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Complete and Total Fraud

Elina Submitted this review about Dream Auto Transport
Review made Live: 6/21/2016 6:12:00 PM
If there was a way to give negative stars to this company, I would. I have shipped cars on two other occasions with other companies with zero issues (from NY to LA and LA to Cleveland). It is now 6 months after I tried to book with Dreamauto to transport from Cleveland to NY and I'm still waiting to get my $100 deposit back (despite numerous phone calls and emails to them). We were told by Dreamauto that they would arrange for shipment of our car on a specific date. They charged us the $100 deposit. We made it very clear that we were leaving town on a specific day and the car HAD to be picked up by that date. Days went by with no confirmation or any indication that they actually found someone to transport our car. We kept getting the runaround from Chase that he is "working on it." Finally, two days before we were leaving town and really could no longer wait and see as to whether or not Dreamauto would come through, we told Chase we need an answer. He did not respond at all- no response to emails or texts to his cell. We then cancelled in WRITING via email. Dreamauto confirmed the cancellation and told us they would refund us the $100 since they could not find us a driver. We ended up having to book with another company at the last minute and paying hundreds more than we needed to. We were angry, this was definitely a stress and complication we did not need when moving out of state with 4 kids, including a 5 day old newborn. But, at least we thought dream auto would do the obviously correct thing and process the refund and that would be the end of it. Instead, a month later I saw a charge on my credit card. I called and emailed dream auto, citing the very email they sent me confirming the cancellation and saying they would refund the deposit. No response. It is now 6 months later and they have yet to respond and my CC company is still investigating and fighting with them to get the charge reversed. It is absurd. They did not perform the very service they promised to provide and are nonetheless charging me for it. This is blatant fraud. Looking at other reviews, I now know that this a pattern with this company. They say they will provide a driver, charge the deposit, never come through with someone to actually move the car, and then charge anyway. Don't bother trying to book with them, they won't show up and you will end up paying hundreds more last minute to actually get your car transported.

UPDATE: After 9 months and a full fraud investigation by my credit card company, my credit card company issued a refund. The company did not and refused to respond to any emails or phone calls left by me in the course of the investigation.

