Brokered a TERRIBLE transport company!

Andrew Submitted this review about Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Review made Live: 5/18/2019 9:42:00 AM
Auto Shipping Group (ASG) should choose their auto carriers more carefully.. I chose ASG because of their reviews and because I wanted to ship my car without any headache. I paid more to go with ASG to ensure I didn’t have problems, but I didn’t get what I paid for. I will NEVER use ASG again. Kimberly Freiley was unprofessional and rude. When issues popped up, she only defended the carrier instead of looking out for the customer. My car made it to final destination ahead of the quoted delivery window. This would have been great, but I wasn’t getting into town until the first day of the quoted drop off window. The carrier dropped my car off at a tow truck lot where I was charged $35 a day for storage. I argued that I didn’t think I should be liable for the storage fee on the days outside of the quoted delivery window.. As retribution for voicing my frustration the carrier lied to me about where my car was being stored even though I had paid for the shipment in full ($1200). Luckily I have GPS on my car and was able to see where my car was parked. Trusted Auto Transport and their driver are fortunate I was able to find my car. Otherwise, I would have filed a police report for car theft. .

Company Response
Terry Williams from Auto Shipping Group Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 5/20/2019 3:30:00 PM 360-200-6854 CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ME FOR A FREE QUOTE. I HAVE BEEN WITH OUR COMPANY 12 YEARS NOW! A+ ACCREDITED! Andrew, I am sorry you feel this way, but let me clarify a few things so others reading this know what happened. 1. You shipped your vehicle from AK, so we sailed the vehicle from AK to WA. 2. The truck stated dates for delivery, then said that they were running behind, and changed those dates which you agreed to. 3. The carrier picked up the vehicle, in WA and got on the road, and texted you stating they would be back within the original dates for delivery and you replied awesome (as I've seen the text). You NEVER stated that we couldn't deliver before a specific date. Even in your review you stated the quoted dates not guarataneed dates. If you would have told me there was no delivery before a specific date I would have been able to avoid the storage. But since there was nothing noted, and you weren't going to be there in time, and you couldn't delegate someone to accept the vehicle for you, the only choice the carrier had was to take it to a secure location and drop it off. I did everything I could to help with this, and I have noted your entire order so show what I tried to help with. Again I am sorry that their estimated delivery date fell with in the first original dates they had provided and you were not able to be there in time, but that is why dates are estimates. Unfortunately the carriers do not give the location of the vehicle until they are paid because their services need to be taken care of before they release the vehicle to you. It is great you did have GPS on it, but the vehicle was not stolen. It was in a secure location because there was no one to accept the vehicle on the estimated delivery date which was 24 hours prior to you getting there. So we're not even taking about weeks or days, it was 24 hours. Most customers are happy their vehicle arrives on schedule of the original estimated dates. Again I apologize that they were on schedule, and you just weren't able to get there in time. We did all we could do.