ED Submitted this review about Angels Moving Autos
Review made Live: 6/23/2020 2:34:00 PM
I have used previous transportation services in the past and I was extremely disappointed with the hard and unprofessional interaction I had with the "owner" of this company. After sending a text message inquiring about the drop off of my car, I did not receive a response so I called and spoke to an employee who informed me there was an issue with the driver's truck and she wasn't sure when it would be dropped off but they have four days to do so. A little frustrated that I was not notified of the delay as I had a rental I had to extend a contact on. My car arrived in California two days prior to this conversation. I then received a response to the text message I sent the previous day and what I received was an old message about picking up my car from the pick-up location, which took place a week prior. I responded with the information I had and figured this was an automatic system because of the old information. I stated... "PIck up has been completed and it has been sitting in Sacramento since 05/31/20. There is no driver to bring car to Lakeport?? The message I received was harsh and rude. "Ummm-good morning to you as well!! I just got done assigning a driver that is picking it up today and delivering it today to you. Was about to text you when I got to read your not so kind message. WE need a little more kindness in the world right now (my name).....and - you are welcome! Dina@Angels Moving Autos. At this point, I have no idea who this person is but the harsh and unprofessional response to what she perceived as a nasty message, was completely uncalled for. This woman called me on the phone and with rapid speech and harsh judgment what she said to me was like someone let loose with rapid-fire. I could not speak or get an audible word formed. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told she was the owner. Shocked!! How an owner of a business would conduct herself like this? I told her I would not recommend her business and her response was "I don't care." That is not surprising considering the treatment I received from her. The men that completed the transportation and the employee, Amanda, were professional with their interactions. As for the company, I would give my money to someone else who knows how to run a professional business and understand they are providing a service to the public.