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AmeriFreight Car Shipping
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This arrogant a**h**le gave me a load of promises, but once he got my deposit, never answered a call, once I finely got through after a week with no bid, I offered to up the price, he said he would call on Friday, never did, I told Graham I lived 2.5 hours from Wenatchee and would need a specific pick up time, he said no problem, I would be in touch with the driver the whole time, I spoke to his partner who said I would need a 1 to 6 day pick up window and would have to pay an extra $600.00 pick up fee. Now I am driving, do not waste your time, these guys are nothing but THEIVES!!!...[More]
By James Bradshaw on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jan 25 2016 7:44PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Jan 25 2016 8:26PM
We have reason to believe that this review was left by a competitor to give us a negative rating. We never received any payment or communication from ...[More]
While Amerifreight was good, the company they chose to drive (D&D Transportation)was terrible. My car arrived a day early so the person picking it up wasn't ready. Then, instead of waiting 5-10 minutes for that person to arrive, the driver left m car unlocked with the keys inside it....[More]
By Ryan on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jan 24 2016 5:08PM
Waited many days after the pickup date but delivery was quick thereafter. Might be good to note that this was during the holidays but even so communication was less than acceptable. ...[More]
By Zack on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jan 15 2016 1:50AM
We used AmeriFreight for our cross country move. When I first made the reservation I was led to believe we would paying ~$580. Then as our pickup window came and went, the only way to get our car moved was to pay double that. We had already left the area and the car was with my parents so we didn't have much of a choice. The delivery of the car went smoothly but we had to pay the driver in cash, which seemed strange. ...[More]
By Avery on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 18 2015 6:49PM
AmeriFreight's "too good to be true" quote was just that - too good to be true. They quoted me $990 for my vehicle transport and then came back to me with a quote for $1190. They will say and do anything to lure you in and then when it comes time to pay, it will be for a different amount. This is probably standard in the industry, but my experience with AmeriFreight was that they couldn't deliver my vehicle for what they told me they could, so I found someone else that was honest up front so I knew what I'd be paying before I gave them any money at all. There are plenty of other brokers out there in the industry that will be straightforward on pricing with you, unlike AmeriFreight. My suggestion, use one of them....[More]
By Tyler Wright on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Dec 11 2015 9:49PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Dec 12 2015 8:12PM
This customer chose the economy rate for shipping his vehicle. While our Customer Service Agents will send any offers from carriers to our customers, ...[More]
Graham with Amerifreight did a great job of finding a carrier that would transport the car in a short time frame. The pickup and delivery window I provided was limited so it was nice to see that he could accommodate. The carrier service was disappointing. Originally, they scheduled to pick up the car at 6:00 PM on a Thursday. On Thursday night, they reschedule for Friday night. Friday afternoon, I learn that they will arrive at midnight. At midnight, I learn that they will arrive at 2:30 AM. They pick up the car but check a box saying that it was too dark to determine pre existing damages. At the time I do not realize this, mainly because it is 3:00 AM. The car is delivered a day late which is not unreasonable considering the logistics of the move but the frustrating part is that I was not informed until late in the day of the scheduled delivery. The car arrives damaged on the underside of the front bumper which they claim is due to the car having a low profile. Yes, the profile is somewhat low but it is not "lowered" by any aftermarket parts. This could have been avoided by using more pieces of 2 x 4 on the ramps. Once again, on the bill of lading they marked that the car was low profile so obviously this damage was not going to be covered. ...[More]
By Nick on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Nov 21 2015 2:16AM
So I picked this company because of all the outstanding reviews and the main person they mention in the reviews is who I got to handle my delivery. Well nothing was explained to me. I had to continually call him and leave messages. Then a carrier got assigned and they got delayed 2 days in picking up the car. Which I wouldn't mind except NO ONE ever called me to notify me of this. Again I was calling the carrier and this company to try and get an answer. The only thing I was told by the carrier was that it's going to be tomorrow. Well that day came and went, along with the next. Communication is my biggest issue with the company. If someone would have explained to me the process along with any delays I would be understanding. I contacted this company and informed them that the carrier was not informing me when the car was going to be picked up and i'm missing other carriers that would actually pick it up. Their response was that someone from the carrier company already contacted me, I told them, that was not true, and he blew it off. No customer service at all, they took my money and just did not care after that. Of course my car which is a muscle car has a broken motor mount since it was shipped by them. Of course there's no way to prove they did anything but the car is not like it was before it was shipped and i'm stuck eating the costs. ...[More]
