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AAA Anytime Inc.
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Overall I am overjoyed with the professionalism and service I received. My vehicle was picked up and delivered several days earlier than expected. Almost everyone I dealt with were kind and friendly from the initial phone contact to the delivery driver except one person. There was one individual I spoke to on the phone who was rude and condescending and actually hung up on my once. When I called back after my delivery was completed to thank the staff for a job well done, I got the same individual again and asked to speak to a supervisor. He again was rude and said there was no supervisor available then asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted to say thank you and he again was condescending and rude. Had he been my first contact, I would never have used this company, thankfully, he was not because OVERALL, THE COMPANY IS WONDERFUL! ...[More]
By Barbara Anne on AAA Anytime Inc. on Dec 4 2014 5:31PM
AAA Anytime is an extremely deceptive company. They market themselves as if they have their own trucking fleet, yet they contract outside companies. This not only makes AAA not liable for anything but it adds for risk of delays. The first time my car was scheduled the truck driver did not arrive anytime near the 3 hour window that they told us. AAA Anytime then charged me an additional $250 to reschedule while claiming that because I did not clearly state the specific time frame on my contract it was my fault. Not only was their customer service extremely poor but they were holding my $1200 hostage without negation for any type of reimbursement. Please don't fall trap to their deceptive practices....[More]
By Ryan K on AAA Anytime Inc. on Nov 26 2014 1:57PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Nov 26 2014 2:10PM
Dear Ryan K you are not our customer. You do not appear anywhere in our database. Please remove this false review and contact the correct carrier. No...[More]
I would definitley use this company again. I called numerous companies regarding the transport and decided on this one. From the time I called till the time they picked up the car it was 2 days. I wanted the car picked up on a Saturday and it was. They are fully insured so I felt very comfortable with my vehicle being transported. I give this company 5 stars!!!!...[More]
By Liz I on AAA Anytime Inc. on Nov 19 2014 1:26PM
This company is pretty good! I would use them again if I needed another car transported. They picked up my car in the time period they said they would. And they also dropped it off at the time period they said they would. I would definitely use his company again to transport another car. ...[More]
By Ashley on AAA Anytime Inc. on Oct 22 2014 2:19PM
Note: I do not know my order number, I believe it is my name. I hired this company to take my Honda back east to my daughter. She was in urgent need of transportation so I called Anytime on Friday. I was very happy they picked up on Monday and delivered yesterday. My daughter is happy (car looked fine) and thankful to have a car so quickly. Hopefully, I won't need to send a car again, but if I do I will certainly call this company! ...[More]
By Karen Carter on AAA Anytime Inc. on Oct 12 2014 5:24PM
We called multiple times on the day that car was to be picked up. At the last minute we werey told that the pickup would not occur. Although a woman at the company was polite, her male colleague was rude, arrogant and of no help whatsoever. The company did refund our money but the experience was totally unacceptable. It added tremendous stress to an already stressful day and required imposing on friends to accomplish the transport with a different transporter....[More]
By Brown on AAA Anytime Inc. on Oct 3 2014 12:04AM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Oct 3 2014 11:35AM
Dear "Brown" You are not a customer of AAA Anytime, Inc. Please remove this false review and post it to the correct company. Again, you ...[More]
This was a situation that we had never experienced. AAA made the transport easy and they were very efficient. The driver was willing to work with our complex situation of flying in to a city and having our vehicle picked up by a third party. It was a great experience. Thanks AAA transport....[More]
By Mary H on AAA Anytime Inc. on Sep 14 2014 9:00PM
Larry, the actual auto transporter driver was very professional. He called a hour before picking up the car and he was very careful in putting the car on the transport vehicle. He delivered the car to its final destination within the time promised. It would have been nice to have a tracking number to verify the location of the vehicle on its journey....[More]
By Dennis F on AAA Anytime Inc. on Sep 10 2014 6:40PM
I would have given this company a 5 star rating, they were excellent in all but one area, picking up the Truck. I had specifically requested a Monday pick-up and Tuesday delivery, I was told when booking that this would not be a problem. The Fire Truck was not picked up until Tuesday afternoon, thankfully I had arranged for us to stay at the hotel until Tuesday morning. Anyway, all's well that ends well, the driver was excellent and left immediately for Pennsylvania so the delivery occurred on the day I had requested. I would definitely use again but would make sure that I allowed the maximum amount of time for pick-up....[More]
By C. Abrams on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jun 24 2014 2:21PM