Company Response
Chase Hunnington from Dream Auto Transport Submitted this response.
Response Date: 6/22/2016 8:50:00 PM
Elina Kreditor totally fabricated this story. She didn't receive a refund because the services were rendered. A carrier was scheduled on her behalf. Upon booking the reservation the customer received a confirmation email explaining the dates are estimated and can be picked up after the date. As well as a contract which also highlights the same info. Here are copies of the terms and condition and the scheduling form. The customer made multiple arrangements and thought that she would be refunded after the service was already rendered. Confirmation email: We understand that your will be available for pickup on or after 12/15/15. You should hear from us soon to arrange for shipping, and we are here to answer your questions from 9am to 7pm Eastern Time. All deposits for orders placed with Dream Auto Transport are 100% refundable until a carrier is scheduled to pick up your vehicle. All cancellations must be submitted by written request prior to scheduling to David.j@dreamautotransport.com. Response to this email is required to confirm your order with Dream Auto Transport and consents to terms of order. Contract terms and conditions: By signing this agreement, I am accepting the services to be rendered by Dream Auto Transport. Dream Auto Transport is a fully licensed, bonded and insured certified registered broker, and is acting solely in the capacity of a broker. Reserving the right to assign your move to an independent contractor, one of 2500+ nationwide in-house contracted carriers or any means of subcontracting carriers. Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that Dream Auto Transport sole responsibility is to procure only to a carrier that's fully insured, certified and licensed by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) for the shipment of the customer‘s property described in section 3 under (Vehicle Information). I understand that the 2010 Toyota Camry is to be free from any illegal substances, hazardous materials or weapons. Customer understands that Dream Auto Transport never takes possession of customer’s 2010 Toyota Camry be it transports, pick up or delivers customer’s property. Therefore, Dream Auto Transport is not liable for any negligence while under the possession of the carrier. Primary insurance for the customer’s 2010 Toyota Camry is provided by the carrier assigned to his/her move. Should the customer request and obtain a copy of the assigned carrier’s insurance, a written request is to be submitted to dreamautotransport@gmail.com as it is the customer’s right to obtain information before the move. It is to be known that Dream Auto Transport has extensive contracted carrier requirements, such as, but not limited to: (driving records, minimum of 2 years with a Class A License, no less than $750,000 liability as well as full cargo insurance to cover load(s), up to date properly working equipment, equipment and tools needed for specific and unique loads, and driver rating showing no less than 97.5% to ensure the up most quality and safety for the transport of your 2010 Toyota Camry. Customer agrees that he/she will not seek to utilize the services of another broker, or pursue any other company not associated with Dream Auto Transport in regards to the services Dream Auto Transport was contracted for. Should customer fail to adhere to the aforementioned statement, customer will automatically forfeit the broker fee. I completely understand that this agreement is only valid with my signature affixed below or by electronically authorizing using EchoSign. Any alterations, modifications, and/or erasures made to this agreement are automatically null and void. PAYMENT: An initial deposit payment is due upon reservation. By providing us with credit card information, customer authorizes Dream Auto Transport to charge the credit card for the said deposit amount as required on this order form, along with the $4.95 order processing fee. Customer agrees not to seek charge-back or dispute any charge while in ordering process. The remaining balance is to be paid to the assigned carrier (upon delivery of the 2010 Toyota Camry) and may be paid with cash, money order, or certified check. Any full amount charges for carrier payment must submit a completed and signed credit card authorization form prior to pick-up of the vehicle. In addition, an administration fee will be added to process a full payment amount. *** Any additional charges may apply if any of the following: *** If the 2010 Toyota Camry is not in running condition or damaged such as, flat tires, crashed, missing frame/body parts, electrical/mechanical issues, etc. *** If an enclosed trailer will be required *** If there is no access to the 2010 Toyota Camry during pickup or delivery, and a flat bed, wrecker tow truck or Forklift will be needed. *** If 2010 Toyota Camry is modified (lifted, oversize tires, lowered, etc) "modified" is considered anything on the 2010 Toyota Camry added aftermarket, or not stock. "Stock" is a vehicle(s) in the same state from date of manufacture. *** If 2010 Toyota Camry exclusive weight of personal belongings exceeds 100 lbs *** If the driver must wait an hour or more in the pick up or delivery address due to vehicle(s) not being ready within time frame given- that by exceeding, will delay the route(s) of up to 10 vehicles. (IT IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ADVISE THE REPRESENTATIVE FROM DREAM AUTO TRANSPORT IF ANY OF THE ABOVE APPLY) PICK UP AND DELIVERY: Customer acknowledges that every order is subject up to 7(seven) business days from the first available date to assign a licensed and insured carrier for pick-up of the vehicle(s). While every effort will be made to accommodate the requested dates for pickup, no guarantee can be made, expressed, or implied, upon pick-up and delivery of the vehicle(s). Delays may occur due to unforeseen events, including, but not limited to: inclement weather, sickness, mechanical issues, traffic, and other incidents that may cause a delay in the pick up or receipt of my vehicle. If customer insists on a specific date of pickup and/or delivery, special arrangements could be made with additional charges. Please keep in mind that Dream Auto Transport goes by the zip codes provided to us at reservation, and not by city. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure all information on the agreement is correct. Any mistake/issue that may occur as a result of incorrect information will be the customer’s liability. Dream Auto Transport will not be responsible for any charges or fees incurred due to delays on the pick-up of the 2010 Toyota Camry. *** PLEASE NOTE THAT ADDITIONAL DELAYS MAY OCCUR WITHIN COLD ROUTES: NORTHERN STATES SUCH AS, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: ID, MT, WY, ND, SD, MN. NORTHERN REGIONS OF MN, MI, WI, WA, NY, VT, ME. CANCELLATION POLICY: 1. Should customer cancel 24 hours prior to the first available date of pick-up, the deposit is 100% refundable without acquiring any fees. 2. Customer acknowledges that the deposit is non-refundable during the processing time frame of 7 (seven) business days. If after 7 (seven) business days, a carrier has yet to be assigned through Central Dispatch, and/or contracted by any other means to transport the 2010 Toyota Camry, Customer has the option to cancel the order with a refundable deposit amount of 55% of the total deposit amount paid upon reservation. 3. Once a licensed and insured carrier is assigned through Central Dispatch and/or by any other means to transport the 2010 Toyota Camry, the deposit is non-refundable and therefore becomes a cancellation fee. 4. If the vehicle(s) is not accessible to the carrier, and the customer is unwilling or unable to move the 2010 Toyota Camry to a proper loading area, the deposit becomes non-refundable and therefore becomes the dry-run fee for the services of the carrier. Dispatch Form(Scheduled carrier): Order : 931194­US Carrier : AVM Haulers LLC Address : 25 Belmont Drive City : Shirley, NY 11967 Email : avmhaulers@gmail.com MC Number : Contact : Eric Stewart, Kylie Stewart Phone (1) : 631­379­7501 Phone (2) : (631) 379­7501 Phone (Fax) : (631) 772­1418 Phone (Cell) : 631­379­7505 Order Information Dispatch Date : 12/17/2015 Pickup Exactly : 12/15/2015 Delivery Estimated : 12/17/2015 Ship Via : Open Carrier Pay (total) : $325.00 On Delivery to Carrier : $325 COD (Cash/Certified Funds) Broker to Carrier : None Vehicles Run : Yes Vehicle Information Total number of vehicles: 1 Vehicle Color Plate Vin Lot Num 2010 Toyota Camry Pickup From LOCALE: CUSTOMER SPECIFIC Name : Elina Kreditor Street : 23220 Chagrin Blvd Street 2 : Apt 155 City, State : Beachwood , OH Zip Code : 44122 Country : United States Phone 1 : Phone 2 : Cell : 2132589503 Deliver To LOCALE: CUSTOMER SPECIFIC Name : Elina Kreditor Street : 20 Avery Court City, State : Nesconset , NY Zip Code : 11767 Country : United States Phone 1 : 2132589503