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My 2013 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 needed to be shipped from Las Vegas to Houston. I called Global (upon a recommendation of a friend of mine), talked to Jason. First, he was so patient and knowledgeable, second he tried to hire a trucker for my car same day. He did al he promised!!! He hired a driver, who took care of my car. Really appreciate their professionalism which is rare in this industry!!!...[More]
By Danielle Atwell on Global Auto Transportation about 1 Hour Ago
Got my 2004 Toyota Tacoma picked up in Suffolk, and dropped off Rockville, MD. In have to say thanks to Scott for my trouble free experience! He was the greatest to deal with. Will recommend everyone who ever needs to ship a car interstate. ...[More]
By Robert Miller on AmPm Auto Transport about 1 Hour Ago
I contacted auto shipping group because I wanted a local company. I was lucky to have been connected with Lance. From the start, Lance was very good and honest about explaining the process and the costs involved. I had a car shipped from Maryland to Washington state. There were a lot of hiccups encountered with the carrier of the vehicle. Through the course of the shipment Lance was very good about calling me back, addressing my concerns and contacting the carrier on my behalf. Shipping cars is something I have only done twice in the past 15 years. If I have the need to do this again I will mot definitely choose auto shipping group....[More]
By Ivan on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 3 Hours Ago
I called Quicken Auto Transport after I was fed up with another transporter. Chris was so helpful and fast. I got a quote within minutes and was schedule for a pick up the next day. Brian, the driver was two hours late but I didn't mind because traffic in Georgia is terrible especially during rush hour. And plus, he gave me the head up to let me know how far he was. He was so very nice and put my mind at ease. He promised to delivered the car in within two business days and I was so surprised when my care arrived the next business day and in perfect condition. I was very please and I will definitely use Quicken Auto again. Thanks Chris for the good experience. ...[More]
By Pascal on Quicken Auto Transport LLC about 5 Hours Ago
Mario transported my car and did a great job at explaining the whole process and answering all my questions. Transported a Honda Civic from Utah to Virginia in 5 days for $890. He responded to my messages very quick and was very clear, honest and transparent throughout the delivery. It was my first time transporting and I'm very glad I was in good hands! Highly recommended. Would definitely use again if I have to....[More]
By Jose on Navy Auto Transport about 5 Hours Ago
I am very pleased that I used AmeriFreight. Graham was professional, honest and told me exactly what to expect. My car was picked up and delivered as promised. The total cost did include the additional insurance. I felt that the value and peace of mind purchasing the insurance was worth the cost. When 2010 BMW was delivered in Florida, it was exactly as I left it in Washington. If I ever needed to ship a vehicle again, I would choose AmeriFreight. thank you, Graham!...[More]
By Sharon J Smith on AmeriFreight Car Shipping about 5 Hours Ago
I was very worried about transporting the car because I was going in blind, doing it for the first time across the U.S. and going out of the country for two weeks around the time I needed the transport. Getting endless calls from different companies after requesting quotes and the amounts of bad or seemingly fake reviews only made me more nervous. Finally, I called this company and after speaking to Matt decided to go for it. I was amazed at how lucky I got. Matt was always very prompt with his responses and took the time to reach out to me during this hectic time. The carrier also delivered the car early on the originally set date, which really helped. Overall, I'm really grateful that I had such a positive and easy experience with something I was expecting to give me sleepless nights....[More]
By Arina on Ship a Car Direct about 6 Hours Ago
I shipped my antique, in perfect condition, 1984 Mercedes SL 380 from Dallas, Texas to Belfast, Maine. As you will see from shipper reviews, picking a shipper can be somewhat hit or miss. I started off with a very competitive quote from ANOTHER company to ship my car in an enclosed trailer. All sorts of promises where made but the shipper just dropped the ball. I had received a low ball quote and the broker was unable to find a trucker for the quoted price. My advice to you is that if the quote you receive is too low compared to others you are probably in for a "surprise cost increase". Or, as in my case a failure to perform. Following that unfortunate experience, and running short of time, I contacted RON BRONSON with Ship-Your-Car-Now. Ron was great. Ron planned a two phased