We're a military family with a 2012 VW Toureg from Virginia to California. The company offered us the best military rate & fantastic service. I'm listing some of the positives: 1. Great price 2. On time - we only called a week ahead because of changed orders, the company was sold-out until the next week, which we agreed to, but they told us if anyone else cancelled, didn't move, etc.... they would notify of us of an earlier date. We didn't think that was likely, but AAA Anytime called & picked us up sooner! Huge plus*** 3. Good people to deal with. 4.Easy pick up & delivery. Took about 15 minutes on each end. I am happy & there are no problems to report!...[More]
By Daniel W. on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jun 12 2014 5:01PM
AAA Anytime may be a good car transport company - I don't know. I know that my car was to be picked up on a Fri or Sat and I was told they would call me back to see when they'd come "at my convenience" - no - it was not like that. No one ever came or called. I had to get back to AZ so I had a friend waiting to hand the car over - the driver called 1/2 hour before he picked up the car at 11pm on Sunday and he said to her he was "expecting a tip" when she told him she was just a friend of our to give him the car his "it's ok baby - you sound sexy and honey calm down" comments were so unprofessional. When the car was delivered he called several hours before and stated the amount we had to pay he said "the car is $900 plus tip" basically if the tip wasn't given we wouldn't get the car. I am speaking about the independent company AAA Anytime uses called UNITED CAR TRANSPORT INC. - there is $220 worth of damage to the car and I've been calling and emailing these people for weeks to try and get the money that had to be spent on hubcaps replaced (one was tied up with w twisty tie) - antenna broken right off the base - rubber part around front windshield totally ripped off. AAA Anytime says that UNITED CAR TRANSPORT is an independent contractor and they are not responsible once the car is picked up. Well, if I owned a store and the company that manufactured the clothes I sold constantly sent damaged items would I keep using that company or would I not be concerned with my store's reputation? Maybe AAA Anytime should be concerned with their reputation in using UNITED as their transport company. This car transport business has left such a bad taste in my mouth - everyone passes the buck and no one is responsible for anything. ...[More]
By Dira on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jun 5 2014 1:54PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Jun 5 2014 2:18PM
Dear Dira, You are not our customer We do not have anyone by this name in our system and we have never used United Car Transport. Please remove this r...[More]
I was prepared for the worst but AAA Anytime delivered a great experience. I read the horror stories about so many companies but my initial phone experience was good enough for me to proceed. All said, AAA delivered exactly what they said they would at the price agreed upon. Painless and honest. BTW...I am a real customer and this is a genuine review....[More]
By Gary Clayton on AAA Anytime Inc. on May 13 2014 12:03PM
Very professional, had carrier deliver on time and there were no issues would use them again. Carrier and brioker were very professional and kept me in the loop during all times...[More]
By L. Burnelle on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 27 2014 11:45AM
I was in need of last minute transport. I called in on Saturday morning. They picked up my suv on Monday, delivered Friday. It was a stress-free experience. The two men on the truck were very nice & called me before they picked up & delivered. I feel bad I don't remember my AAA Anytime reps name, but she was great too. ...[More]
By carl goodman on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 22 2014 1:43PM
By FRANK S. on AAA Anytime Inc. on Mar 21 2014 11:11AM
This is the first time that I had to make arrangements for shipping my car and what an education I got! I was contacted by several companies, many of whom used high pressure sales techniques. When I spoke to AAA Anytime, it was a wonderful experience. They explained all the ins and outs of shipping a car. When I said I wanted to ship my Lexus and BMW in closed containers, they explained the difference. Ultimately, I chose the open shipping. The driver, Oleg called me to say that he would pick up my vehicles at noon. He was there exactly 5 minutes before. The truck wold not fit on my side street, so he offered to walk in to pick up the cars. I drove one out to get him and we came back to get the second car. He was professional, extremely nice and gave my cars the velvet treatment. He called the day before he dropped off the cars, gave e a window of 2 hours and arrived in that window. Again he was extremely pleasant and professional. I'd definitely use them again and refer them to anyone wanting to ship a car....[More]
By Karen on AAA Anytime Inc. on Feb 26 2014 8:44PM
AAA Anytime, Inc got my car delivered to Miami Florida in just 4 days and allowed me to fill it up with anything I wanted. They saved me hundreds of dollars on a rent-a-car and U.P.S. shipping. I could not have asked for any better service and the others who relocated with me feel the same Thank you AAA Anytime, Inc C. Woods...[More]
By Cynthia Woods on AAA Anytime Inc. on Feb 21 2014 3:57PM
