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United Road
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My search for auto transport was nightmare before I found United Road. Ron Jewlitt was my primary contact. He was patient and answered all my questions. Unlike most companies United Road is a broker/auto trucking co. I chose to do the Auto Log option because my son needed to put some things in the trunk and the pick up date is a set date. It's pricer but worth it. The drivers where amazing. Kept in touch which is important. Customer Service is useless and not helpful. United Road is looking into resolving this. Car came in 7 days from CA to VA. No damage. Nothing stolen Thank you so much Ron Jewlitt and the amazing drivers. October 23, 2014...[More]
By Karin Morgan on United Road on Oct 23 2014 6:14PM
Pickup and delivery were early and were contracted to a third party despite assurances otherwise. I was unable to personally take delivery of the car because of the early delivery. My representative at the destination had never seen the vehicle and did not notice that damage had occurred during shipping. Now United Road is denying my claim because the damage was not reported at delivery. I am now out an additional $700 to have my front bumper repainted. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND....[More]
By Justin C on United Road on Oct 15 2014 5:13PM
We were very apprehensive about transporting our car cross the USA. Especially by short and long haul conveyors. The contact person at United , Valeri was calming, acting as a friend and keeping us informed of the progress. Additionally the drivers at pick up and delivery were very professional and courteous. Thank you for a job well done. Recommendation. on long haul jobs, possibly wash car prior to delivery. I believe the price point charged would cover a simple car wash. ...[More]
By A. Rosenheck on United Road on Sep 20 2014 3:54PM
The whole experience was easy, fast and as promised in every respect. Just the opposite of our first awful experience with a competitor....[More]
By Bill Owen on United Road on Sep 16 2014 5:10PM
Booked an exact pick-up date and car was picked up on time. Delivery worked perfect with our arrival into Colorado. I would recommend United Road to anyone if they needed a car shipped. Thanks...[More]
By Kevin on United Road on Sep 8 2014 10:58AM
Two words:Efficient and professional.The entire process was efficient and professional.The agent and the driver did a good job of communicating information....[More]
By TJK on United Road on Sep 7 2014 3:26PM
United road was very promt in getting my request filled. A local driver from Wisconsin picked up my car. Allen Hoffman transport from Marathon. He arrived early and notified us he would do so. A great guy and company to work with. Tried to use a competitor from Illinois first and was strung along for 3 weeks. United road was fast and prompt with a large network. I made an order midweek. And before the end of the week we had been called about a pick up. Less than ten days start to finish. Well worth the money. ...[More]
By Brian Y on United Road on Sep 5 2014 8:19AM
I would never use this company AGAIN. Tolls charged NY to FLA for their truck carrier were charged to my EZ PASS via my license plate. I had the tag in my possession but my car was located so that the toll machines read my license plate. I feel this company knows this situation and should have done something to prevent this. OR make a reimbursement to their clients for THEIR TOLLS CHARGES! I tried to discuss this with the company since it is THEIR expenses. But was sent a copy of their invoice. I have sent letters with documents showing the charges asking for reimbursement for THEIR expenses charged to me on top of my $910.00 transport costs. If this is not reimbursed to me I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau this week to register a complaint! And to make future customers aware I will be posting this info via all social media along with presenting the documents and infomany senior citizen HOA's including Village Knolls, Leisure Village and Leisure Glen in Ridge, Long Island. ...[More]
By Louis Dambrosio on United Road on Sep 3 2014 5:21PM
Excellent service, picked up on time, delivered on time and wonderful communication. Highly recommended....[More]
By Scott Lewis on United Road on Aug 29 2014 11:55AM
I found United Road through an auto dealer referral, after I was left hanging for 3 weeks by another company whose representative quit and didn't give my order to anyone. I was very happy with the service I received from United Road. The price quoted was the whole price and nothing but the price. The driver did not ask for extra money upon delivery. United Road was very communicative and updated me regularly as they looked for a driver. I never felt forgotten. It took an unusually long time to find a carrier who would go from Kennesaw, GA to Portland, OR at this time of year. Once the carrier was assigned (about 13 days into the order request), the carrier picked up exactly as scheduled. Due to the difficulty in finding a driver for my route, my vehicle had to stop in Fontana, CA before coming up to Portland, OR. Unfortunately, my driver from Fontana to Portland had a breakdown and my delivery was delayed. When the delivery was rescheduled after the driver's truck was repaired, the delivery was right on time and the driver and his son were very polite, professional and found a way to unload the vehicle in a safe manner in a tight area. I would definitely use them again! Great service, communicative and honest....[More]
By Psyche de la Luna on United Road on Aug 28 2014 2:07PM