transport due to the remote location, the mid-coast of Maine, where my car was being shipped to. I was unable to secure an enclosed container for a cost effective price so I settled for an open container. Ron was great. He found a trucker to carry my car from Dallas to a terminal in NJ. From there he found a specialty carrier with a smaller capacity trailer to bring my car to me from NJ to Belfast, Maine. And it was affordable. I can't speak for all of the Ship-Your-Car-Now representatives but I can say only good things about how Ron Bronson worked with me to get my car to Maine. Ron was great. The thing I appreciated most is that Ron was so prompt to respond to my inquiries and phone calls. Dealing with a live person and having Ron promptly answer my phone calls was absolutely essential and reassuring. He was very professional and he made me feel comfortable that my car would get to Maine in perfect condition. I highly recommend Ron Bronson. Give him a call. I know that he will work hard to get your car safely transported to your intended location at a reasonable cost. My car was picked up on time and it was delivered on schedule just like Ron promised. ...[More]
By John on Ship Your Car Now LLC. about 7 Hours Ago
Called 10c to have this review done. Everything else was wonderful. Even this review is pushy add it will not allow me to submit until my review meets their requirements....[More]
By Todd on Exotic Transport about 8 Hours Ago
Everything began from an online quote. In 15 minutes I got a call from Nick. I liked the ease of working with Nick. He was really patient and knowledgeable. He said what he meant and didn't raise the price indiscriminately. Got a quote of $875 for the transportation of my 1999 Bentley Arnage from New York to Longboat Key with an enclosed trailer. I am so pleased with their service!!! ...[More]
By Blenderex Inc on Blenderex Inc, about 8 Hours Ago
My vehicle was picked up the day after my estimate and arrived safely. The individual I was in contact with at Ship a Car and the driver who picked up my car were friendly and always kept me updated on the process. One big issue was that my car arrived 9 days early. This was the delivery date my driver was given however Ship a Car had my chosen delivery date on record. Both my contacts were unaware of how this mishap occurred but are looking into it now. I do not have family or friends at my delivery destination but someone working at my apartment complex was able to bring my car into the garage. When your car is picked up ask the driver what the delivery date is to make sure they have the right information. Even with this incident I would still use this company again because they were genuinely concerned with fitting my needs and making sure I knew what was going on with processing my shipment from ordering to delivery....[More]
By Christopher Anderson on Ship a Car Direct about 10 Hours Ago
Overall, this was a fine experience working with this company. I was initially told my car would be picked up Friday evening but received a phone call from the driver Thursday afternoon saying he would be there on Frisay morning between 8 am - 12. He ended up arriving around 2 PM, so I ended up missing a day of work. Most importantly car arrived safely to the designated location....[More]
By Dani on Ship a Car Direct about 10 Hours Ago
Diesel Auto Express Review I recently purchased a vehicle from Grayson BMW/Mini, Knoxville TN, an absolutely stunning Mini JCW Roadster. Grayson put out for bid the transportation of my vehicle to my home south of Portland OR which was accepted at $1050. On 5/11/15 the vehicle was picked up without advance notice, thus my vehicle was "caught" in the detail shop when the driver showed up unannounced.  Grayson told me the vehicle was on the move and it would probably be about a weeks journey.  I called Grayson daily inquiring as to the whereabouts of my vehicle as the trucking firm (I didn't know the companies name as of yet) had not contacted me their customer as of taking possession of me vehicle. Fast forward a week to Monday the 18th when I fully expected the delivery of my vehicle.  I'd called Grayson that morning again asking for information on my vehicle, nobody knew where it was because the trucking firm had as yet to communicate.  By the time I arrived home from work that afternoon I was getting pretty concerned about what had happened to my vehicle.  Another call to Grayson this time with a caveat... either I hear from the trucking firm within thirty minutes or I was prepared to call the police and report the car as stolen... I had $20K on a $42K car and no one knew it's location.  Grayson called the trucking firm and I asked for the phone number as well... up until this point I'd not received any contact information from Grayson or the trucking company, I now knew them as Diesel Auto Express. I was the customer of Diesel not Grayson thus Diesel should have been in communication with me. From the point of pickup, I had been told that my vehicle would be delivered on Monday, May 18, as the trucking firm did not like to drive on the weekend.  