By RJ on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 17 2015 7:29PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Oct 19 2015 6:08PM
We apologize for the frustrations this customer experienced. Our agents make it a priority to communicate regularly with both carriers and customers t...[More]
I understand you must try to get customers to pick your rate but low balling just to get a customer than having their car wait for an extended amount of time is not the way. After this you than call and say someone will pick it up for 995 when the original price was 595. I prefer you just give me the real price in the beginning to avoid wasting valuable time. Jorge was a good person but this method is not the most Honest route....[More]
By Wesley on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 7 2015 4:29PM
I understand you must try to get customers to pick your rate but low balling just to get a customer than having their car wait for an extended amount of time is not the way. After this you than call and say someone will pick it up for 995 when the original price was 595. I prefer you just give me the real price in the beginning to avoid wasting valuable time. Jorge was a good person but this method is not the most Honest route....[More]
By Wesley on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 7 2015 4:29PM
Our Amerifreight shipping agent failed to return numerous calls left unanswered on his voicemail - which was a reason given for using a broker. Time passed and we acquired a rental car - which we ended up having for a month! When our frustration mounted, we finally reached George who listened & sent a message to "dispatch." Here, an active & competent lady arranged pick up & delivery of our vehicles with one caveat - an additional fee of about $800 - nearly enough to ship another car. We felt like we'd become victims of a bait & switch plot. The best news is that the drivers were friendly, polite & skilled. Not a scratch was found. If you need to ship a car we highly recommend you call Shiela @ 909-346-7887 & skip the broker! ...[More]
By Wayne Meinsen on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 6 2015 4:27PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Oct 7 2015 8:25PM
We apologize for any inconveniences this customer encountered with their vehicle shipment. The customer service agent assigned to this order no longer...[More]
While this broker provides very good customer service, is responsive, and demonstrates strong knowledge, the carrier selected made this experience an unmitigated disaster. We shipped a car to my sister in Florida. The carrier began calling her at midnight to coordinate delivery of the vehicle. The driver called my sister a liar and caused her to break down in tears multiple times. Just a complete lack of professionalism. The driver also lost both sets of keys included with the vehicle, and only paid for one new key. We purchased the insurance that Amerhifreight recommends; however, it turns out you cannot make a claim as the online log-in/password combos do not work, no one answers the phone at the insurer, and they do not reply to messages left on their website. Overall, this cost us almost $500 more than planned and an incredible amount of hassle and frustration. Look for better options if you want peace of mind and a partner who will honor their end of a contract....[More]
By John D. on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Oct 6 2015 3:16PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Oct 6 2015 9:43PM
It is unfortunate that this customer experienced several carrier related difficulties throughout their vehicle shipment process. We ensure that all ca...[More]
Was quoted a very low price, I assume in order to get me to place a deposit with this broker. Took over a week in order for him to say that the bid would need to be raised in order to get a drive to pick up the vehicle. Price rose $400, almost 150% of the original quoted price. 6 days after the company accepted this quote, the vehicle was picked up. They would not pick it up at directly at my home, but instead had to get someone to drive it 2 miles away to get picked up. Was delivered on the last possible deadline day. Don't be fooled by low given quote, will look elsewhere when I transport one of my vehicles again....[More]
By Shawn on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 29 2015 4:18PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 30 2015 1:02PM
It is always our goal to secure the lowest price possible for each and every customer based on their individual needs and time constraints. Our agents...[More]
