Bait-and-switch operation

Tamara Submitted this review about Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Review made Live: 12/28/2018 9:50:00 AM
Stay away from this company. I found Auto Transport Group on line after doing some research. I had seen some negative reviews, but they also had very,very positive reviews on The Better Business Bureau and this site. I filled out my information on line and was immediately contacted by Arnold Hight. He was very professional and the quote he gave was below some others we had found. Based on that and the more positive reviews I had seen, we decided to go with them. As the day approached when we were moving and the cars were supposed to be shipped, it was impossible to get a response from Arnold. He was very elusive, not returning calls and then he tells us, that the company he was going to send our cars on, could no longer do it and he came back with a transport price of $500 more than what we were told. We were furious and felt very much part of a con job. At that point, we had no choice, but to go with them and pay the extra money because we were leaving the state in 2 days. At that point we were also told we needed to get a money order to give to the driver. We had thought we could use our credit card, so it was quite a shock to us. In any case, we did as was asked. In the meantime, we were told that Paper Impex USA, Inc was going to be our shipper and they would arrive between 2-5 that day. We waited and we waited. Around 5:00, we received a call from the driver. He was pleasant enough, but did not speak a lot of English. He advised us, that he would arrive by 7:30. Way over the promised original time. Then, he calls again to say he will not arrive until 8:30. We were very aggravated, but again, what could we do. The only big positive from this experience is that our cars arrived in 2 days and they arrived in the same condition as we left them. However, the delivery was not normal either. The driver called us out of the blue an hour before he was going to arrive. We had plans that night that we had to cancel to get the cars in what was now in the pouring rain and in the dark. It was really bizarre. Stay away from this company!! There are so many better companies out there.