Because this information had been given to me by Grayson at this point, the afternoon of Monday the 18th, I honestly felt as if my vehicle had been stolen as I’d not heard one word from the trucking company for a week even though I’d called Grayson repeatedly to inquire of it’s whereabouts.  Grayson could not inform me of my vehicles location all through the week of transport as no one had communicated with them either. Within a very short time Diesel called me and explained that their policy was to call 24 hours in advance of picking up a car... the driver had simply appeared while the vehicle was in detail with no advance notice.  Diesel further explained that they typically call the recipient 24 hours in advance of delivery and that my vehicle had been in Vancouver WA since the afternoon of Sunday the 17th a bit less than an hour away.  Obviously they had no intention of calling me, their customer, to inform me of the whereabouts of my vehicle. Several hours later another employee of Diesel called me, this time starting off by explaining their policy on calling prior to pick up and delivery, neither of which they had done.  Further they explained that their normal turn around time was a week to ten days. Diesel then went on to say that I could call them anytime to be updated on the location of the vehicle.  To this I responded that I did not have any contact information on them nor did I know this service was available as no one had called me.   All I knew was that the vehicle had been picked up a week prior. I'm the customer, they should have called me to let me know who they were and what their schedule was for delivery of my car which was in their possession.  Possession of my nearly half paid for car but had failed to inform me of their intentions for delivery.  Now the topper they informed me that the cost was $1100, not the $1050 that I’d been told by Grayson on May 6th. I'd spoken on the phone with Grayson... they had put the transportation out for bid at $1000 and no one was interested.  It was raised to $1025 same result.  Then at $1050 there was a response which I’d agreed to. At this point I told Diesel that it sounded like they were dumping the entire communication problem off on Grayson.  They said yes Grayson should have told me all of the contact information.  Not a good way to run a service business by dumping their responsibility off on someone else.  This is not Grayson's job but Diesel's as I'm their customer not Grayson.  Diesel also said they would be calling Grayson to find out what the details were on the shipping arrangement, something they should have been aware of prior to picking the vehicle up. I never did receive a formal contract from Diesel, nothing other than a piece of paper similar to what you would do on a walk around for a rental vehicle. Now the vehicle was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday between 9 and noon.  I took the day off so as to be available to take delivery. I'd agreed to a price of $1050, not the $1100 now claimed by Diesel.  If that was to be the price I should have been informed from the start, not after the fact. Finding Diesels website the first thing I saw was a photo touting their vehicle tracking with "Advanced Dispatch System"... A little late for that I think.  If I'd known who had my vehicle I could have used this feature and felt 100% better about the entire situation. But since Diesel neglected to contact me at any point I knew nothing of it's existence. In the end my vehicle arrived around 2 PM on Tuesday the 19th, I could have gone to work and saved that vacation day for a real vacation.  I paid their inflated fee of $1100.  My sales person has graciously agreed to refund the difference to me and has informed me that Grayson will cease using the services of Diesel Auto Express because of this particular transportation fiasco. So what have I learned from this first time adventure of transporting a vehicle across country… Communication is key to a happy customer… Hopefully Diesel Auto Express has learned a valuable lesson as well. ...[More]
By Hugh Wolfe on Diesel Auto Express about 11 Hours Ago
The process was very straightforward. The driver did a good job letting me know an hour or two before his arrival for both pickup and delivery. Matt did a good job staying in touch and made sure everything was ok on my end from the time of the order request through the delivery. He also did a good job making sure I took the necessary steps to make sure I was covered as a customer should something happen to my vehicle. ...[More]
By Grayson Farrar on Ship a Car Direct about 12 Hours Ago
