Specialty motorcars Submitted this review about Angels Moving Autos
Review made Live: 10/14/2021 10:48:00 AM
Dina, the owner is all great and nice when she is selling you their BROKER service. They promise the world and everything they know you want to hear. The honest truth is that they contract your vehicle transport to any available carrier on the route your vehicle needs to go. Honestly, there isn't much of a difference between Angels and another car broker service.. They all use the same resources and load board to find trucks with available spots to move your vehicle. The only plus is that Angels seems to try and vett out some of the bottom feeder transporters and tries to maintain some customer satisfaction.IN all reality, Dina's attitude is not worth the hassle. If you have one issue she goes nuclear and you can refer to other reviews that back up this claim. They charge way too much for being only a broker that does not own any trucks. Here is my suggestion, find a company that owns their own trucks, and make sure they are not going to broker your vehicle out if you want reliability and transparent communication, AND A DIRECT LINE OF CONTACT TO THE DRIVER. Sure Angels can ask their contracted driver to call you, but it is much different service when the company actually hauling your vehicle is collecting full payment, on delivery instead of only getting a piece of the transport cost, and then waiting a long time to be paid. Fuel prices are going up, please be aware of this when searching for a better company. The best price, doesn't always = the best quality.