This shipment was made to support a household move from Des Moines, IA to Charlotte, NC. Two vehicles were shipped on time, arrived early, and in good condition. Responses were prompt when questions were asked, and the initial engagement was easy. There were some difficulties with this move due to my unique circumstances. The order was accepted on Aug 3, and the carrier assigned on Sep 3. My move out date was Sep 8, and this was the preferred date for pickup. A date of Sep 4 was given as the earliest available pickup. The carrier was assigned on Sep 3. This left no time to negotiate delivery times and select another carrier if needed. The selected carrier was a small operation that offered fast, direct delivery, but could not hold the vehicles until my expected arrival on Sep 11. I had to fly back to Charlotte from Des Moines on my move out day to receive the shipment. This increased the cost of the move significantly. Pickup was made on Sep 5. and delivery was made on Sep 9. The carrier did what they could to delay delivery for me, but they were unable to hold the vehicles for the six days required for this shipment. If I were to redo this move, I would have selected my household mover's auto transport option. The final monetary cost was roughly the same and the time lost in travel added an additional burden. AmeriFreight was able to provide the requested service with an otherwise good experience. They were unable to accommodate my preferred schedule on this route. Consider arranging priority services, or authorizing more aggressive offers to carriers with more lead time if you have similar circumstances....[More]
By Randy Rote on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 11 2015 5:07AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 12 2015 5:38PM
For discount rates call Graham 678-369-4122...[More]
AmeriFreight was very helpful and communicative early on and after the car arrived, but I didn't hear from them from the time I put my deposit down until the car arrived without contacting them first, despite being told that my agent would be in touch throughout the process. While the actual transport company was consistently late, they did attempt to be helpful in providing updates and arranged to meet me at more convenient locations at both pick-up and drop-off. The car arrive late and very dirty, but in otherwise good condition. ...[More]
By Kate P. on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 10 2015 2:58PM
My initial contact with the company was positive. Lecia was very informative, and I was impressed that this was one company that didn't harass me with phone calls or e-mails. Lecia gave me what I felt was a fair quote, as I had seen from this website that if your quote is too low, your vehicle just won't get picked up. Our transport company was A1 Trans. The dispatch person, Leo, was very professional, and helpful. HOWEVER, and here is where I became unhappy- -the car could not be delivered to the destination, but delivery had to be taken in a parking lot several miles away. This was slightly problematic as the person receiving the car had (ahem) no car. But there is a bus. But then the drivers texted to say the car would be delivered at 1-2 am. This is not acceptable. No buses run at that hour, and for a four mile journey, no cab would take a person to an empty parking lot in the middle of the night for a $5 fare. The dispatcher asked if the car could be unloaded and driven to the residence. This seemed like a great solution, and we settled on a REASONABLE time for this to happen. 6-7 am. The car was delivered at 2:30 am. It got there, but I can't call this professionalism. Not holding Amerifreight responsible, but the drivers for A1 Trans really dropped the ball in my book....[More]
By Laura on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Sep 4 2015 4:11AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Sep 4 2015 4:35PM
We do understand the inconvenience this may have caused our customer and the person at the point of destination. Unfortunately sometimes carriers may ...[More]
We shipped my wife's Pontiac Grand Prix from TN to CA. The representative from Amerifreight (Graham) was friendly and helpful. I appreciated how he walked us through the process and kept us as informed as he could about Amerfreight's portion of the dealings. I was however disappointed with the company that accepted the bid. I was of the understanding that Amerifreight only allowed quality companies to bid on their contracts. VK Express accepted the bid. VK did not communicate very well with us to begin with and upon pick up we were rushed through the inspection. I noticed afterward that some of the rubber seal around the front windshield was tore up and that there was red paint on the inner edge of the door as if it been slammed into something as well as some other new scratches/dings.. I was upset but decided that since it is somewhat of a "beater car" anyways, I'd rather not have anymore dealings with VK and just fix it myself in my spare time. ...[More]
By Cody on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 26 2015 4:35AM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Aug 26 2015 12:17PM
We didn't get our car on time frame as agreed upon. Which caused us to use the rental car longer in turn cost us more money while waiting for the delivery....[More]
By M Futcher on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 22 2015 12:04AM
The price of the transportation was not clearly explained by the book in agent and instead was buried in the fine print of the contract. Additionally, I waited around the first night for the vehicle to be picked up and was called later being told that the transport vehicle had issues. It then showed up the next morning (on-time). ...[More]