My sister and I were moving to Atlanta, so we decided that driving the car with our dogs wouldn’t be easy for us. So started to search a company to ship a car. Our furniture moving company recommended ampm. I called them at 4pm wednseday, asked Laura. She scheduled my shipment at the first available date as I had asked her. My 2013 Lexus RX 350 was picked up in Burbank on Thursday, and dropped off in Atlanta. Will recommend Laura to everyone!!!!...[More]
By Kirsten Daniels on AmPm Auto Transport about 12 Hours Ago
I relocated to North Bergen recently. So needed to ship my car. My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was picked up on Boynton Beach, FL and delivered to North Bergen, NJ for $545. Delivery was 5 hours earlier than anticipated. No problems encountered with either pickup or delivery. Everything was as promised even earlier. I appreciate they were punctual and honest with their information!!!...[More]
By Susan Boyd on Global Auto Transportation about 12 Hours Ago
I was thoroughly impressed with the service Bruce at PDQ Auto Movers have given me. He is willing to work with my tough situation of having to ship a car with only one day of lead time. He kept a constant communication with me throughout the process and delivered on all his promises. The car was picked up on time and got delivered a day early which was good for me. He didn't charge me any upfront fee and only charge me AFTER my car was picked up. All around good guy. Will definitely work with him again. Thanks again, Bruce. You made me a very happy customer. Cheers!...[More]
By Ray W. on PDQ Auto Movers Inc. about 12 Hours Ago
Was a excellent trouble free experience with very knowledgeable people, very satisfied with the whole process. Would use them again when I need a vehicle moved. Thank you Montway Auto Transport. ...[More]
By Jim Cleaveland on Montway Auto Transport about 13 Hours Ago
Craig at "eship transport" had a truck scheduled for pickup in just a couple of hours. We had been working with another company for a month and never got a truck scheduled. Plus it was less money. I would recommend Eship Transport to anyone wanting to get quick professional service Craig is the guy to talk to. Thank you for your excellent service. All God's blessings, Nona...[More]
By Nona on E ship about 13 Hours Ago
Craig at "eship transport" had a truck scheduled for pickup in just a couple of hours. We had been working with another company for a month and never got a truck scheduled. Plus it was less money. I would recommend Eship Transport to anyone wanting to get quick professional service Craig is the guy to talk to. Thank you for your excellent service. All God's blessings, Nona...[More]
By Nona on E ship about 13 Hours Ago
Kimberly Freiley was extremely helpful and efficient. Would definitely use service again. Picked up and delivered vehicle on time and in good condition...[More]
By IJ on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 14 Hours Ago
I was very nervous about this process because it was my first time arranging transport of a vehicle and I had read some horror stories online. JC emailed me on Friday and I immediately felt he was somebody I could trust as he was not pushy and offered good advise regarding the process, such as "never give money up front". He answered all questions I had. I told him I was looking to ship as soon as possible. By Monday he had arrangements made and the vehicle was picked up on Tuesday. He told me transport time was generally 4 to 5 days. The driver, Andy, was very professional and courteous. He picked up the vehicle at the agreed upon time and during transport called ahead to tell my brother in Reno, who the vehicle was being delivered to, that he would be in late Friday night and asked if he wanted to pick it up then or wait until Saturday morning. He actually ended up being earlier than expected and the truck was delivered Friday evening around 6:00 Reno time....[More]
By Karen on Mercury Auto Transport LLC about 15 Hours Ago
Very easy to work with, on pick up and delivery, John was very timely in his communication with me regarding the status of my delivery and worked with me to drop it off in a place that was convienant for me. Thank you John and Montway Auto Transport. ...[More]
By Daniel on Montway Auto Transport about 15 Hours Ago
Great service! Felicia was always available to me and helped with connecting me with the drivers for pickup times Auto movers inc was kind and reliable....[More]
By Christine C on Auto Shipping Group Inc. about 16 Hours Ago
Very professional, easy to work with, thorough and clear. Only missing information was the necessity to do this task in order to receive the $30 rebate - and the fact that the price was quoted at the amount of cost to me that would result after I completed this task. Otherwise I was quite impressed with the clarity of information and connection kept until the car was picked up, while the car was in transit, just prior to delivery, at time of delivery and then immediately following so as to achieve closure....[More]
By Tish on Ship a Car Direct about 17 Hours Ago
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