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AAA Anytime Inc.
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The setup phone call was proffesional and enjoyable. Very friendly, trustworthy people. The price was very reasonable and the transport time was amazingly short. Loved the driver. Very easy going, flexible and friendly. ...[More]
By Eliza Cotter on AAA Anytime Inc. on Oct 1 2015 9:09PM
I was worried about transporting my vehicle. AAA made that skeptism decrease from my first conversation with them. They were very knowledgable and honest about the process and options available to me. The person who did the actual transport was very freindly and obviously had been doing this for quite some time and this added to my comfort level. After watching him load the vehicle, I was convinced, barring things out of their control, my car would arrive safe and sound. My car arrived right on schedule and was exactly as I had left it a few days earlier. I would recommend AAA to anyone needing this service. They will be my transport company of choice if I ever need this service again....[More]
By Paul Broeckert on AAA Anytime Inc. on Sep 24 2015 1:30PM
Booked a month ago after planned for 8 months. They priced me for $898 , but only offered the driver $598 , pocked my deposit $300 . I never had a driver contacted me because they low pay the driver on the job network . I requested the deposit refund and the requested was denied . This company had wasted my time and i had to report to my military base in other state . I had to cancelled my flight , booked two hotels in order to driver to the destination . It took 3 days for the 1700 miles trip from Zip 89081 to Zip 70820. This company is rated F in BBB bureau and I wished I had reviewed their rating before I booked with them . Now all i wanted to do is to get my deposit back . Please check all the complaints in BBB about this company before you book with them and one ,ore thing , get your order confirmation numbers as they will not disclose to you in case you complaint them , all the complains against them , they claimed that you are not their customer because you don't have the order numbers . What about the deposit charge on my credit card and the contract you made me signed ? Such a BS ! If you need a proof , feel free to contact me. This company should be put out of business ! ...[More]
By HOWIE XU on AAA Anytime Inc. on Aug 18 2015 6:38PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Aug 18 2015 7:40PM
Mr. Xu You are not our client, you have never shipped a vehicle with AAA Anytime, Inc. Please find the correct company and remove this false review im...[More]
only drawback they chose an autozone after dark to drop off the car and it woild have been nice to have more light they were early by a day or two got it on a sunday night 10 30 pm was to be delivered on the Monday or Tuesday ...[More]
By John Fortwengler on AAA Anytime Inc. on Aug 13 2015 1:25PM
I have had my car transported twice now. Once to AZ and now to IN and both times were easy. I think it was the same company, but I can't say for sure as it was 6 years ago. They are easy to work with and very accommodating. They left my car with my son and I picked it up from him when I arrived. I just wish the rest of my move had gone as smoothly....[More]
By Diane on AAA Anytime Inc. on Aug 8 2015 6:41PM
My company has now used AAA Anytime Car Shippers several times to transport cars across the country and each time I'm impressed with their efficiency and customer service. Peter has to make several calls to different people involved in our shipping process each time we want to ship a car, and he does so immediately and with a great attitude! This is a process my company will continue to need and I plan on using AAA Anytime each time. They make it a point to get the cars shipped as quickly and safely as possible. They also value returning customers with discounts when they can; a great incentive for round trip shipping if necessary! I'm glad this is one part of our employee relocation I don't have to worry about! Thanks Peter!! ...[More]
By Alex on AAA Anytime Inc. on Aug 4 2015 7:55PM
I was a little bit nervous about shipping a car across the country, but when I didn't feel that I could make the drive, I decided to research the transporting option. I called & read reviews for several different companies. I had it narrowed down to a few, but when I discovered that AAA Anytime was a local LV company & that all the vehicles on the truck would be coming to LV, plus having g a local representative here, my decision to go with AAA Anytime was confirmed. While the price quote wasn't the lowest of the quotes I received, it was the only one that I researched where the payment is all handled online & no money had to be given to the driver upon arrival. I had read reviews about various other companies where the drivers required more than agreed upon when the vehicle was delivered. This didn't happen with AAA Anytime. Everything went so smoothly & without any complications at all. No added fees, no surprises. I would highly recommend them for anyone who needs to transport a vehicle to Las Vegas. There was no wear & tear on my car by driving across the country, no nights' lodging, food & gas to pay for individually. Overall we had a great experience with AAA Anytime Transport!...[More]
By Georgeann on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jul 31 2015 7:26AM
It was a pleasure and a very positive experience I would recommend your company to my friends. Prompt efficient cost effective and honest and knowledgeable ...[More]
By James muhammad on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jun 12 2015 7:48AM
