase was so high…to account for gas and time.” This was simply a lie. When I was finally given the carrier’s information, the carrier said he was dropping another car off in the SAME TOWN I was shipping my car from! Additionally, the driver stated that he travels from New England to the west coast EVERY WEEK! Brett was extremely rude about this transaction, and he acted as if there was no problem at all. He offered no apology and became defensive when I voiced my frustrations, stating that it wasn’t his fault that the carrier pickup didn’t match my time frame. I understand that things happen and not every plan goes smoothly. I was not as upset about the fact that my car was not picked up on time. What angered me was Brett’s dishonesty and misleading information. Had he been upfront about the complications, this would be a much better review. Lastly, these reviews are based on an assumed discount of $50. Follow up emails about the reviews are coercive, encouraging people to give 5-star ratings, despite subpar performance. I will likely never ship a car again, and will suggest people do not waste their time with AmeriFreight, especially if shipping from New England. The Better Business Bureau will also be receiving a letter from this very displeased customer. ...[More]
By Ross on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 3 2014 11:18PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 4 2014 9:05AM
It is very unfortunate that we have not been able to meet our customers expectations and the measure of frustration that he has experienced. The issue...[More]
I thought it could be very stressful to ship my Honda from east TN to southern CA, but it turned out to be a wonderful first experience. #940057179-YL After going through plenty of customer reviews on auto shipping web sites and BBB, I was glad to receive return call from Ameri Freight. Lecia Phillips was professional & efficient in confirming the quote and order via emails and cell phone. Carrier A1 Trans was scheduled within a few hours for pick up the next day. This was unexpectedly fast. Though I had to drive a few miles to meet the 8-car carrier in a commercial parking lot, it was a relief to give driver Chung the key. The car was delivered safely in 7 days, 3 days ahead of schedule, only 2 minutes walk at the town center where a 3-car carrier could stop. The cost is slightly higher than other quotes on-line, however, the excellent service deserves it. If I do need another car shipping, I will definitely recommend Lecia of Ameri Freight across the country. Satisfied customer, Selina...[More]
By Selina Sham on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 2 2014 7:49PM
I found the agent to be prompt in finding a transport truck for my vehicle but dealing with the actual company was very difficult. The trucking company contracted by AmeriFreight was difficult to reach and the delivery of my vehicle was horrible. Overall I was impressed with the speed in which they found a truck for my car but not much else....[More]
By Sarah on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 2 2014 7:08PM
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