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General Site Information
When viewing the information on or any review sites owned by Valley Solutions, Inc. it is important to realize that the reviews and ratings on this site are supplied by people who claim to be customers of the auto transport company they are reviewing. Valley Solutions, Inc. and do not create any of the content of the reviews. The reviews and ratings are based on the experience and opinions of the person who wrote the review.

Review Requirements & Reasons For Removal
  • Reviews On The Site Should Meet the Below Requirements and Will Be Removed if They Don't.
    Reviews are only removed from our site if they violate our terms of service and if a site administrator catches the issue or the issue is brought to's attention. Companies and visitors should use the CONTACT FORM and alert us of any reviews that appear suspicious. The reason for reviews being removed include but are not limited to:
    1. Content Requirements - We are looking to provide quality reviews. We ask that the reviews meet a certain standard. One way we look to achieve this is by requiring that the review refer to your specific experiences with the auto transporter. Also we require that the review be at least 200 characters of useful text. Also, we ask that reviewers avoid abusive language and exaggerating numbers.
    2. Appears to be Anonymous - We do not allow anonymous posts. If a review uses a false name and/or email address, it will be removed.
    3. Posts by Someone Using Multiple Names - This goes along with the previous item; post only your reviews, do not post reviews for other people. If we notice that someone is posting multiple reviews on the same company, we will consider those reviews by an anonymous source and they will be removed.
    4. Duplicate Posts - People make mistakes, so if you need to change something on your post, feel free to do that. Just be aware that if you make multiple posts, all but your last entry will be removed.
    5. Email Address not confirmed - You have 10 days to verify your email address. After that, your review will be removed if your email address was not verified.
    6. Non-customer - Only customers are allowed to post a review. If a company informs us that a review was posted by a non-customer, we will remove the review and work with both the company and reviewer to verify whether or not the reviewer is a customer. Non-customers reviews will remain removed from the site. Also, no broker or carrier may post a review about their company or any other company on behalf of a customer.
    The poster of the review is always contacted when a review is removed. Companies may enter an email address in their "Company Information" profile that will allow them to be contacted whenever a review is added or removed from with an explanation why.

    Warnings About The Reviews and Important Information To Keep In Mind When Viewing Reviews
    The reviews on this site are submitted by the customers and visitors who find our site. With that in mind please consider that in most cases the person who would likely seek out a review site is usually going to be the customer that had some type of issue or complaint about a company they used. This may lead to a company having a good amount of poor reviews which shows the company as a poor company when in fact they may have a 99% customer satisfaction if we were able to survey 100% of their customers.

      So please take into consideration these things when viewing a companies rating and/or ranking in the reports.
    • Company Size - Many companies move thousands of vehicles per year so a sample of only the customers who found Transport can be misleading. If a company estimates how many customers they serve each year this information will be available on the site. The question you have to ask your self is, "was the 99% of customers who didn't submit a review satisfied or unsatisfied with the companies service?" To take away this variable I would look for a theme of the reviews on the site and see if you can do something to prevent the same thing from happening when you ship with the company. Good or bad return to submit a review!
    • Company Type - In the auto transport industry there are three types of companies:
      1. Brokers - Auto transport brokers are companies whose sole purpose is to find a carrier to handle the move of your vehicle. Our estimates show that there are around 350 brokers in the auto transport industry compared with the thousands of trucks and carriers that run different routes.
      2. Carriers - Car carriers are the work force of the auto transport industry. Without the actual carrier, vehicles would never arrive anywhere and we would all be driving our cars when we move. Some carriers have fixed routes like Miami, FL to San Diego, CA, while others are more nomadic and will work any of the 48 states plus Washington DC.
      3. Broker/Carriers - Broker carriers are, as the name would imply, both brokers and carriers. When they take your order they will either put it on a company owned truck or dispatch it to an independent carrier.
    • Who's To Blame For Issues - When you ship your vehicle with a broker or broker/carrier you are actually going to deal with at least two separate companies during your transport, the broker and the actual carrier of the vehicle. If a vehicle is damaged the actual damage was done by the carrier and the brokers responsibility is only that they are the company that dispatched your vehicle to the carrier that damaged your vehicle.

      We encourage those who post a review to submit a review on both the broker and the carrier assuming they were different companies.

    About The Reviews

    The Reviews on Our Site
    The reviews on TransportReviews are posted in real time. We check periodically to see if a bogus review has been posted but we don't always catch them. So we need your help! If you see a review that is not helpful or dishonest please let us know. It is our goal to have a useful site with quality information.

    The Top Reviewed Company May Not Be Tops
    Our site is not able to rank companies based on any kind of true industry quality rating. The rankings on the site are based on the aggregation and averages of the information and ratings that customers supply our site when they review a company. Services like and the BBB only gets a very small percentage of the total number of customers a company handles so we are not able to definitively provide our visitors with the top company in the industry.

    We hope to provide you useful information on each company but you should not base your decision solely on the reviews found on our site. Feel free to contact customers that have clickable names.

    Auto Transporters Read This
    We understand that there is more than one side of a story. That is why we allow auto transporters to rebuttal reviews. If you represent an auto transporter and would like to be able to respond to reviews please let us know. We can provide you with a user name and password to post responses immediately to the website. Please view the Information for transporters page.

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    Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this site are posted by persons that claim to be customers of the auto transport company that they are reviewing. Their opinions are theirs and theirs alone and do not represent the views and opinions of Valley Solutions, Inc., Visitors should not solely base their choice on these reviews. Companies and visitors are responsible for policing the reviews and alerting us to potential false reviews or reviews not posted by a real customer. To report misuse of this site please contact us.

    For more legal information please visit our Legal Information page.
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