AAA Anytime, Inc. has been THE worse car transport companies that I have dealt with because they simply never showed up to pick up my car. Not only did they not pick up my car but, at the rare times that they choose to pick up their phone they are either smart mouthed, dirty mouthed, arrogant or in most cases, CLUELESS as to whatsoever is going on with the progress of your scheduled pick-up. I spoke to one of their agents after I had been stood up for 3 days and questioned him as to why the truck had not arrived to pick-up my vehicle, his response to me was, "What am I supposed to do, get a gun and shoot myself in the head because your truck did not arrive". Customer service is worthless and has absolutely no answers for you, I asked them if they can't at least call back and give me an answer as to yes or no as to if the truck is coming, the best answer they can give you is "NO we can not call you back because we don't know" WHAT does this company know about except to give great sales pitches and collect non-refundable deposits? As far as I have seen....NOTHING. Do yourself a favor and read other reviews about AAA ANYTIME INC before hiring them. After the reviews have been posted their excuse is nearly always the same, This person is not our client. Please remove your comment. Give me a break, months later I still do not have my car, I have spent thousands more to fly back, stay in motels, eat out, car rentals, and to try to have it re-transported for the second time. Do yourself a favor, avoid AAA ANYTIME INC like the plague, do your research and hire a reputable company instead. ...[More]
By Michael Markgraf on AAA Anytime Inc. on Feb 3 2014 9:47PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Feb 10 2014 1:19PM
Dear Sir, you are absolutely 100% for sure NOT our customer. You have NEVER placed an order with us. Please remove this review and post it to the corr...[More]
The Carrier was scheduled to pick up on Wednesday but it problem.Driver called when he was about 50 miles away arrived on time was very polite. He explained how he way loading and the order he would drop of.He also told me the date he hope to be there. He called me on Sunday and said he was 20 miles from the address. The car was dropped of and there was no damage or complaints on that end. Company ABI Transport Driver was Isaiah...[More]
By Ernest on AAA Anytime Inc. on Feb 3 2014 12:00PM
I moved from San Diego to Houston and I was looking for a company to ship my car. I contact several companies, however only AAA anytime told me that they guarantee pick up and delivery date. Other companies were about 200-300 cheaper but they do not guarantee time and date. So, regrettably I did choose AAA anytime. They suppose to pick it up Fri3-Sat4 2014, but surprisingly Sat I've been told that there is something wrong with the truck and they are not going to pick it up before Monday and even though they guarantee the pick up date it is not there problem and I have to accept the fact that I'm not going to get my car on time. At that day I was extremely busy so I called on Tuesday to discuss what they could do for me since I do not have my car yet. I've been told that they are not going to do anything not only that but she also said that she is busy then she hung up!!!!!!!!. So I lost about 600$ total the price they charge more than other company+ rent car till I get my car. So If you like to save money and get your car on time look somewhere else. ...[More]
By Omar on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jan 21 2014 2:13PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Jan 21 2014 3:08PM
To: Omar We need more information to find you in our data base. We have several Omar's but none are from California to Texas. Please provide us with L...[More]
I purchased a car online in Fremont CA and called AAA Anytime on the recommendation of the dealer. If I'd been smart, I'd have checked their BBB rating first. It's here, make your own decisions: The car was supposed to be picked up December 23rd - 27th, it wasn't. On Friday the 27th I received a call that the truck had broken down and wouldn't be able to make it until Monday the 30th. Things happen so I said fine and notified the dealer. On Monday the car wasn't picked up. I called and was told it would be picked up on Tuesday (New Years Eve). I called the dealer and told them the new arrangements. At 8:00pm the dealer manager called so say she was going home for the day and that the trucking company didn't show up or call again. Thursday the 2nd I called and was told the car would be picked up later that day. Again, nobody showed up or called. Friday the 3rd I gave up and called another company, told him my situation and he asked "Is this by chance with AAA Anytime? They've put a bid out on the brokerage site today". Made arrangements with the new carrier and called AAA back and fired them. BTW, the new carrier called the dealer, made arrangements, picked the car up when they said and delivered when they said. AAA couldn't even be bothered to call the dealer, or me, to let anyone know they weren't showing up....[More]
By JBaldwin on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jan 15 2014 4:19PM
Response from AAA Anytime Inc.
Paul Everich on Jan 15 2014 5:49PM
To; J Baldwin, Sir, you are not our customer the only J Baldwin we have shipped a car from Ohio to Florida in November 2013. Please remove this review...[More]
Had to share: this is my 4th time shipping and finally I found a reasonably priced, on time for pick up & delivery, nice company. I have to move again in 6-8 months and I will not be looking for company #5 because I am happy with your service. ...[More]
By kathy martin on AAA Anytime Inc. on Jan 11 2014 2:39AM
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