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User Question

Can I trust the reviews I find on Transport Reviews?



With Any Internet Reviews Use Caution, But Gain Wisdom.
We recommend that you not trust any one review on Transport Reviews, Especially The Positive Reviews. While we review thousands of reviews that are posted in a way that violates the terms of our sites,  for example a company posting reviews, fake reviews do get through. In some cases significant amounts of reviews may get through our system. We are always working to prevent this, and remove suspicious reviews when we feel that we can be rather certain they violate the terms of our site.

While positive reviews should be viewed with significant suspicion you can certainly use them to determine an overall opinion of a company. But honestly, if you are suspicious of a review ignore it!

Negative Reviews Are Extremely Helpful

The negative reviews you see on Transport Reviews are typically, but not always, are scrutinized by the auto transport company and you can assume that they are posted by someone who has dealt with the auto transport company.  This is because Transport Reviews has a process called the Non-Customer Review Process.  While this helps with the identity of the review it DOES NOT verify or validate the claims made in the review.  It simply verifies whether that person is authorized to post a review. 

Submitted by on 2/11/2014 4:18:53 PM