Bye, Felicia (yes, that's really her name)

Alanah Submitted this review about Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Review made Live: 8/19/2020 8:53:00 PM
I requested a quote from ASG and received it promptly to my email address. To ship my 2016 Rouge from LA to Brooklyn, they quoted me $870 plus the brokerage fee. Excellent, right? Felicia called me to discuss, and notified me that despite the accurate info I gave on my car, that it would actually be $1500. "$870, that's not the right quote at all " Well someone from your company sent it, I have the email. No apologies, nothing just you received the wrong quote. . What bothers me most is the lack of remorse/accountability for sending a completely incorrect quote, based on the accurate information I provided. Once I told Felicia to cancel, since I had other options for a smaller price, she was defense, saying I would find the same prices everywhere. I found someone to ship my car next week fully covered with insurance for $1299 not 30 minutes after I hung up with Ms. Felicia. . It gets better! I called the office to see if there was a place I could leave feedback about quotes and my experience.. The guy that picked up the phone said "no, not really" LOL this company totally makes sense now. I do not recommend doing business with this company, as they don't provide sound customer service. You're spending too much money and shipping something too valuable to let someone like Felicia and her crew handle it.

Company Response
Terry Williams from Auto Shipping Group Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 8/26/2020 7:01:00 PM
Hi Alanah, Im sorry to hear that you didnt understand the data i emailed and text you. You said it made sense but after reading this review i must have confused you I'm sorry that you have been out of work and are on a fixed income. Here's the scoop again... the original quote classified your SUV as a small car. The automated quote priced the carrier fee at $870 (for a small car) + $260 admin fee = $1130 The computer quote pricing is for someone with a 1-7 business day window of availability from the ready date. You received a computer generated quote which is a round robin assigned to me that was too modest based on demand. I'm sorry that there are around 1700 orders needing drivers coming out of California. NY and CA states have the most volume of orders needing drivers. This is due to the political climate going on in our country. Many carriers are booked 3 weeks out because of the back log. When theres more orders than drivers pricing goes Up not down in a commodity industry. You booked online cause we had the lowest quote. I did a manual quote and for a 1-3 day day pick up & the total quote came around $1500 or so. it was way out of your budget. The order was canceled before the any credit card information was taken or before submitting the order to our dispatch which is when we expose the order to all of our truck partners. You never had a valid order with Auto Shipping Group. You hired another broker "AAA" who has your order placed for over $300 less than what suvs arent dispatching for. When they call you back needing more $ i tried to help you.