I would just like to say that the entire team was just awesome to work with!! I did drop my vehicle off so can't comment on pick up. It left their yard 2 days early and thus was delivered early much to the joy of my Marine son! I am a member of several Military Mom facebook pages, rest assured EVERY time someone asks about transporting a vehicle, I sing your praise! While my quote doesn't directly say Military discount, the price was better then I had hoped for. I'm not sure how you would go about getting on some kind of a list for Military personnel and offer them a modest discount, I'd be willing to bet you would have more then enough business. Thank you for everything!...[More]
By N Lee on United Road on Aug 21 2014 5:21PM
Having never transported a vehicle before, I was very concerned. After spending several days on the internet doing research and contacting transport brokers, I came across United Road. After speaking with Lou and reading over their contract, I called him back and set the entire transport up over the phone in 20 minutes. When the diver came for the vehicle, is was pouring down rain. Regardless of the terrible conditions, he was as nice and professional as could be. I would, with out a doubt, transport through United Road again....[More]
By J. Losco on United Road on Aug 21 2014 3:17PM
The service was excellent. From pickup to delivery we are totally satified with the prompt, professional performance....[More]
By Jeff Nusser on United Road on Aug 20 2014 9:10AM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 20 2014 1:39PM
Thank you Jeff for your business and feedback. We appreciate it!...[More]
The car was delivered ahead of the promised date in excellent condition. hat's better than that? It would be a good idea for the driver to text or email the owner of the delivery to the destination. I learned the car was delivered by calling the destination. New Jersey did not have the information. In today's cyber world the progress of the shipment could be tracked throughout its trip....[More]
By Alan Parker on United Road on Aug 18 2014 9:06PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 20 2014 1:36PM
Thank you Alan for your feedback. We value your suggestion and will be reviewing to possibly implement a better system for tracking. We appreciate...[More]
This is the 2nd experience I had with United Road. I would recommend using this service. When selecting carriers I was surprised how many other companies promoted themselves by negatively projecting other companies. United Road did none of that. You can find less expensive carriers, you can find more expensive carriers. These folks were straight forward, did what they said, within agreed to parameters. Customer service was good, carrier that picked up was very good, thorough and polite. Would recommend. ...[More]
By D. Martin on United Road on Aug 18 2014 5:31PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 20 2014 1:34PM
Thank you D. Martin for your continued business. We appreciate you. ...[More]
The whole process was seamless and the driver was so courteous and professional. I went with this company because of the excellent reviews and now I completely understand how/ why they earned them. Highly recommended....[More]
By Carla on United Road on Aug 18 2014 4:27PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 20 2014 1:33PM
Than you Carla for your feedback. We appreciate your business and will look forward to serving your transport needs in the future. ...[More]
These guys are pretty good. I know that there might have been other places that could have offered less, but I wanted a peace of mind knowing that my car was going to get there safely. The one thing that the driver was going to do was call me when the car got to its destination. He never did. I had to call my friend to see it if it got there. Overall, it was a good experience....[More]
By Gerard E on United Road on Aug 18 2014 1:52PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 20 2014 1:32PM
That you Gerard for your positive feedback. We appreciate your business....[More]
Still waiting for my car to arrive after a month. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. My car was picked up on time in Connecticut on July 17th, shipped to a holding terminal in Colorado, arrived there on July 21st. After sitting there for 2 weeks, outside in a dirt lot and from what I can see from pictures not secure I was told it would be picked up August 1st and delivered August 4th. Apparently the truck broke down and instead of loading on another truck it sat for another week. I was then told it would be delivered to my by August 8th on another truck but they lost the paperwork and it didnt get picked up. Today is August 15th and I still do not have my car.I am told that it will be here in two days and will report back if it once again did not arrive after I was assured that it would. My car is a $50000 1969 Camaro that never saw rain from the day it was restored until now after they unloaded it from the carrier in Colorado. I am very dissapointed with both the customer service and the lack of communication from anyone that I tried to work with. I had the car scheduled for two car shows that I missed because United Road did not deliver on the date I was promised. All I get as a response from United Road is "I am sorry I wish there was more I could do", that just does not cut it....DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL BE SORRY! ***UPDATE*** Jim Perryman of United Road contacted me and apologized for the delay in my transport and issued me a 50% refund. Although the circumstances were beyond his control I believe he went above and beyond to make things right and I appreciate it....[More]
By Mark on United Road on Aug 15 2014 1:55PM
The only problem, which was a major one, I had was the lack of communication as the primary contact did not return my calls which caused me extra costs as I could not determine when the car would arrive at it's final destination. I therefore had to spend extra money on hotel and airfare....[More]
By Gerry Brown on United Road on Aug 12 2014 7:55PM
