Lifesaver (or Auto Shipping Saver)

Bucky Submitted this review about Ship Your Car Now LLC.
Review made Live: 9/17/2018 6:11:00 PM
Before hiring an auto moving company, I did my thorough research and was recommended to read reviews on this site. The reviews of many auto shipping companies warned of brokers accepting low prices and then the customer was left stranded with no driver 48 hours before the car was supposed to be picked up. This is exactly what happened with me when contracting TM Shipping – I was left with no driver 48 hours before my scheduled date of pick up. By the way, most reviews for TM Shipping give them outstanding marks. All I can say is that I am an actual customer of Jay Rapp's and Ship Your Car Now. Below is what transpired when TM Shipping failed to provide me with a driver s promised and contracted. I called Ship Your Car Now LLC and spoke with Jay Rapp. I explained my situation to Jay and he grasped immediately that I needed the cars to be shipped within 48 hours and said that he would find a driver for sure within 48 hours and that he would do the best on price, but considering it was within 48 hours, it would cost more than what TM Shipping quoted me. He was right. It did cost more, but it was a fair quote and he called back almost immediately advising me that he had located a driver, Marcus of Lopes Shipping, the very next day for pick-up. Interestingly while I was on the phone as well, Jay seemed to have the most-up-to-date technology, since he commented that there were “73 people in front of me”. I am positive TM Shipping does not have this technology. The 73 people were 73 other suckers like me previously thinking that their order would be fulfilled at some lower price that no trucker would touch. The next day, Marcus of Lopes Shipping came to my home and picked up my 2 cars. He was a pleasant guy and he explained to me that he has been in business as an auto transporter for 8 years and has never had a claim. He said that Ship Your Car Now is a large broker and confirmed what I already concluded that Ship Your Car Now uses the latest technology. Marcus picked up my car on a Wednesday from my home. When I arrived in Florida late Friday night, my two cars where perfectly parked next to one another in my driveway. So when looking for a reliable broker covering the entire country, contact Jay Rapp of Ship Your Car Now. He is a true professional.