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Chell Hart

EH Submitted this review about Auto Shipping Group Inc.
Review made Live: 8/22/2014 7:29:00 PM
Chell at Auto Shipping Group GREAT!


With regards to the broker, Auto Shipping Group, Chell did a fantastic job. I have never shipped a car before and she was very patience and diligent walking me thru the process, and explaining how it all works.

The price she originally quoted was extremely competitive to other quotes I received and the actual cost ended up being the least expensive of all the quotes I received. Chell did a great job vetting the carrier by checking insurance, reviews, and seeing if there were any complaints or issues posted on central dispatch. They appeared to be a good, quality transport company.
Sad to say that was not to be the case.

The problem I had was with the transport company


They were supposed to load me directly onto the open carrier truck and we arranged a time and location where the truck could access to load my car. At 4:30pm the evening before they were supposed to pick it up, they called and said they needed to delay the pick up by 2 days. Their excuse was because of an event in the downtown area that traffic was going to be too bad to come and get my car. The fact was there was no traffic that next day. I checked!

I called Chell to express my concern and that the stated delivery date would then be pushed out. She was great, and immediately called the carrier, also requested a copy of their insurance certificate for me, and made sure the delivery dates would be met.

When they did pick my car up it was on a two car hauler. I was rushed thru the inspection, and the driver marked every tiny nick scratch and i think marked a few things not even there. I was then asked to sign, but was not told that even after the detailed inspection, the driver had circled 'too dirty to inspect'. I even question whether he did that after I signed. Unfortunately because of the delayed pickup I was trying to coordinate the moving company who was there at the same time. The reason I wanted the car to be picked up on a different day was so I could pay attention.

Now the bad part: I will start by saying my car was delivered on time. I asked the driver how he got it down so quickly and if he was tandem with another driver and he said NO, he was by himself. Hmmm almost 1,200 miles in less than 48 hours solo? I am not a driver, but in the construction industry and even I know that is suspicious.

When I saw my car the front of the car was completely covered in dirt! You couldn't even see thru the windshield. There was no way to truly inspect the car. The sides were fairly clean and there were no visible dents. I asked the driver why so dirty and said there was some rain on the way down. Since it was the middle of the work day and I needed to get back into a meeting I signed off on the car, and brought it to the car wash located in my building. When I picked it up at the end of the day is when I saw the extent of damage. The whole front end looked like it went thru a sandblaster!

Once again, Chell was great! I called her up extremely upset. Chell helped explained the steps I needed to go thru to start a claim, got the insurance certificate to me again, and advised how to proceed. Thanks Chell for calming me down!

Needless to say I am in the middle of the insurance claim now. I hope it gets resolved soon!


Company Response
Terry Williams from Auto Shipping Group Inc. Submitted this response.
Response Date: 8/25/2014 1:56:00 PM
CHELL HART (360) 207-5490****** EH, I sincerely appreciate the kind review you’ve left for me, even after such a debacle of a transport. Autos Shipping Group policy is to follow our clients clear through to delivery to make sure everything is taken care of as appropriately as possible. I’m glad you noticed the hard work, persistence, and guidance we provided. I will be in touch to check on you! Take care! -Chell