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How long does it take to transport my vehicle?

How long does it take to transport my vehicle? What is a typical pick up and delivery time frame?


How Long it Takes

How long it takes to ship a car depends on a few factors. The most common is of course distance. Carriers drive anywhere from 300-500 miles per day.  The variation will be determined by the compexity of the route, weather conditions, required rests periods, and safety.  

Below is an example:

Miles to/fromDays Until Delivery
0-4001 Day
401-5501-2 Days
551-11002-3 Days
1001-15003-4 Days
1501-20004-6 Days
2001-25006-8 Days
2501+7-10 Days

For more details, fee free to visit our page on how long it takes.

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