United Road did a great job transporting my vehicle. It arrived earlier than expected, in great shape. They kept in contact with me when it was on route, and I knew exactly where it was at any given time. I would definitely recommend them again. While there was no damage to the car, it did arrive much dirtier than when it shipped. However, I was able to take it to a normal car wash and wash everything off without any problems, so it isn't a big deal....[More]
By Joel on United Road on Aug 11 2014 1:41PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 13 2014 10:09AM
Joel, We are happy to hear you were provided witht he service you deserve. We appreciate your business and referrals. Thank you ...[More]
Ok so, I contacted United Road after a failed attempt with another carrier. I was trying to ship my vehicle from New Jersey to Nellis Air Force base, Las Vegas, Nevada. After reading so decent reviews I thought that this was the company that I wanted to go with. Boy, that was a mistake! I paid them up front, which was another huge mistake because now they have my money and I'm stuck. I dropped my car off at one of their local terminals in Cinnaminson New Jersey on July 16th, and it took them over 10 business day before my car was even picked up from Jersey. They state on their website and even on their email confirmation that you receive that it can take from one to ten business days. I contacted them repeatedly to obtain information about the status of my vehicle. I called my POC and was not contaced directly until I emailed my POC. On the tenth day, I spoke with customer service in which I was told that I can cancel the order or just pay extra for a firm delivery date. I'm thinking b*tch, I already paid you over $1400 and already lost two weeks of time. I just got stationed at Nellis and my vehicle is needed for work! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told she would call me back. To the supervisor's credit, she did call me back and told me that they were working the issue. On July 30th, I received an email and a phone call stating that my vehicle would be picked up from New Jersey and taken to Romulus Michigan and my car was to leave Romulus on August 7th for delivery to Vegas on Thursday August 18th. Well, I got a call yesterday, August 7th, saying that the driver's truck is broken and they have to find another carrier for my vehicle. I called today August 8th, and was told that they are still trying to find a driver. It's August 12th and I was told today that my car is stilll in Romolus and that a driver has finally been assigned but my car won't get to Vegas until August 28th!!! I dropped my car of on the 16th. Are we still in America??? It didn't take my car that long to be shipped from Japan to Turkey. I've researched the CEO and COO both named Kathleen McCann and Mark Anderson. I'm gonna try to contact them because this is ridiculous! How in the world does it take 6 weeks to ship a cat from Jersey to Vegas!! Is it being delivered by horse and carriage? ...[More]
By Michelle Harrison on United Road on Aug 8 2014 12:28PM
I've used Autolog three times now and they've been great every time. I did try other shippers offering a better price, but their service wasn't great and I realize the way the game gets played to get you to pay a higher rate. That's not the case with Autolog. I also like that I can drop the car off in Linden NJ at my convenience....[More]
By Brian on United Road on Aug 7 2014 1:18PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 13 2014 10:09AM
Brian, We appreicate your repeat business. Thank you...[More]
I bought a Chevrolet volt in Michigan and had it shipped to me in Washington state. I contacted many auto moving companies and the service and honesty provided by United Road was excellent. I was very pleased with the customer sales person, Lou. I had numerous conversations with him about the move and he was able to provide the most reliable service. I would highly recommended United Road if you are considering moving your vehicle. Mark Lamden Kirkland, WA...[More]
By Mark Lamden on United Road on Jul 15 2014 12:48PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 13 2014 10:07AM
Mark, Thank you for your feedback and we are happy we could meet your service expectations. ...[More]
We gave them over 10 days to book a driver like they said they would. They asked us for more money after the 12-13 day to make it more appealing to more drivers. We told them don't waist our time any more and we will find another company. Thankfully we found a company that can line up a driver in a few days. This company is a joke and can't even lock up drivers in a decent timeline. They tell you after the fact after their 10 day window....[More]
By vince q on United Road on Jul 10 2014 12:41PM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 13 2014 10:14AM
Vince, We value your feedback and regret we were not able to perform to the service standard you expected and deserve. We have reviewed your orde...[More]
The transport of our car from Indianapolis to Southern California went very smoothly. I researched several companies and chose United Road for their excellent customer service(thank you Connie!) and their competitive pricing. Each time I called them for an updated quote or with questions about shipping, the customer service rep was helpful and informative. The car was picked up earlier than requested (which was fine!) and delivered 3 days later. The same driver from Indy (TFI Trans,Los Angeles) delivered in CA. He called 24 hrs in advance and we arranged to meet him at a nearby car dealership. He gave us a 2 hour window and called us when he on time! The car was already parked on the street and ready to go. I highly recommend United Road. ...[More]
By Melanie on United Road on Jul 2 2014 10:45AM
Response from United Road
Pamela Adkins on Aug 13 2014 9:34AM
Melanie, we appreciate your business. Thank you ...[More]
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