Shipped from NOLA to LA

Pat Chang Submitted this review about Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Review made Live: 12/14/2017 3:08:00 PM
This review is as above shipping a small 4 door car from south to west coast. Ms. Williams was very courteous and pleasant with me. Based on this experience, I would suggest to request her services and would use again. During the review process, she sent me number of emails and when I asked for additional info she sent me more about the contract, deposit, forms to sign and the process. She also sent me a FAQ which was helpful. She gave me a time window for which I could expect my car to be delivery. She gave me an approximate date at which she hoped to locate a transporter, and said that we could talk if we couldn't find one during the holidays due to a busy holiday season. I think her prediction was true to her word and it took two days after the day she mentioned. We stayed in contact by text and she was able to find one during this difficult season, so I would not have to reschedule. Price was a slightly better compared to competitors quotation review, and Ms. Williams sent me a number of text messages about the status of my vehicle which was very important to me. Service was vastly better compared to other times I have shipped my car. They have a deposit and the payable on delivery structure. She found JP and Eddy Medina, who was my transporter from south to north with JMW Trucking and my local transporter respectively. Both seemed very hardworking and respectful.They both gave me about a day of wiggle room to schedule pick up and delivery.

In summary, transporting is always a difficult process and Ms. Williams put me at ease with her hardwork in protecting my baby (my car). I recommend you take some time to consider her services.