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User Question

How do I submit a review on an auto transporter?

How do I rate and review a car transport company that I've used?



There are two ways to find and add a review on a car shipping company.
Direct To The Company Snapshop Method

We believe the easiest way to submit a review on a company is to start by finding the company you are looking to review.  - There are several ways to find a company.  - The easiest is to type part of the company name into the Company Search box located just under the Transport Reviews logo - or click the Find Company link located at the top of the site...

First, search for and find the company you are looking to review.

Once you find the company click the company name.  - Verify the information listed to make sure you have the right company and then click the Add Review tab.

 - This takes you to the review survey form.

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posted on 2/7/2017 1:06:16 AM