Unlike the household moving industry, the car shipping industry feels to the inexperienced customer like the Wild West. You deal with anonymous brokers, even when you think you are dealing directly with the shipper. I was a little uneasy after I realized that the original person I spoke to, who assured me he had his own fleet of trucks, was not the broker who called back to complete the reservation. Nonetheless, the call confirming the pickup date came a week or so ahead of time, the driver and his truck showed up on time. I took multiple photos of his truck, his license plates and DOT decals, and him. I still wondered as he drove away if I'd ever see my car again. But he showed up, right on time, 2500 miles away, actually before we got there, but the relative I had designated received the car and put it in the garage. Not surprisingly after 2500 miles on the back of a truck, the car was badly in need of a wash, but was otherwise in fine shape, with no damage. All in all, good service at a fair price....[More]
By SDL on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 25 2015 6:49PM
I chose your company to ship me and my parents cars b/c your trucking company was the only one based in Las Vegas. the service was great and the cars got delivered a day early. thanks, josh...[More]
By Josh on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 17 2015 10:45PM
Pick and delivery were both on time. Excellent service.I would recommend the staff and company to everyone....[More]
By Silpa on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 15 2015 2:01AM
First time to shipped car to another state and very much satisfied with their service. The company promised us that the car will arrive in Washington State in 6 days but my daughter got it in just 5 days. No hidden fees and the price is very reasonable. ...[More]
By Jeanet on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 15 2015 12:03AM
We needed to sign up with someone in hurry as the one we had used to bring our car to arizona was unable at the last minute to pick our car up which was a no go because we had no one to leave the car key with for the call call to aaa anytime inc and our problem was solved...[More]
By James Meek on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 13 2015 5:46PM
Driver was very friendly and respectful. He notified us at every point in his journey. His courteousness was much more than expected, but it was definitely appreciated. I would definitely use this carrier again. ...[More]
By Jules on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 13 2015 12:05AM
My son has a Mustang Mach 1 which he treats like a baby. He went away to college and really wanted his car with him but didn't want to put the miles on it. We found this company and they were great to deal will. The office person, Peter was very knowledgeable, courteous and let me know the company was registered to provide the transportation needed. The driver was actually able to pick up the car earlier than planned which was wonderful. The driver was very nice. He took great care placing the car on the ruck and taking it off. The driver also kept communicating with estimated date and time of delivery as he traveled. The company is a really nice, reliable and reputable company to deal with, especially if you cherish your automobile. Thank you so much Peter and drivers for AAA Anytime Inc!!!...[More]
By Kellie on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 6 2015 6:12PM
First time user but more than satisfied. Had heard stories of bad shipments from friends and was a little concerned when I made the contract. Will use again to ship other cars to our new home in Fl. ...[More]
By LeRoy on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 5 2015 2:22PM
Everything went extremely well considering our limited timeline. AAA Anytime went well above and beyond to accommodate, as well as tolerate our needs. Their prices were great, if not the best we were quoted. We are looking at having another vehicle shipped from TX to WI, and will not even bother to call anyone else. ...[More]
By J Koos on AAA Anytime Inc. on Apr 30 2015 3:48AM
"AAA Anytime Inc" called us and said they could have our car picked up in Colorado within 5 days and delivered to our son at Keesler AFB within another 5 days. We told them what day we preferred to have it picked up and they actually did pick it up that day, and delivered it to our son the very next evening. Greatest service we've had in shipping a car. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, especially if your shipping a car for a military serviceman, because they gave us a $100 military discount....[More]
By Grant Irwin on AAA Anytime Inc. on Apr 23 2015 12:58AM
Use AAA for shipment of a auto from So. Cal to same destination with positive results. So used them for this auto shipment and was happy also happy with results....[More]
By Doug Murray on AAA Anytime Inc. on Apr 16 2015 11:57PM
On time, professional, careful and kept me informed re progress. The second time we have used your firm....would do it again without a second thought....[More]
By J.W. Cox on AAA Anytime Inc. on Apr 16 2015 5:56PM
Driver was competent , professional and helpful. Follow up by company showed interest in providing good service...[More]
By Grace OConnor on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 13 2015 5:25PM
I had my car shipped from Dallas, TX to Woodland Hills, CA. I was glad to see the 2 truck drivers load my car with care and show up on the date promised. My vehicle was delivered in the same safe and timely manner. I would highly recommend AAA Anytime to anyone needing their car shipped. ...[More]
By Donovan Ruddock on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 4 2015 7:00AM
If you're thinking about using them to transport your automobile run and run fast! Rich, is the sleaziest guy I have ever encountered. Not only did he misrepresent the nature of their business, they pulled a bait and switch and STILL managed to charge my credit card. Originally I was contacted by Rich to transport my vehicle. He said quote, "we're not like the other guys, we have our own trucks to transport your vehicle." Not true. They're brokers just like the others. He even went as far as guaranteeing my car would be picked up by a specific date, another lie. When the transport company contacted me to arrange a pickup time, not only were they unaware of what Anytime mentioned, they told me the exact opposite - causing major problems with my timeline. I called the sales department and they told me customer service was in another building! The gentleman gave me a number to call that didn't work. I finally spoke with Rich and he proceeded to ask me, "what happened?" I challenged him and he hung up. I finally got someone from customer service to answer. Anna told me to send an email requesting to cancel so I did. Today I look and there's still a charge on my credit card for the entire amount. They are beyond shady. Do yourself a favor if you're considering transporting an automobile. Check the BBB or using a DIRECT trucking company. These guys are the definition of crooks!...[More]
