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Moving is a stressful experience and trying to figure out the car shipping industry only ads to that stress. Mr. Car Shipper specializes in working with people moving from one state to another. We guide you through the process from quote to delivery. Our focus in communication, education, and advising so you know what is happening each step of the way.

Mr. Car Shipper specializes in helping people who are moving their home to another state transport their vehicles in a safe and reliable method.  Mr. Car Shipper is the recommended car shipper of PODS, UPack, and 1800-Packrat.  The car shipping industry is full of dishonest brokers who exist to get your deposit.  Over 99% of the car shipping industyr utilizes the COD (Cash On Deliver) model whereas you pay a deposit to the broker and the balance to the driver.  This enables rampant bait and switch schemes.  Furthermore, most brokers advertised to be "insured" but they have ZERO cargo insurance that protects your car.  They simply rely on the truckers sub-standard policy that does not cover lots of damages.  Mr. Car Shipper DOES NOT use the COD model, which protects you, and we carry $100k of Contingent Cargo insurance that protects your car from under-insured truck drivers.  Get a free quote today and learn more secrets the car shipping industry doesn't want you to know.  www.mrcarshipper.com

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