By Kevin S on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 15 2015 5:48PM
Based on reviews off this site I contacted Josh at Amerifreight who quoted me a lower price than other brokers to ship my SUV from Connecticut to Oregon. He advised a large time window (August 1-14) for pick up. He never bothered to call me to update me on the status of my pick up, so I had to e-mail and call him myself. Three days before I was supposed to move out of state, I called him and left a message. He did not call me back. So I called him again later that day and asked if he'd received my message. He told me he had a lot of messages. I asked him what we were going to do about my car, and he said he'd raised my price by $100. He did not call to ask me about this, or even to inform me that he had raised the price! I reminded him that I had checked the box on the online agreement with Amerifreight saying I did not authorize the company to raise my bid without my permission. He claimed not to know about the contents of this form, which is strange, since he sent it to me when I signed up with his company. I understand that prices sometimes need to be raised in order to be competitive. But a decent broker will call you to tell you that, not raise the price behind your back. A decent broker will also stay in touch with you, since that is why they are being paid a commission. ...[More]
By Melanie on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 13 2015 2:28PM
I had used Amerifreight once before to get my car to CA. I worked with a great guy and our low ball bid was taken that day. The car was picked up 2 days later and my car arrived within 5 days. Since I had such a great experience I didn't even hesitate to use them again to get my car back to VA a year later. Needless to say this experience was nothing but problems. I called and talked to Lecia who is the worst at customer service. I had already used their company before and knew how things worked and she was treating me like an idiot. She even said "well do what you want since you think you can run the show and know how everything works". I also asked about the discount that I know they offer and she said there was no discount. She was rude and condescending. I then wait over 2 weeks before I hear anything back about my bid. I was told my bid had been taken but the price was raised. I said that it was fine and just asked if they could talk to the driver about taking anything less but if the driver said no I would take it. I heard nothing and called back the next day. I was told they called the driver and would let me know when they heard from him. Another 2-3 days pass and Lecia calls back saying I may want to up my bid because no one has taken it. I thought it had already been taken care of! I then decide to cancel my bid with Lecia so I can open a new bid with another customer service person. This time I get Graham who seems very nice. He gives me great information and is very helpful. At this point I am very nervous because the date my car needs to be shipped is fast approaching. I call the office to talk to Graham about raising my bid again and they said he would call me back. I then get a call back from Lecia calling on "his behalf". It is another 3-4 days before yet another woman calls me about having found a driver for my car. At this point I had already had to leave the state and now had to have my family/friends deal with the pick up because Amerifreight has awful customer service representatives. Other than the stress of the many weeks of phone calls and dealing with rude customer service representatives the carrier was good. It did take a total of 10 days to get my car which seems ridiculous, especially since last time it had gone the same distance in 5. I had to rent a car for several days because of the slow speed. All in all I would never recommend Amerifreight to anyone unless they want a ton of extra stress right before you leave, have to ask friends/family for help and have to pay extra money for a rental car. ...[More]
By Laura on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 9 2015 12:13AM
I decided to contact AmeriFreight because of the reviews posted on the site. Here is my actual experience with them: I called to get a quote, Graham was the one who gave me a quote of $845 to ship my Lexus ES 350 from CA to NJ, with $245 as deposit charged to my credit card. I told him that I needed my car to be picked up on the next day (I called on Wed. and needed the car to be picked on Thur.). In order for him to proceed with this order, I must sign some agreement forms and pay the $245 deposit up front, so I glad did. He did not get back to me on Wed. about next day delivery. Instead he called me on Thur. and told me he found someone who can pick up my car on Sat. however I must pay $1145 instead ($300 more) because it was a short notice. I was flying out to NJ on Friday so I agreed to paying the $300 extra for Sat. pick up. Of course I had to find someone who can be the point of contact for my car for Sat. since I couldn't be there anymore, which was a hassle because they wouldn't tell me what time on Sat. they can pick up the car. It was difficult for me to find someone no one could stay around my car all day on Sat. just to wait for a phone call, finally we paid someone who was willing to do this favor for us. On Sat. no one came to pick up the car, I called both Graham and the driver, neither picked up my call nor returned my messages. I was pretty pissed, I sent