By Chris on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 3 2015 8:48PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Mar 3 2015 8:52PM
To Chris We cannot find you in our data base. Please provide us with your order number so we can verify if you are our customer. Thank you very much ...[More]
Funny how AAA Anytime's Receipt/Contract doesn' t even have a Order #. 2/16/2015 - I was desperately looking for a car transporter to ship my car from IA to WA. I got several calls but AAA Anytime called me and proceeded to tell me what I wanted to hear. A. They will deliver withing 3-4 days. They use their own trucks and 2 drivers. HASNT HAPPENED YET. My time period was 2/17 to 2/19 because I had to pack my whole house and move my family to WA. I was on military orders to change duty stations. So they preyed on my desperation. I had another company already looking for me ($2049), and they sales guy from AAA Anytime (Jim Paige) told me that the cheapest I can get it for is $2298. I was desperate to get my cars shipped out BEFORE I leave and have them when I get on base. Because you know, with a child and huge base, you NEED a car to go get groceries, supplies etc. SO I thought, these guys are guaranteeing it'll be there withing 3-4 days. I'll pay extra to get it sooner. Today is 2/25 and the transporter is still in Council Bluffs, IA. A WEEK AFTER THE CARS WAS PICKED UP! I would reference an order number but the receipt/contract doesn't even have one. When I called customer service, which is the worst I have come across, it repeatedly goes into a voice mail OR a beep like a fax machine and hangs up on you. The chance I did get through, Melissa (I don't remember the name), proceeded to tell me that it should be there this Friday or Saturday. Mind you, I called on 2/23/15 and the same person told me it'd be there that evening. ALL LIES. When I called today 2/25/2015, she proceeds to tell me that the cars will be there on Friday or Saturday (2/27 or 28). And this apparently after calling the truck driver. She repeatedly tells me to call the truck driver of which I keep telling her, I have my dealing with YOU not the truck driver. And she tells me that the truck drivers work for them. Exactly, which means, YOU, AAA Anytime has to coordinate with THEM to make sure the shipments come on time. After I got angry and tried to explain to her how I have to go to work, I have no way or no one to go get groceries she yelled at me and hung up. Is this how customers are treated now days? I don't think so. And I don't think that companies like AAA Anytime paint a pretty picture for all the other companies out there trying to do it right and being honest. My regret is I should have NEVER used this company, and as a service member, to be treated like this is saddening. I will share contracts, even the truck driver can attest to the lies and deceit of this company. No use yelling at the driver, he's just driving. It's AAA Anytime who are the liers, crooks and thieves....[More]
By Heshan Mudannayake on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 3 2015 8:35PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Mar 3 2015 8:48PM
To Heshan You are not our customer you never shipped a vehicle with AAA Anytime, Inc. if you had you would have an order number, and since you admit t...[More]
This company gives all other transportation companies a bad name. I signed the contract and paid AAA Anytime, Inc $300.00 to pick up my car on 12/26/2014. On 01/2/2015 my car STILL had not been picked up. On 12/26/2014 at 3pm I was told "the truck broke down" and my car would not be picked up until 12/30/2014. Beware of companies who claim "the truck broke down". From 12/30/2014 on; every day, I was told" the truck is coming and the driver will call you". THE TRUCK NEVER CAME AND THE DRIVER NEVER CALLED. I spent New Year's day trying to get someone on the phone, to no avail. On 1/2/2015, I called another company; Affordable Auto Transportation, one week after my car was supposed to have been picked up. Affordable Auto Transportation delivered my car from Norfolk, Virginia too Kansas City, Missouri in a little over 24 hours. AAA Anytime,Inc knew they didn't have a driver to pick up my car when they took my $300.00. When I disputed the $300.00 thru my bank and tried to get my money back; Mr Everich, the customer service manager claimed when the truck arrived, I told them I was using someone else. He also claimed; I admitted to "double booking", none of this was true. Again I repeat; THE TRUCK NEVER CAME AND THE DRIVER NEVER CALLED. Mr Everich also claims they were ready, willing and able to ship my car; well I beg to differ, you be the judge. Needless to say, I lost the dispute because I had signed the contract which states, no refunds. How long was I suppose to wait? I spent 6 days in a city I had never been too before, didnt know anyone, about to start a new job without a car. It is obvious that this company has no respect for the hard working Americans of this country. I dont have $300.00 to just give away. They are not trustworthy, honorable or deserving of your business. Had I checked with the BBB, I would have found they have an F rating with the BBB. I will never do business with them again and neither should you. Gloria Todd Transaction number-464346627043696...[More]
By Gloria Todd on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 1 2015 8:19PM
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