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User Question

How do I add a company?

What do I do if the company I used isn't already on Transport Reviews?



How To Add a Vehicle Transport Company to Transport Reviews

Verify That The Company Is Not Already On Transport Reviews

First, please verify that the transport company you want to add is not already on Transport Reviews.  Keep in mind that companies without reviews do NOT show up in reports and directories.

To check if a company is in our database of car transport companies:
  1. Go to our Find A Company page at:
  2. In the search box enter a few of the letters in the company name.  The entire name is not needed.
  3. See if the company you are looking for is in the results.

If they are NOT found you can add a new company by going to the Add a Company page found at:

When you complete the form and submit it the company is now in our database.

Please remember that companies that do NOT have ratings and reviews will not show up in directories and reports.

Submitted by on 7/16/2013 5:01:12 PM