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Honesty and accountability are missing from this company and its staff.....

Mike Submitted this review about Navy Auto Transport
Review made Live: 1/2/2017 9:33:00 PM
In Dec 3 of 2016, I had made an early request to get estimates for my wife's car to be shipped. I had spoken to Lisa Hill and she told why we should go with the company she represented. I had made specific requests- 1. covered trailer for the car, 2. I will need to ship after Christmas, 3.I need the car by a certain date12/29 or 12/30. I did let her know that I was in preliminary stages of finding housing, movers, etc as I am relocating several states away. She assured me there would not be an issue, I thanked her and let her I that I would give her my business once I finalize my housing situation. It took me 10 days to get back to her but I lived into my promise and started to get information ready. She did reach out 2 times once to see how things were on my end and then right before Christmas to attempt to change my pick up date. I had asked if there was going to be an issue, as I was not in town but would be available to hand the car off, she said no, but attempted to move my date up. I declined as I would not be in the city to hand over the car.
Christmas comes and goes, and I am looking to see what I am to expect from Lisa and her company as we are on the pick up day, I am back to hand the car over. My movers called that day at 10:45am and told me to expect them around 11:30am, by golly, they were there and got right to work. I was grateful since I would have another 18 wheeler pulling in soon to get my wife's vehicle. So I thought...I called Lisa that morning and she let me know that a driver will be at my home between 12-5pm and that a call would come in 1 hr before doing so. I thought okay plenty of time to get the movers out of the way. I call again in regular intervals at 1:30, 3:30, 5:00 pm to ask why there was no call and that I am sitting in an empty house with my services cut off with the exception of light. Each and every time I get a hold of Lisa, she is giving me a run around about drivers not responding and now not having an enclosed trailer. I speak to my wife to let her know the deal has now changed to an open trailer, with someone that may pick it up at 9pm, In my last 2 phone calls to Lisa Hill that evening it was to get details about the move which she got wrong in both the pick up and drop off location. I asked her to level with me and tell me if my car was getting picked up and if I will be sleeping on a floor tonight? She said no, there will not be a pick up tonight, and then starting blaming me for not taking the earlier date where I was not home. I told her not to pass the blame on to me and that during the whole time I had given her clear direction in what I could do and that I was the one calling her to make sure this would not happen, and it still did. She said she could have someone there by 8-12 the next morning. So, There I was trying to get family or neighbors to help me hand the car off as I was now in a race to be the movers. Once I got logistics in place, I call Lisa the final time that night and she still got pick and drop off information incorrect. I was stuck, but I had to leave, I asked Lisa if she was willing to pay the $150.00 per hour wait fee the movers charged and she of course said no. I asked for her supervisor's name and number as I needed to get answers. Lisa gave me the information and I called and left a message. Slept on the floor in my empty house that night. Morning comes we leave the keys and contact information with my sister and neighbor. I am on the road and call Lisa at 10am figuring that with only 2 hours left I could breathe a bit more easily. She said she did have a driver in dallas (4 hours away) and that they will be on their way. I ask to check to make sure that 8-12 was still gonna happen. She said she would call me back and never does. I get a call from my sister saying that driver will not be there until 7pm. I was furious, I called Lisa right back and asked why she continued to give me false hope, and be unrealistic with me the whole time? I asked to be transferred to her supervisor and it was someone named Melissa, I asked to speak to Iris and when I gave her my side of the story she told me that there were multiple changes that was the cause of my delay, I told to review my calls, every call says its recorded, and I never changed any information and that I had to constantly follow up. She then let me know that drivers were still taking their time from the holiday, and I let her know that my movers came right away they are traveling the same distance and I made the same requests of time and pick up and asked how they were different? All she would she would say is "yeah, but that is different". She would try to tell me that some people called her crying about her price being fair and that if I wanted what I was asking for, that I should rent a whole trailer but that would be too expensive. I told her I didn't play any games to get the price lower, Lisa made no attempt to "upsell" me the enclosed trailer, and I never once said no to the price, I may have questioned some of the changes- like the price going higher from a closed to open trailer and having the pick up a day later. A higher price for less than we agreed upon? That made no sense to me. So finally she placed the fault on that of the industry and the fact that drivers are scarce. No assurances were given or apology like, we are going to make this right, let me see what can be done sir, I know you asking others not to be at their jobs or appointments. I let Iris know that if she reviewed the 12-15 total calls made, with half coming from the last 2 days, she will see that Lisa did a poor job and lied quite a bit that day or at the very least brushed off. The best part comes when I cancel, I get off the phone with Iris, and 5 minutes later the actual driver calls me and tries to smooth things over. He tells me he did not get a contract til 8pm the previous evening and was never in my city the day of requested pick up. He even lets me know that the city I am relocating to is his last stop as it is hometown. Not sure if that was true or not, but I let him know that they were trying to place the blame on him and that I was sorry for taking bread from his pocket. But they blew it. I will be making a formal complaint to the BBB.