Graham an email at end of day Sat. told him that I will go with a different service instead, and that he should return my deposit of $245 since he did not fulfill his contract. No word from him on Sunday neither. Monday I received a dispatch confirmation email from Graham, stating that my car will be picked up on Tue. for the same amount of $1145. I was surprised and called him immediately telling him to cancel this order. I told him because no one came to get the car on Sat. I decided to go with another service. His response was outrageous: he said he won't be able to return my deposit of $245 because I signed some agreements that they have 3 attempts to find a carrier. Then I tried to negotiate with him saying he should not charge me $300 more for a much later pick up, first he denied he said that the extra $300 was for a sooner pickup, then he refused to lower the cost, even for all the inconveniences he caused me and a much later pick up day. His behaviors are dishonest, unreliable, and manipulative, let alone unreasonable. I was also offered to write a good (5 stars) review for him in order to receive $50 off when he first gave me the quote. I can see why there are so many "fake" reviews out there because people wanted to save the $50. Bottom line, try to avoid doing business with them. Graham was rude, dishonest, unreasonable, manipulative and unreliable. Last, don't sign any agreements and terms, don't let these pigs take advantage of you. ...[More]
By Ying Zhou on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Aug 5 2015 5:24PM
I was very disappointed with the customer service. I had to call several times to get anything done. My agent would tell me that he would call be the following day, but he never did. I was very disappointed. ...[More]
By Joe on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jul 23 2015 4:51PM
Response from AmeriFreight Car Shipping
AmeriFreight on Jul 24 2015 12:07AM
We apologize for us not living up to expectations of this customer as he as all the reason to be upset. This agent is no longer with us. ...[More]
I shipped two cars from Massachusetts to California, calling four months in advance to reserve. AmeriFreight told me that if I wanted to narrow the window for pickup within 1-5 days instead of a 15 day would that it would cost me an additional few hundred dollars which I was fine with. Unfortunately, AmeriFreight did not deliver on their this (although they said that nothing is guaranteed). The contracting trucking (Aimee Trucking) AmeriFreight used ended up being 4 days late even though they requested an additional an additional $100 per car to pick up the cars the following week with the promise to pick up on Tuesday. They called the following Monday to say that their driver was running late and was going to be there on Tuesday. Tuesday passed. No call on Wednesday. No call on Thursday until I had to call Aimee Trucking. Not surprisingly, Aimee Trucking voicemail box was full so I couldn't leave a message. I called AmeriFreight to see what was going on and didn't hear anything from them until the following day. I finally had to text them and they said the driver was an hour away. The only positive note in dealing with the transaction was that I received phone calls from AmeriFreight regarding the order before and after the transaction was completed. ...[More]
By Margaret on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jul 17 2015 3:59AM
Shipped a standard sedan from VA to CA. The price I finally paid to ship my car was a little higher than initially quoted. I understand the process of entering a low bid then working up to the actual price, but I feel that it was a large different between the initial and final cost ~1150 to ~1575. Amerifreight charged 275 for their part of the deal, which is a little higher than some. I was told it takes 7-10 days based to ship my car. It was 4 days late because the company's usual 'smaller' delivery truck was broken. Though I understand this, it is frustrating when the only response I could get on the phone was "delivery date isn't guaranteed," and it could take more time due to "weather and traffic". Overall the car got delivered, just took longer, was a little more pricy than expected, and the customer service wasn't as helpful as I would think 275 buys....[More]
By Jared on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jun 23 2015 2:35AM
Bad experience, paid extra for a confirmed date pick up something called First Class service between June 6th and June 8th . Driver late to pick up. Pick up was on June 11th. I had to pay some one to meet the late driver. Driver was one day late to drop off . Rude , driver charged extra $100 for a total of $1795 which I was quoted at $1695 , I paid extra for a more defined pick up date and extra for drop off. Driver did not listen to advice of person at the pick up , ran the battery down and car needed a jump. When I met the driver car was unable to start , I purchased a new battery , drove the car away disgusted , my car had over 20 grease marks where the idiot was trying to do something , I don't know what. Oh and a new scratch on the door. When I tried to call no one took my call , returned my call , nothing. Never again! I am totally disgusted and dissatisfied. $1695 cost me an extra $540 between added charges , repairs. Never again ...[More]
By Mike Hill on AmeriFreight Car Shipping on Jun 19 2015 9:32PM
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